MODULE 4 | Self Mastery Activation Steps

The following 5 Self-Mastery Activation Steps involve in-depth instructions and creative processes to complete. Here’s what you do once you have completed all 5 activation steps:​

  1. PLEASE remember to thoroughly read and follow all the directions exactly as they are written for each homework assignment.
  2. After you complete all of your activation steps return to this submission form and enter in your responses for each data entry field all at once.
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  5. Remember that every Self-Mastery Activation Step in every Module needs to be completed as a part of your certification approval.
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  7. We have so many wonderful Initiates in our leadership program, thank you for helping us support your certification approval by following the directions below exactly as they are given for each assignment.


Opening and Deepening in Your Mentor Relationship with Mother Mary

Prepare a glass of fresh drinking water and light a candle at your altar. Invite Mother Mary to be present with you. Focus your thoughts upon Mother Mary by visualizing her sitting next to you or placing her loving arms around you in a warm hug. Read aloud her revelations: “Mentoring with Mother Mary” on page 170-172 of The Sophia Code.

Notice how the sound of your voice, carrying the resonance of The Sophia Code, travels throughout your body. Allow the crystalline transmission of Mother Mary’s message to open your heart. Mother Mary is boldly speaking about her promise to mentor you through the vast transformations that will unfold within you as you lead others through Sophia Circles. This includes the many moments in which you will be surprised by how many subtle beliefs of complacency, victimhood, or lack consciousness will arise to be transformed through your personal development as an embodied leader of your own Higher Self’s sovereign divinity.

Journaling Prompt: The Module 4 video series is a strong invitation from Mother Mary to be codependent-free in our leadership choices. Journal about one codependent challenge that you have previously struggled with in which you felt you were a “powerful by-stander in life — or even victim of life”. Ask Mother Mary to share with your heart how she is guiding you to your sovereign empowerment through leading Sophia Circle journeys. What are the “successive stages of integrative understanding” that you can feel currently unfolding right now to successfully address this issue in a new way as you bravely walk through the certification program?


Opening Your Heart to Receive for Your Professional Offering

Create a moment of stillness and meditative self-inquiry. Invoke Mother Mary to be with you. Feel her presence deeply supporting your heart’s highest truth. Ask Mother Mary and your Higher Self to clearly speak into your heart how much you should price each Sophia Circle for your first journey. Is it $11, $22 or $33 per circle? Remember there are no right or wrong answers, and the number should be reflective of an inner space that stretches your abundance belief systems, yet is not unreachable to your consciousness.

After you receive this number, journal with Mother Mary as to why this price point is so important for you at this chapter in your life. What would this number signify for you and your prayer for sustainable, ongoing professional leadership? How would receiving back for your energy and time open your heart to serve even more?


Celebrating Your Authentic Self as the Perfect Plan for Leadership

Step 1 | In Module 4, Video 2, you are lovingly reminded that you don’t have to be perfect to lead. Create a meditative space at your altar to ask yourself and journal about the following questions:

It’s important to remember that the Sophia Circle program blueprint was designed for Initiates at every level to soar in their sovereignty through the essential structure outlined in the Facilitator’s Manual. No matter how advanced you are as an Initiate of this Mystery School, the Facilitator’s Manual is encoded to eliminate the most occurrences of judgments and unreasonable expectations projected upon anyone in ‘The Teacher’ archetypal role of leadership.

  • When you look in the mirror are there inner dialogues about your physical appearance that create subtle or not-so-subtle resistances to being seen as a facilitator?
  • When you look into your heart and witness what you are healing in your relationship with life, are there inner dialogues about why you’re not emotionally ready to lead?
  • When you examine your thoughts are there mental projections, ideas, or expectations ‘hanging over your head’ that would convince you that leading from your most authentic self is ‘not enough’?
  • How have any of these inner dialogues kept you from following through on your divine purpose in the past? If you are currently leading, how may these inner dialogues be challenging your current expansion / success?

Step 2 | Invoke Mother Mary and ask her to share with you how worthy and capable she sees you as a facilitator of sacred space. Invite her perspective on how she sees your important role in sharing Sophia Circles. Ask Mother Mary and your Higher Self to share with you all of the ways that you are ‘perfect’ for this service by being ‘perfectly YOU’, along with everything that you have walked through in your journey through life.

Create a 2-3 minute video sharing with our community 3 reasons why being ‘perfectly you’ as a Sophia Circle facilitator was divinely planned to bless this ministry and the clients that you will be serving. It’s time to celebrate your true self as a contribution to our collective awakening! Post this video on the Sophia Circle Leaders Official Forum with the hashtag: #Module4PerfectlyMe so that we can easily find your homework.

