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I’m so happy that you discovered our free resources! It’s our team prayer to support your spiritual journey with an abundance of channeled content that inspires, uplifts, and contributes to your daily practice. In my blog you’ll find articles that address common questions that I often receive through email. You can also check out the beautiful memes we’ve designed for you to download HERE

Our top free resource, which I’ve offered for many years, is called The Heaven on Earth Prayer Collective. Every third Sunday of the month you can join our international community to pray and meditate together online. During this sacred time you’ll receive new teachings, activations, and quantum healing energy from The Sophia Dragon Tribe. To receive details for participating live in the monthly prayer call you can sign up HERE.  You can also start listening to previous prayer calls now HERE.

If you’re new to The Sophia Code teachings, I highly recommend the free in-depth teaching journeys available on my Youtube channel for meeting some of the Ascended Masters featured in my book: Mary Magdalene, Mother Mary, Quan Yin, and Green Tara. These journeys will uplift your heart and activate your own direct connection with these beautiful Divine Feminine guides.

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free resources

go deeper with the sophia code

The Prayer Collective Podcast is full of guided meditations, spiritual healing, monthly inspiration and life-changing wisdom from The Sophia Code. Listen to receive an abundance of transformational content to support your Higher Self embodiment!

Join our online community platform that seamlessly integrates social media features such as posting, picture uploads, focus group discussions. Your Mystery School curriculum access and private class forums are also available in this dynamic learning environment.

Receive spiritual resources that support your Higher Self embodiment and deepen your journey with The Sophia Code teachings with a wealth of free video transmissions. Participate in our community discussion by adding your comments on how The Sophia Code is activating your journey!

Want to uplift others through social media? Share your love for The Sophia Code teachings with these beautiful downloadable memes!

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walk through every chapter of the sophia code with a certified faciliator

Feel supported in your spiritual awakening with The Sophia Code teachings.

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I hope you know that on any given day how much you have done for his planet. When I think of your work with The Sophia Code I see waves of people waking up more and spreading light in big ways to those around them. Your book was my first strong glimmer of hope that Earth would be okay and I really feel it today. Thank you for all the time you spend in prayer and meditation knowing there was something bigger and going for it!
“It was a most auspicious day when The Sophia Code book came into my life. The transmission is strong and pure. I have read it many times, and repeat the initiations as needed. I am always amazed at how the words seem new with each reading.”
“Of all the spiritual material I’ve connected with over 30 years, Kaia Ra and The Sophia Code have given me the most direct, immediate, and intimate access to the Ascended Masters, angels, and archangels. Having their support as mentors has impacted my life like nothing else.”
“The most glorious gift of divine Light, truth, and practical guidance that uplifts, blesses, and focuses me each day; THE SOPHIA CODE. My soul sings in gratitude that cannot be expressed in words and my life is irrevocably and eternally changed.”
“The Sophia Code is heaven on earth, love incarnate, and Godmanhood in action. It’s you speaking to yourself.”
“The Sophia Code is filled with tools and technology for ascension. You can embody your divinity and be the light that Earth so desperately needs. The initiations with the Ascended Master Mentors will bring you to tears and open your heart.”
“Kaia Ra roars! She is the real deal, speaking all truth and possibilities into existence. She is the high priestess of this new millennium and beyond!”
“I never thought that a book so deep, useful, uplifting, and liberating exists. Every page in every chapter is interesting. I found a new discovery and also very much at home here. I was starving and alone but not anymore.”
“When first hearing Kaia Ra in an interview discussing the amazing Sophia Code book, I was filled with endless tears of joy, knowing that “I had come home” to that which my heart and soul have been moving towards my whole life! Hearing that interview had me on my knees in thanksgiving, knowing that the direction I had been seeking would be found in this brilliant book which I now turn to daily.”
"The Sophia Code activates your Soul and reconfigures your human operating system unlike anything I’ve ever come across. Kaia Ra’s own distinct energetic signature fuses beautifully into the Divinely orchestrated messages in The Sophia Code and harmonizes with the energetic signature of The Sophia Dragon Tribe. If you haven’t immersed yourself into this sacred codex, I highly recommend you do. Your own mind, heart, and soul will thank you for it."
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