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Sophia Circle Leadership Licence Renewal

Thank You for Playing An Important Part in the Wave of Divine Feminine Christ Leadership!

Through Sophia Circle Leadership, it has always been our intention to create a culture of professional and heart-centered leaders who are willing to “Go Pro” and step into an empowered energy of co-creation for the revolution of Divine Feminine Christ Leadership.

Since the time of your journey through the Sophia Circle Leadership Program, we trust that there have been many personal and collective shifts that have occurred. We are taking this opportunity in our movement’s history to reconnect with SCL across all cohorts to invite those who remain in their sovereign “Yes!” to share the good news of The Sophia Code with humanity, into the next growth curve for this community as we prepare to launch to an even bigger global audience.

As a part of our own commitment to “Go Pro” in 2024, we are introducing a license renewal fee for all of our certified leaders. The annual investment of renewing your license as a Certified Facilitator of Sophia Circle Journeys is $250 per year. For little more that $20 a month, you will gain access to our new Sophia Code Ambassador Program and unlock your ability to market yourself as a leader on the KAIARA.COM website to reach more than 20,000 monthly visitors!

The $250 SCL License Renewal Fee Includes: 

  • Quarterly Sophia Code Ambassador Meetings in 2024 (professional training and talking points for what is new and developing within the Sophia Code Movement)
  • Become eligible to charge your clients the increased pricing tier of ($33/$44/$55)
  • Receive access to the forthcoming second edition of the Facilitator’s Manual in 2024
  • Become eligible for volunteer and leadership spotlight opportunities on The Sophia Code App
  • Unlock access to on-going future brand marketing assets

Optional Marketing Packages for your Professional Leadership:

  • Tier 1 | The Ruby Marketing Plan | +$100 Includes  a Basic Directory Listing
  • Tier 2 | The Emerald Marketing Plan | +$150 Includes an Upgraded Directory Listing
  • Tier 3 | The Sapphire Marketing Plan | +$350 Includes a VIP Directory Listing

We have created an essential PDF guide to distill important data points about this important development for our leadership community.

Download and read your PDF guide to learn about the SCL License renewal process, be included in the conversation of what it takes to run a transformational business within this industry, and how we remain committed to honor your sovereignty through our own Sovereign Leadership.

Please Note: By opting out of the license renewal fee, you also lose access to new developments and opportunities within this new program. We have taken many important steps to ensure that every leader will be able to remain an empowered member of this community.

*It is an essential requirement that all Certified SCL Alumni download and read the PDF document linked below.

Any SCL who opts out of the license renewal fee will retain their rights and be bound to the original Terms & Agreements signed upon their certification, including, but not limited to, the earning cap of no greater than $33 USD per client per circle, and a time sensitive free listing on the directory.

However, by not paying the annual license renewal fee you will automatically opt out of the SCL License fee benefits that are listed within the linked PDF guide and new Terms document included within.

How To Renew Your SCL License

Your annual SCL License Renewal is $250/year. You can make your License Renewal Payment by clicking the link HERE or by scrolling down and clicking on the gold “Purchase Your SCL License Renewal” button. On the product page, you will have the option of choosing 1 of 3 of our SCL Ambassador Marketing Plans to elevate your platform and get exposure for your business.

After you successfully make your payment for your SCL License Renewal and optional Ambassador Marketing Plan, you will be directed to a “Thank You” page where you will find your order receipt, and a form where you can upload your required SCL video presentation and upload the mandatory documents:

  • Proof of insurance
  • Tax document (As a brand Ambassador, you will be able to earn commissions through your Ambassador link. To qualify for your commissions, please fill out and upload the relevant Tax document included on the “Thank You” page).

Tax Documents Required:

  • For US Citizens, you will need to download and fill out a W-9 Form
  • For all other countries, you will need to download and fill out a W-8BEN

You can come back to upload your insurance paperwork and submit your professional video later by visiting this webpage HERE.

Once we receive your payment, insurance paperwork, and SCL video, our Team Angels will review your renewal request. This process may take up to 3 business days. You will receive an email from our Team with your renewal and license materials.

Purchase Your SCL License Renewal

Unlock Exclusive Professional Development Benefits When You Renew Your SCL License:

Add-On an Optional Ambassador Marketing Plan:

You will have the option of choosing one of the following Ambassador Marketing Plans to promote your business to over 20,000 monthly visitors on KAIARA.COM when you add your SCL License Renewal to your shopping cart. These marketing plans are optional and NOT required to renew your license.

Ruby Marketing Plan

Ruby Marketing Plan

$100 per year add-on includes:

Emerald Marketing Plan

$150 per year add-on includes:

Sapphire Marketing Plan

$350 per year add-on includes:

Pray with Kaia Ra

Join us For the Heaven on Earth Prayer Collective

Every 3rd Friday of the month at 1 pm PST

NEXT DATE: Friday March 15th, 2024

Our global prayer circle is easily accessed through live web streaming and phone using the Zoom platform. Monthly Broadcast Information, Links, and Phone Numbers are provided through email when you subscribe to The Heaven on Earth Prayer Collective list.

 Monthly Broadcast Information, Links, and Phone Numbers are provided through email when you subscribe to The Heaven on Earth Prayer Collective list.

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