MODULE 3 | Self Mastery Activation Steps

The following 5 Self-Mastery Activation Steps involve in-depth instructions and creative processes to complete. Here’s what you do once you have completed all 5 activation steps:​

  1. PLEASE remember to thoroughly read and follow all the directions exactly as they are written for each homework assignment.
  2. After you complete all of your activation steps return to this submission form and enter in your responses for each data entry field all at once.
  3. Once your answers are typed in to each of the entry fields click the “Submit” button at the bottom of this section.
  4. You will receive an email with a copy of your responses, as well as be able to view your homework in your class portal.
  5. Remember that every Self-Mastery Activation Step in every Module needs to be completed as a part of your certification approval.
  6. Please remember to use the #hashtag directions when posting your homework assignments to the Sophia Circle Leaders Official Forum.
  7. We have so many wonderful Initiates in our leadership program, thank you for helping us support your certification approval by following the directions below exactly as they are given for each assignment.


Creating Your Professional Space for Sophia Circle Journeys

Sophia Circles are professional offerings that require professional space to be hosted in a good way, both for your emotional safety and for that of your clients and community. You can create that level of professional space within your home, however, there are certain important x-factors to consider when making a professional offering from your home.

The Sophia Code is a dragon-sized transmission that comes with some BIG energy to navigate as a leader. Spend some time in meditation with your journal and honestly write about the pros and cons of each hosting choice during this chapter of your life. Two big considerations that should be included in your self-inquiry are:

You’re invited to journal about all the ways that you now value yourself more since discovering The Sophia Code. Consider writing about the following self-inquiry prompts:

  • 1) Identifying where you feel comfortable creating space for clients to experience their emotional releases and personal evolution within your reality, and
  • 2) Identifying how hosting Sophia Circles may be impacted by shared business spaces or your partnership / family life at home.

The more honest you are with yourself about what you professionally need for hosting Sophia Circles, the easier it will be for you to identify what needs to manifest or be shifted in your current space to create the successful container that you deserve for making this offering in a good way.

After your honest self-inquiry of writing out the pros and cons of both options, depending on what you decide is right for this chapter of your life, take the following divinely guided action steps:

  • Acquiring New Commercial Space | If your decision is to offer Sophia Circles in a new commercial space outside of your home, contact locations in your area about potential rental spaces for your Sophia Circles. Outside of renting a dedicated commercial office space, you can also research rentable shared space that may be available at: universal churches, community centers, yoga studios, meditation centers, spiritual centers, and local libraries. If you choose to work in a shared work space be sure to check-in with yourself to make sure that building an altar and breaking it down each week works for you.
  • Updating Current Commercial Space | If you already have a professional commercial space from which you offer your Lightwork that you are planning to use for your Sophia Circle journeys, take time to consider how the space will best serve your clients going on a collective journey. How many people can your professional space comfortably host? Are there new structures, amenities, or decor that are needed to improve or consecrate this space for regular Sophia Circle journeys? Is there a space and structure for weekly altar building? What are your organization systems for setting up and breaking down seating and props? Is the bathroom properly stocked and can handle the foot traffic?
  • Home Space | If you choose to host Sophia Circles in your home, have those important conversations with your partner / roommates / family members about consecrating a sacred space within your home to host Sophia Circles as a professional offering. You may feel comfortable with clients in a certain part of your home, but they may not. Be sure to choose a space in your home that everyone agrees upon for this offering to take place in a good way without interference. It’s also important to meet in the same place within your home for a Sophia Circle journey. This will contain energy in your home as well as create emotional safety for everyone involved. Clarity and consistency are particularly key when hosting in your home. Create a blueprint for how your sacred space will function with the amount of clients that you feel comfortable hosting in your home per circle. It’s important to consider foot traffic in the bathrooms and kitchen areas in proximity to your professional container. To avoid confusion and create clear boundaries, decide what upon your house rules for hosting clients and how you will communicate those protocols before your clients even begin their Sophia Circle journey with you.

Share your creative process and results for this Activation Step in a post on the Sophia Circle Leaders Official Forum. Be sure to include the hashtag #module3iamaprofessional so that we can easily find your homework. Feel free to include any pictures, blueprints, ideas, and sketches that were a part of your decision-making process.


Cultivating Your Focus as the Compassionate Witness

Chant OM TARA TUTTARE TURE SOHA 108 times every day at your altar for 7 days on a Mala necklace or bracelet. For the most effective shifts from this practice, chant Green Tara’s mantra at the same time each day.

Each day when you finish chanting, write one sentence about how you feel on the same piece of paper. At the end of the week there will be seven statements. String these sentences together like Mala beads and share them in a post with your favorite image of Green Tara on the Sophia Circle Leaders Official Forum with the hashtag: #module3focusthroughmantra.

