MODULE 2 | Self Mastery Activation Steps

The following 5 Self-Mastery Activation Steps involve in-depth instructions and creative processes to complete. Here’s what you do once you have completed all 5 activation steps:​

  1. PLEASE remember to thoroughly read and follow all the directions exactly as they are written for each homework assignment.
  2. After you complete all of your activation steps return to this submission form and enter in your responses for each data entry field all at once.
  3. Once your answers are typed in to each of the entry fields click the “Submit” button at the bottom of this section.
  4. You will receive an email with a copy of your responses, as well as be able to view your homework in your class portal.
  5. Remember that every Self-Mastery Activation Step in every Module needs to be completed as a part of your certification approval.
  6. Please remember to use the #hashtag directions when posting your homework assignments to the Sophia Circle Leaders Official Forum.
  7. We have so many wonderful Initiates in our leadership program, thank you for helping us support your certification approval by following the directions below exactly as they are given for each assignment.


“She of a Thousand Voices” Recorded Invocation Initiation

Introduce yourself to our Sophia Circle Community of leading-edge Lightworkers on the Sophia Circle Leaders Official Forum.

Record a video of yourself calling in the Keycodes from the invocation written below.

Upload your video to the Sophia Circle Leaders Official Forum.

Add the hashtag #module2invocation to your video post so that we can quickly find your homework.

PLEASE NOTE: This invocation is copyrighted material and permission is only granted for you to record this invocation for your class homework upload to the private Sophia Circle Leaders Official Forum. Any additional recordings / use / distribution of this invocation is not allowed. Thank you for respecting this copyright law.

“Holy Mother Sophia, Creatrix of All Life

Holy Father Sophia, Creator of All Life

I call into the Holy Black Womb and One Source Light that You Are within us, and all around us, sustaining us in the grace of your Sophia Christ consciousness

I call forth your Holy Spirit presence to fall fresh upon us as a dove of peace. It is your Sophia Christ consciousness that creates this space we gather in now.

We give thanks that it was your holy light that called forth our High Council of Ascended Master mentors, The Sophia Dragon Tribe, to mentor us in embodying the truth of our shared and equal sovereign divinity.

At this time we now welcome the first eight revealed Keycode mentors of The Sophia Code to create a circle of Divine Feminine Christ light and empowerment around us.

Joining us in the North, we welcome Keycode 7, holy White Buffalo Woman, “She of a Thousand White Clouds & Thunderbeings” to protect our Sophia Circle

Joining us in the NorthEast, we welcome Keycode 1, beautiful Isis, “She of a Thousand Names” to guide our Sophia Circle

Joining us in the East, we welcome Keycode 2, radiant Hathor, “She of a Thousand Voices” to activate our Sophia Circle

Joining us in the SouthEast, we welcome Keycode 3, brilliant Green Tara, “She of a Thousand Stars” to empower our Sophia Circle

Joining us in the South, we welcome Keycode 4, beloved Mother Mary, “She of a Thousand Roses” to bless our Sophia Circle

Joining us in the SouthWest, we welcome Keycode 5, holy Mary Magdalene, “She of a Thousand Angels” to anoint our Sophia Circle

Joining us in the West, we welcome Keycode 6, beloved Quan Yin, “She of a Thousand Waters” to enlighten our Sophia Circle

And joining us in the NorthWest, we welcome Keycode 777, the holy seraphim order of The Sophia Dragons, whose angelic presence amplifies the countless blessings of our Sophia Circle

Beneath us we welcome the loving presence of Mother Earth, Sophia Gaia, grounding us for this perfect expansion happening now within our Sophia Circle

We now fill this Sophia Circle sanctuary with our collective I Am Presence, the Sophia Christ consciousness that exists as each of our Higher Selves.

We lift this Sophia Circle up into the Seventh Plane of pure Sophia Source consciousness, where instantaneous miracles and divine knowing exists.

We surrender into the unconditionally loving divine will of Sophia who seeks to prosper us in all ways.

We invite the clear presence of Sophia, our beloved Ascended Master mentors, and our collective I Am Presence Holy Spirit to now direct the course of today’s Sophia Circle for the highest and best good of all.

Welcome everyone!”

MM slash DD slash YYYY


Create Your Overlighting Keycode Mentor Altar

Creatrix Altar Design | Look within your heart to identify which Keycode mentor (or mentors) provided the strongest influence on your decision to enroll in the Sophia Circle Certification Program. Build an outdoor or indoor altar that celebrates your mentorship with that Keycode(s) as a touchstone of sacred space for your journey throughout this program.

Spend 15-30 minutes journaling about your altar creative process. As write remember that as a facilitator you will be witnessing clients in your Sophia Circles learning how to intuitively build their own altars as well.

Journal about the following prompts:
  • How was this altar created to support different parts of yourself evolving in the wholeness of yourself as a leader?
  • Why did you choose to position the altar where you did in your home or office?
  • How has this altar shifted your relationship with that Keycode(s)?
  • How can you be a compassionate and loving witness to the altar creation of others without influencing their creative process?

Take pictures of your altar and submit your images with highlighted insights from your journaling prompts to share with your community on the Sophia Circle Leaders Official Forum. Add the hashtag #overlightingmentoraltar to your post so that we can quickly find your homework.

Please submit the date that you posted your favorite image of your altar and a 2 -3 sentence summary of your journaling experience below.

MM slash DD slash YYYY


Integrating Your Personal Power for a Global Mission

Read about how The Hathor Star Nation has shared their ascension teachings throughout the cosmos as a community on pages 97-98 in The Sophia Code. When you feel how much they have accomplished throughout the ages by working together as one, how does this inspire your own co-creative mission with our international community of Sophia Circle leaders worldwide?

