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We are so excited to welcome our newest members to our growing community! Please read our updated Temple Guidelines to inform you of all updates. We thank everyone for honoring and respecting our beautiful Temple Space. We are so grateful to have you in our community!

Mission Statement: The Official Community Forum is an educational platform consecrated to The Sophia Code® teachings, The Sophia Code® Mystery School Curriculums, The Heaven on Earth Prayer Collective, and our international movement for activating humanity’s sovereign divinity through Divine Feminine Christ consciousness.

This platform serves as a temple space for nurturing our global community of Lightworkers as we gather together to share reflections, breakthroughs, questions, and celebrations along our ascension journey with The Sophia Code® as a sacred text.

We thank you for your respect of the following guidelines, which ensure that this temple space remains a clear educational container for The Sophia Code® teachings.

We value your privacy, confidentiality, and safety in this sanctuary.

Here’s how you can help us keep this temple space clear, focused, and intentional:

All posts, shares, and comments should be directly related to The Sophia Code® book, The Sophia Code® ascension teachings, The Heaven on Earth Prayer Collective, and The Sophia Code® Curriculums.

Posts can include content / questions related to: Ceremonial Activations and Initiations from The Sophia Code®, content referring to the Stargate 1 & 2 Curriculum, reflections from attending The Heaven on Earth Prayer Collective, reflections on your daily mentorship with The Sophia Dragon Tribe®, specific Keycodes featured in The Sophia Code® and in relation to your Higher Self embodiment, reflections on the Embody Your Sovereignty® Jewelry collection, The Sophia Code® Foundation, and information related to our upcoming live and online events.

This is NOT a forum to promote yourself, your friends, your events, your business, your healing work or your non-profit ministry. No Exceptions. Self-promotion includes posting your website address or social media handles, posting an upcoming event that you are producing, or offering information, channeled or otherwise, that promotes your teachings or professional offering into this container. Thank you for respecting this boundary that this forum is dedicated to exploring The Sophia Code® as a sacred text and any outside promotion distracts from that educational intention.

We kindly ask that you refrain from sharing posts, social media pages, quotes, links or images from other authors, as well posting about topics that are unrelated to the codex and codex subject matters.

Please be here in a good and respectful way. All who come in a good way, participate in taking this container to a higher and higher frequency that is focused upon The Sophia Code® teachings.

We fully welcome your voice, heart, and loving support of one another. We ask you to comment on other people’s posts as a compassionate witness, rather than trying to fix anyone. Here’s some examples for how you can mirror the highest potential of your community members and mirror back to them their own ability to self-resource:
– Thank you for sharing your powerful story!
– Your story inspires my own journey
– I believe in you and you’re in my prayers
– I see you and I support you

Please refrain from counseling or prescribing medical/emotional advice. We are here to support our shared breakthroughs without judgment or overlay. When someone shares their personal confusion, frustration, or prayer request that alerts or triggers you in some way, please reach out to a Team Angel for support if you feel as though something should be addressed about that post.

The Sophia Code® cosmology encourages a lifestyle of physical and emotional sobriety with Sophia Christ consciousness as the highest medicine we can use to fill our bodies with healing. Although Kaia Ra honors those who participate in the Red Road of plant-centric ceremonies that are led by officially ordained First Nations Elders, this forum is not a space for discussing plant medicines or plant-medicine ceremonial questions. Without judgement or overlay, this Forum is not the place for discussions related to traditional power plant medicines or mind-altering substances.

Emotional abuse and emotional dumping will not be tolerated in this container. Also, if you are experiencing any type of emotional or physical discomfort beyond your own ability to self-regulate or self-resource, please reach out to your qualified health practitioner. We reserve the right to remove any member that behaves disrespectfully in this forum. We also reserve the right to remove any post that dishonors this sacred space in any way.

We know that due to Kaia Ra’s survival story, that there are members magnetized to our community that have also survived rape, abuse, and atrocities who are inspired by her recovery and authentic truth. We deeply honor the truly heroic journey of all survivors in our community, with the gentle reminder that this forum is not a therapeutic container.

Further, our Team Angels and our community members are not licensed therapists who are qualified to give answers for recovering from PTSD or any other trauma-related symptoms in this forum.

It’s also important to remember that writing about the traumatic in-depth details of what you have survived can trigger or re-activate unresolved trauma in others. To keep this temple space emotionally safe for everyone, including yourself, we ask that you keep in-depth details about the trauma that you have survived out of your personal shares.

The best way that we can learn from your journey as a survivor is for the focus of a post to be upon the breakthroughs or life lessons that you are experiencing by working with The Sophia Code® material as part of your ascension journey from that trauma.

An example of how to write your post would look like: “I am working with Mary Magdalene and White Buffalo Woman to heal my heart from being raped / abused / abandoned / harmed. In this mentor journey I am experiencing a breakthrough with …”

Thank you so much for your understanding and we bless your personal healing journey in all ways.

The Sophia Code® is here to create a unified field of Sophia Christ consciousness for us to explore what it means to harmoniously co-create with one another beyond the ego structure and from the heart. This is not a forum for debates about ideology, doctrine, or politics. We are not here to convince anyone of anything related to The Sophia Code® or to project our political / spiritual beliefs upon one another. Regardless of our many differences, we are here in this forum for our shared purpose to expand and grow through the The Sophia Code® teachings and our modern Mystery School.

If you need support for how to embody your Higher Self when posting in this forum during a time of heightened, challenging human feelings — we are here to help you! Please feel free to privately email us for support in how to articulate your share. We are honored to help you step into your authentic expression as we also work together to respect these important guidelines. Big feelings can lead to amazingly insightful posts that can bless our community — just ask us for the support that you need and we’ll be sure to respond to your request for help with writing a post within 48 hours.

We ask that everyone respect the confidentiality of this sacred space. What is shared in this forum, stays in this forum.

To maintain a clear, high-frequency temple space for exploring The Sophia Code® teachings and Mystery School, we reserve the right to remove any post that does not adhere to these guidelines.

Sophia Circle Leaders are asked to refrain from promoting their websites or Sophia Circle Journeys® until official guidelines have been established. If you are interested in participating in a Sophia Circle Journey®, please email our Team Angels for more information.

Please keep in mind we are a small but mighty team that is now managing four community forums and a total of 10 social media portals. Due to the rapid growth of our international community, it is now important for us to implement post approval for all members on this international forum. Your post will be approved within 24-36 hours as long as it follows these temple guidelines.

If you have any questions regarding how to post in alignment with these Official Forum Guidelines, please feel free to reach out to our Team Angels: Ashley Phoenix, Meagan Serenity, Deasiya Unity or Nea Whitehorse.

All Our Love & Appreciation,
The Sophia Dragon Tribe Team

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