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Respecting the Platform for Lift Off

Consistency and structure create a safe space for the inner chaos of transformation that will unfold when your clients’ hearts begin to open and expand beyond what they thought possible. By its very nature, the living transmission of The Sophia Code will be activating every aspect of your clients’ inner reality, whether they understand that or not. The truth is that most of your first-time clients will not understand that until they integrate how much is changing for them in such a short amount of time. (The light switches will begin to flip on anywhere from 3-5 weeks into a Sophia Circle journey.) Therefore, your role as a facilitator and leader is uniquely detached from the transformational journey, as the codex itself, the Ascended Masters, and your Higher Self in communion with Sophia God are doing all the heavy lifting for you.

It’s important to remember that the Sophia Circle program blueprint was designed for Initiates at every level to soar in their sovereignty through the essential structure outlined in the Facilitator’s Manual. No matter how advanced you are as an Initiate of this Mystery School, the Facilitator’s Manual is encoded to eliminate the most occurrences of judgments and unreasonable expectations projected upon anyone in ‘The Teacher’ archetypal role of leadership.

Depending on where you’re at in your spiritual journey, adhering to this important Sophia Circle structure may help you feel emotionally safe as you step into your new role as a professional Sophia Circle leader or it may make you feel rebellious as a seasoned facilitator of sacred space. It may make you feel both at the same time. All of your feelings are really okay to have and the foundational structure and ceremonial protocols as outlined in the Sophia Circle blueprint should always be followed once you are certified to make this offering.

There are many reasons for this that are all consecrated for you to experience your highest success, deepest relief, and greatest support for embodying Sophia Christ consciousness as an embodiment of your Higher Self leading The Way. Regardless of your feelings about it, the Facilitator’s Manual will teach you how to actively listen, multidimensionally witness, and lucidly respond to others and yourself through Sophia Christ consciousness in ways that you haven’t experienced yet.

The Facilitator’s Manual will never let you down as a structure of support no matter how you feel about leading others that day. It will always continue to expand your embodiment, just as your life will continue to expand with every Sophia Circle journey that you create for others to experience their spiritual awakening.

  • Journaling Option #1 | If the structure of the manual helps you to feel safe, spend time at your altar writing about how this foundational blueprint is supporting you to feel a new sense of freedom as you step forward to lead in new ways. If you’ve been waiting a long time to feel this safe to step into your divine purpose and being seen as a Wayshower, also write about the relief and appreciation that you may be feeling for this opportunity to be supported as you support others in their heroic journey.
  • Journaling Option #2 | If following a structural outline and ceremonial protocols generally causes you to feel a subtle or not-so-subtle inner rebellion, go deeper within your heart and your past to discover if there are unresolved wounds around authority figures that have nothing to do with The Sophia Circle blueprint that need to be addressed within you. It’s really important for you to write about these unresolved feelings at your altar. Key figures influencing unresolved anger, isolation, or unconsciously held disrespect will almost certainly include a connection to parental figures or early development teachers or religious figures from childhood.

Remember that monks and sages have been chanting the same mantras for hundreds of years because they work. Ascension is a wild dragon ride with few touchstones. The divine order that we create for ourselves can help us fly free in our sovereignty.

Final Journaling Question: How can you open your heart and your mind to the Sophia Circle blueprint as one of the ascension technologies arising from The Sophia Circle motherboard that is mentoring us in how to surrender into a divine will and omniscient consciousness that knows how to run these circles better than we do? Further, that wants to bless you beyond your wildest dreams as you commit to the inner work that uplifts us all. What would surrendering into that trust feel like for you?


Celebrating Your Commitment to Lead with Your Phoenix Child

In the journey of leading through Sophia Christ consciousness it’s important to celebrate your victories, reward your willingness, and honor the gifts of your follow-through. You deserve to be celebrated, Angel! Leadership will always ask a lot of you and it’s important for you to learn how to balance all of that giving with the just-as-important act of receiving to keep the regenerative energetic principle of prosperity flowing within every area of your life.

Your willingness to make it to Module 3 of the Sophia Circle leadership program deserves to be honored. Further, any time that you dedicate to refill your creative well and regenerate your heart can always be consecrated to your continued and expanded success as a leader.

  • How are you willing to resource your Higher Self and Keycode Mentors for the support that you need to guide others in their authentic expression
  • What self-care commitment can you make for celebrating your vocal breakthroughs with every Sophia Circle? (This could be as simple as remembering to hug yourself and thank yourself for being brave)

Ask your Inner Child what kind of playdate you deserve. Be curious about the details of what / where your Inner Child may want for you. She or he may want to celebrate in a way that would be unexpected for your adult self. Set a date and time for your celebratory play date. Be lavish with yourself and don’t break the date, no matter what may seem to be more important than quality time with yourself. Take pictures and share a post on the Sophia Circle Leaders Official Forum about your special day so that we can celebrate with you! Add the hashtag: #module3ideservetobehappy to your post.

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