Imagine how vast The Hathor’s mystery school network was when they walked upon the planet. Invite yourself to feel how they are blessing and mentoring you in this same level of ministry through your Sophia Circle leadership. Invite Hathor to open your heart and guide your awareness in how your individual offering of Sophia Circles will be weaving together hearts attending Sophia Circles around the world. What does it mean for you to be a part of a worldwide ascension ministry for activating the sovereign divinity of humanity?

Journal out your reflections that arise from this reading and the question prompts. When you are finished journaling, allow your writing “to breathe”. Go back and read what you have written several hours later. Distill an insight about why being a part of an international ministry is important to you at this moment in your life.

Select an image that expresses Sophia’s peace to you and post with your global mission insight on the Sophia Circle Leaders Official Forum<./span> with the hashtag: #module2globalmission.

Please submit the date that you posted the image and share 2 - 3 sentences to summarize your journaling reflections in the field below.

MM slash DD slash YYYY


Hathor Radiant Communication Activation

Read the following passage from Hathor’s Initiation on page 111 of The Sophia Code three times aloud at your altar:

“The radiant sun passes through my throat chakra.

Tongues of holy fire emerge from the eyes, speaking their blessings of light language over my voice.

I now accept the gift of divine speech as my birthright for activating The Sophia Code within me.”

Now read aloud the section: “The Power of Every Syllable Defines a Manifestation” on pages 101-104 of The Sophia Code. Notice any subtle sensations, blocks, or shifts in your throat chakra as you read this passage aloud. Speaking in front of others will always initiate you into the power of your authentic truth and being seen in that truth, even as you are simply reading the Facilitator’s Manual word for word.

It’s important to embody your highest intentions when facilitating your Sophia Circle and to attune your throat chakra to the resonance of Sophia’s divine will pouring through the codex transmission as you lead. Ask yourself the following questions:

  • How much do you trust what you say to others in your daily life?
  • How can you become even more impeccable with your word?
  • When you speak your intentions for creating a sacred space, is there a confidence in your voice that expresses both your positive intentions and boundaries for that space?
  • Where do you feel that you can bring greater integrity and sovereign power to what you focus upon in the meaning of those words?

If you have struggled with speaking your truth in this lifetime, it’s important to remember that you will be magnetizing Sophia Circle clients that are also on a similar journey to liberate their throat chakras through the living transmission of The Sophia Code. Does this intimidate or inspire you? Witnessing others mirror your own transformational journey requires deep self-compassion and leaning into grace. Ask yourself:

  • How are you willing to resource your Higher Self and Keycode Mentors for the support that you need to guide others in their authentic expression
  • What self-care commitment can you make for celebrating your vocal breakthroughs with every Sophia Circle? (This could be as simple as remembering to hug yourself and thank yourself for being brave)

After journaling your responses to this series of deep soul-inquiry questions, distill a pearl of your personal revelations to share with your Sophia Circle community on the Sophia Circle Leaders Official Forum. You may want to share a vulnerable breakthrough that you intuitively know will support other leaders in our community to be brave in their own self-inquiry as well. Post a picture of yourself making a mudra over your throat chakra that accompanies your personal revelation from this activation step.

Be sure to hashtag this post with: #module2hathoractivation so that we can easily find your homework.

MM slash DD slash YYYY


Your Self Worth Through the Eyes of Sophia

Recall the first day that you started reading The Sophia Code. Playfully witness yourself opening the cover of the codex for the first time. Reflect upon where you are standing now in your relationship with life, the Ascended Masters, your Higher Self, and Sophia God since starting your ascension journey with The Sophia Code. Watch the blockbuster movie of your life’s quantum transformation since that fateful moment. So much has unfolded for you to be standing here now as an important member in our community and as a Sophia Circle Facilitator-in-training.

Wow! Take a moment to congratulate yourself — it took A LOT of healing, self-discovery, and spiritual maturity to make this training a reality for you!

Awakening to the value and importance of your self-worth is one of the most important transformational journeys that The Sophia Code activates for us as Earth Angels. We all have our bruises from incarnating on the earth plane as living angels in human form. It’s the journey back to the truth of our sovereign divinity and our unconditional divine inheritance through Sophia that heals every wounds and allows for us to flourish with success in our angelic mission.

You’re invited to journal about all the ways that you now value yourself more since discovering The Sophia Code. Consider writing about the following self-inquiry prompts:

  • How do you treat yourself differently now that you are integrating Isis’ teaching that you are a ‘Daughter and Son of the Most High’?
  • How are you accepting the perfection of your humanity now that you know your sovereign divinity cannot be earned because it is already yours?
  • How does it feel to know that Sophia God considers you a complete and whole aspect of Her holy self? Are you still integrating and allowing that truth to seep in past outdated religious programming? How are you being compassionate with yourself as you edge closer to this knowing?
  • How does connecting with and sharing the holy light of this Divine Feminine codex support your continued surrender into the happiness of your own divinity?
  • How do you now feel more worthy of the blessings in your life than you did before? Is this greater sense of worthiness opening your heart to receive more blessings in every area of your life?
  • How does it feel to know that you don’t have to ‘fix’ anyone from their own struggle with unworthiness in your Sophia Circles? Is it a relief for you to recognize through your own transformational journey that you can trust the living transmission to take your clients on their own alchemical journey of self-worth within Sophia’s sacred heart?

​After journaling your responses to this series of deep soul-inquiry questions, distill a pearl of your personal revelations to share with your Sophia Circle community on the Sophia Circle Leaders Official Forum. You may want to share a vulnerable breakthrough on worthiness that you intuitively know will support other leaders in our community to be brave in their own self-inquiry as well. Post a picture that includes a dove (representing the indwelling of Sophia’s light within you) to accompany your personal revelation from this activation step. Be sure to hashtag this post with: #module2iamworthy.

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