The following 5 Self-Mastery Activation Steps involve in-depth instructions and creative processes to complete.
Here’s what you do once you have completed all 5 activation steps:​

  1. PLEASE remember to thoroughly read and follow all the directions exactly as they are written for each homework assignment.
  2. Remember that every Self-Mastery Activation Step in every Module needs to be completed as a part of your certification approval.
  3. Please remember to use the #hashtag directions when posting your homework assignments to the Sophia Circle Leaders Official Forum in The Sophia Code App.
  4. We have so many wonderful Initiates in our leadership program, thank you for helping us support your certification approval by following the directions below exactly as they are given for each assignment.
  5. We thank you for remembering that this is a professional spiritual leadership program that requires for you to be respectful of our team, the curriculum content, your fellow initiates, and of course, yourself.


Leading Together through Community

Introduce yourself to our Sophia Circle Community of leading-edge Lightworkers on the Sophia Circle Leaders Official Forum.

Create a post with a picture of yourself and share the following:

  • Where you are located
  • What inspired you to become a Sophia Circle Facilitator
  • Your intention for how you would like to show up in support for yourself and our community within this Mystery School container

(Remember that your picture is about expressing your heartfelt connection with us, perfectionism need not apply)

MM slash DD slash YYYY


Embodying Your Sovereignty as a Leader

Journal with Isis | Read the section: “Claim Your Sovereign Divinity” in The Sophia Code aloud at your altar. The passage begins at the bottom of page 63 and ends on Page 65.

Be honest with yourself about one area in your life that you need more support for becoming stronger, clearer, and sober to the creative power of your personal sovereignty. Where do you still struggle with subtle feelings of victimhood? Honestly share with Isis the totality of your feelings about this area of your life, including sharing with her about both your frustrations and positive intentions for moving forward.

Don’t hold back. Isis generally guides us to our breakthroughs by helping us to gracefully ‘breakdown’ and rebuild ourselves from a fresh perspective. Allow Isis’s wings to ground and guide you to divinely guided actions that can lighten this journey of reconciliation for you.

Remember: It is safe to interface with others in your sovereignty — yet it is always a choice of self-mastery to actually embody this truth.

As you take in the truth of these 3 action steps that Isis is guiding you, write a single sentence commitment / mantra that you can share with your community on the Sophia Circle Leaders Official Forum. To be witnessed in your commitment to personal sovereignty clears the pathway even more for your success! Add the hashtag #module1altar to your post so that we can quickly find your homework.


Getting Real About Leading The Way

Light a candle at your altar and have your journal ready. Speak the words: “I am now on a Mystery School journey with the Ascended Masters to become a Sophia Circle Leader” aloud three times.

Be curious about the subtle sensations, energetic movements, and spontaneous emotions that may be arising in your body as you speak the resonance of these words. You may notice a wide range of feelings arising in different parts of your body, from subtle performance anxiety to sovereign empowerment. You may feel new and unfamiliar feelings of happiness or freedom that are inviting you to celebrate this next big step in your divine purpose.

Reflect on what it means for your body, heart, and mind to now be in training for co-creating Heaven on Earth with The Sophia Dragon Tribe. It’s safe to feel all your feelings about this, including a joyful anticipation about the miracles ahead of you.


Getting Real About Leading The Way

Create 3 self-care practices that you can resource for before and after you facilitate every Sophia Circle. Describe how these self-care practices will support your body, mind, and heart as a leader. Here’s an example list that can inspire your own ideas that is simple, yet profound, for parenting your personal success as a facilitator:


  • Listening to your favorite dance music in the shower while getting ready opens your heart to joy, Connecting with your Inner Child, Gentle movements and singing along to music moves ‘performance’ anxiety out of the body, the spirit of water loves positive music and infuses your skin with this happiness
  • Praying over your body and sacred space for you to abundantly receive overflowing blessings for your service learning how to honor the gift you are giving, breaks down stubborn resistances to receiving more of what you want, charges your body and sacred space with high-frequency intentions that chart a high-frequency quantum timeline for that day’s Sophia Circle, teaches you that it’s safe to create loving boundaries and strong intentions for everything to work out for your highest and best good
  • Taking a walk to breathe fresh air, connect with Sophia Gaia (Mother Earth), and fill your body with her loving gratitude for you outdoor body movement refreshes every cell of your be-ing, reboots your intuition, relaxes your mind from controlling coping strategies, helps clear stagnating emotions, supports safe emotional releases that can be transmuted by Mother Earth, witnessing the abundance of nature reminds you to remain resonant with embodying prosperity consciousness for your clients, receiving regenerative loving energy from Sophia Gaia (Mother Earth) helps release feelings of isolation and grounds you into the truth of how loved and supported you are in your ministry with The Sophia Code


  • Anoint yourself with your favorite essential oil and become fully still from the energy of ‘doing’ for 15 minutes of restful reflection it’s important to slow down and allow the body to come into stillness after actively preparing and offering so much to others. Allowing your mind to ‘do nothing’ for 5-15 minutes other than to be still is essential for integrating what you learned from your leadership experience that day. Essential oils energetically rebalance and nourish the physical, emotional, and spiritual chakra centers of the body. They also help soothe and clear residual energies that were activated and healing during the Sophia Circle journey
  • Thanking yourself in the mirror for your willingness, love, and devotion, including telling yourself how much “I LOVE YOU!”, savoring the Sophia Circle victories of that experience some of the most successful people in the world actively practice positive self-talk every day to program their reality. Even if you have to ‘fake it' until you make it for feeling loving or compassionate to yourself, please start practicing now!! Consider it an emotional investment in your life bank account. You can only withdraw upon how much love is there building interest on more love!
  • Relaxing as you eat a healthy meal that was already pre-prepared and waiting for you post-circle c​reates feelings of self-appreciation and the safety/joy of thoughtful self-care, supports the body to catch up with how much light was flowing through you while facilitating the Sophia Circle, teaches you how to be a great parent to yourself which keeps you clear from over-giving and codependency with your clients/community


Weaving Your Creatrix Introductions

Your personal transformation with The Sophia Code is one of your most magnetic calling cards for new clients to invest in your Sophia Circle journeys. It’s important for you to list all of the ways that you have come to embody your Higher Self with the living transmission of the codex, including reflecting upon those soul wounds that your journey with The Sophia Code has helped you to heal.

Create some time for journaling about your personal journey since finding The Sophia Code. Remember the moment that you held it for the first time. Watch the movie of your life since that moment. Write down the details, memories, soul shifts, feelings, breakdowns and breakthroughs, the inner victories, the successes that you previously did not know were possible to achieve. Write your memories down in categories of subject matter.

You’ll need at least 13 examples of what has transformed in your life. They don’t have to come all at once, but the more that you let yourself write freely, the more you will recognize within you. Your examples can be simple yet powerful, as well as, complex yet concise in their distillation of the wound/victory.

Take these 13 examples of how The Sophia Code changed your life and write 2-4 sentences of personal testimonial statements for each one. You’ll be resourcing these testimonial pearls for creating your Facilitator introductions that will be a part of opening every Sophia Circle.

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 Monthly Broadcast Information, Links, and Phone Numbers are provided through email when you subscribe to The Heaven on Earth Prayer Collective list.

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