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Creating Safety Through Your Authentic Expression

Read the following quote from Mother Mary, 3x at your altar:

“When you choose to follow your heart’s guidance you are rewarded with the treasures of your soul. It is up to you to access your inner resolve and commit to making this journey yourself, for it is impossible for anyone else to fulfill your destiny.”
—The Sophia Code, Pg. 175

We often visualize or think about leadership with scenes in our minds that include final cinematic moments of success as though there is some kind of ‘end-game’ vision that we are here to achieve through our service in which ‘nothing goes wrong’ and there are ‘no more emotional triggers’. The ‘treasure of your soul’ includes all the ways that you discover your strengths and talents through engaging with others along your journey. Our ego structure likes the whitewashed “Disney movie” version of leadership, but our adult self and inner child deserve a grounded perspective that honors the many variables of engaging with others at their own growth curve.

In this quote Mother Mary is describing the personal resolve and commitment that is required for the marathon of spiritual leadership, which includes the willingness to be fully present when clients push back or act out through their wounding or shadow material. Below are 3 boundary-setting statements that will empower you in every Sophia Circle journey. Practice saying them aloud in front of a mirror. Notice the inner material that arises, both of relief as well as old stories of victimhood, in regards to the subject matter of emotional boundary-setting in your life.

  • For Oversharing Details | To honor the amount of time that we have together and to create a safe emotional space for our shared collective, it’s important for each of us to focus upon the wisdom that we have gained from our life stories — and not the details of our stories — in your group sharing. I invite you to take a deep breath, and pause for just a moment, to go within and find the pearl that your heart wants to offer this circle.
  • For Reactive Behavior or Inappropriate Language | As your loving witness, it appears as though you are experiencing some challenging feelings and it’s important to me that you feel safe enough to be with your feelings in this space. Can you take a moment to breathe into your heart before sharing any further so that we can support you with our prayers?
  • Seeking Outside of the Self | Our Sophia Circle journey is unique in that it is guiding us to an inner sanctuary in which we can discover our direct communion with the divine for receiving the answers that we seek. I invite you to pause, close your eyes, and take a few deep breaths in. Feel your belly soften into a place beyond right or wrong, where divine love is guiding you to these answers. Whether you can hear or feel the answers in this moment, is not the point. In this moment you are creating space for yourself to begin actively listening for every answer that is already within you.

Create a 2-5 minute video in which you practice reading at least one of the statements from above. After you speak your selected statement, share with our community why this boundary-setting statement is helpful for you both personally and professionally. Post this video on the Sophia Circle Leaders Official Forum with the hashtag: #Module4ClearBoundaries so that we can easily find your homework.

PLEASE NOTE: These statements are guidelines that can be memorized — but it’s more about the message of these statements — not perfectly reciting them. Don’t get hung up on perfection. It’s the pearl in each of these statements that is the message.

MM slash DD slash YYYY


Parenting Yourself Beyond the Projections of Others

When we commit to creating sacred space for others we are committing to the heart practice of Active Listening. When you truly listen for the depth, nuance, and body language of what is actually being expressed beyond words, you are taking in a profound amount of subtle information that can easily feel overwhelming or confusing to you as a facilitator.

Remember that The Sophia Code is specifically designed to trigger the release of every limiting belief and karmic challenge so that your clients will have enough clear space within them to actively embody the sovereign divinity of their Higher Self. As those limiting beliefs and karmic griefs get triggered, it can be easy for you to pick up on the subtle blame or projections that clients unconsciously place upon a facilitator.

These unconsciously projected feelings occur when a client does not have a relationship with their own feelings and does not know how to navigate the many uncomfortable feelings that arise throughout a journey of true spiritual awakening. As a Sophia Circle facilitator, you are on a journey of self-mastery to learn how to identify what is your own inner work to do — versus what inner work belongs to your clients.

Step 1 | Invoke Mother Mary and create time at your altar to journal about when your physical body communicates to you that something you are intuitively feeling is not your inner work to do, but is actually your client’s own process. Do you feel that truth in your stomach? Is it a red flag that you can feel flapping against your right ear? Does your heart shut down or do your shoulders start to hunch? What other physical signs indicate to you that the information you are receiving is from the witness within you making you aware of what’s happening with your client’s progress?

Step 2 | Ask your Higher Self and Mother Mary if there are certain wardrobe choices, jewelry, shoes, or altar settings that can help you maintain your own sense of self for remaining in your center as you are listening to the evolutionary moans and groans of your clients’ growing pains? Identify power pieces in your wardrobe and adornment selection that can be consecrated to supporting your embodiment as a compassionate witness that does not internalize the projections of others. How does pre-paving for standing confidently in your own truth support you for the unexpected moments ahead?

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