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The Kaia Ra Official YouTube Channel is full of guidance, inspiration and wisdom from The Sophia Code® to support your Higher Self embodiment.

Join the conversation and share with us how The Sophia Code is activating your spiritual journey and deepening your mentor relationship with the Ascended Masters. Receive an abundance of transformational content and never miss a live video by subscribing to our official YouTube channel.

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frequently asked questions

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You are welcome to watch the full video or watch it in segments. Check in with your Higher Self to determine what works best for you and remember that either way is just as powerful.

You are still receiving the benefits of a video transmission even if you fall asleep. The activations work on a subconscious level and sometimes it is helpful to receive them through sleep. You can always listen again to receive even more.

You are welcome to watch these video transmission as often as you like. Each time you will receive something new from the activations.

You are welcome to share these free video transmissions with friends and family to share the good news of The Sophia Code movement. We also invite you to like and comment on these videos so they can reach even more people.

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