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The Official Community Forum is an educational platform consecrated to The Sophia Code® teachings, The Sophia Code Mystery School Curriculums, The Heaven on Earth Prayer Collective, and our international movement for activating humanity’s sovereign divinity through Divine Feminine Christ consciousness. This platform serves as a temple space for nurturing our global community of Lightworkers as we gather together to share reflections, breakthroughs, questions, and celebrations along our ascension journey with The Sophia Code as a sacred text. We thank you for your respect and consideration of the Temple Guidelines, which ensure that this temple space remains clear as an educational container for The Sophia Code teachings.

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frequently asked questions

Please keep in mind we are a small but mighty team that is now managing four community forums and a total of 10 social media portals. Due to the rapid growth of our international community, it is now important for us to implement post approval for all members on this international forum. Your post will be approved within 24-36 hours as long as it follows these temple guidelines.

This is NOT a forum to promote yourself, your friends, your events, your business, your healing work or your non-profit ministry. No Exceptions. Self-promotion includes posting your website address or social media handles, posting an upcoming event that you are producing, or offering information, channeled or otherwise, that promotes your teachings or professional offering into this container. Thank you for respecting this boundary that this forum is dedicated to exploring The Sophia Code as a sacred text and any outside promotion distracts from that educational intention.

Please refrain from counseling or prescribing medical/emotional advice. We are here to support our shared breakthroughs without judgment or overlay. When someone shares their personal confusion, frustration, or prayer request that alerts or triggers you in some way, please reach out to a Team Angel for support if you feel as though something should be addressed about that post.

We kindly ask that you refrain from sharing posts, social media pages, quotes, links or images from other authors, as well posting about topics that are unrelated to the codex and codex subject matters.

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