MODULE 5 | Self Mastery Activation Steps

The following 5 Self-Mastery Activation Steps involve in-depth instructions and creative processes to complete. Here’s what you do once you have completed all 5 activation steps:​

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Embodying the Integrity of Your Yes & No

Light a candle at your altar along with a stick of incense / or use an essential oil diffuser to create an ambience of receptivity for your soul. Invite Mary Magdalene to be with you as you read aloud Pages 201-203 of The Sophia Code. When you are done reading, take several deep breaths and allow the resonance of Mary Magdalene’s revelations to circulate in your body. Feel the peace of being in a meditative silence with Mary Magdalene.

Then read the following quote 3x aloud:

“I am especially drawn to working with women and men who seek to radically embody every facet of their true selves, without apology. I help you get acclimated with asserting your personal power as a spiritual leader and how to remain in integrity with yourself and your divine purpose, regardless of all circumstances.” —The Sophia Code, Pg. 202

Go deep within your heart and ask yourself what it will mean to assert your personal power as you guide others through their Sophia Circle journey. Can you commit to your Yes being a Yes and your No being a No when you make agreements with your clients? Being in integrity with yourself and in integrity with the parameters that you create for facilitating Sophia Circle journeys is foundational for your success as a leader.

When you map out a journey in your calendar and your clients commit to going on that journey with you through the exchange of their payment, the ceremony has already begun. It requires soul commitment to follow through and complete that journey in a professional manner. When your clients experience the rise and fall of their own dragon ride awakening, you will need to know the clarity of your Yes and No so that there are safe boundaries for them to lean into to understand what works and doesn’t work for you, both as a facilitator and as a business owner.

Create space to journal with Mary Magdalene about the clarity of your Yes and No. Where do you stand in relationship to the lightning medicine of each of these words? Is one word easier for you to say than another? Also reflect upon the chaos that can be created through the word ‘Maybe’. Bending rules and making exceptions for clients unconsciously conditions your clients to manipulate you, or at the very least, not respect your agreements.

Ask Mary Magdalene and your Higher Self to help you to be honest about what needs to shift or change within you in order to create a stronger center and greater clarity in how you lead others through your embodied example and empowered communication. Does communicating who you really are, or keeping your clients accountable to the agreements that you made with them, scare you? Write about what support you need to brighten and strengthen in this area of your leadership. Ask yourself: How does the clear and true expression of my most authentic self initiate my clients into their greatest potential?

From this journaling assignment, write a mantra for how you will “remain in integrity with yourself and your divine purpose, regardless of all circumstances.” Share this mantra on the Sophia Circle Leaders Official Forum with the hashtag: #module5integritymantra.

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Exploring the Temple Gate Screening Process

Invoke Mary Magdalene and the Order of Magdalena to support you in the following exercise: Light a candle and read the following sample client screening questions aloud to yourself:

  • The Sophia Circle journey is truly a life changing transformational journey designed to accelerate your personal healing and empowerment within a circle of similar Lightworkers who are committing to completing this arc of evolution as a community. Therefore, your commitment to attending all 13 Sophia Circles is important to the group as a whole and for me as a facilitator. To get the most out of this very powerful offering, it’s really important to be able to attend every Sophia Circle. Can you commit to creating the sacred space in your schedule and mark your calendar for attending all 13 Sophia Circles?
  • The Sophia Code is both a sacred text and spiritual technology that activates a powerful inner transformation for embodying your Higher Self and mentoring with the Ascended Masters. By journeying through The Sophia Code, each Sophia Circle creates a sacred space for you to experience heightened and accelerated personal transformation within a collective spiritual journey. It’s important to remember that this is not a therapeutic container, a place to receive emotional counseling, or a trauma / addiction recovery support circle. It’s helpful for me to know a little more about you so that I can best support you in your Sophia Circle journey. What kinds of healthy body practices, emotional support or spiritual counseling / mentorship do you currently resource during periods of transformation in your life?
  • Every Sophia Circle is designed for you to walk through the many important initiations of The Sophia Code with a loving community by your side. The community journey is nurtured by everyone’s commitment to complete a reading of a full chapter between each Sophia Circle. As you complete each chapter before we gather, you are arriving to that Sophia Circle with the activations of that chapter already operating within your consciousness. Can you create the sacred space in your schedule for completing a chapter between each Sophia Circle?

Allow the words of these questions to permeate your being as a facilitator. How does it feel to know that you can curate who attends your Sophia Circle journeys? When you read these questions, can you feel how the interview process empowers both your decision as a facilitator as well as the choices of your clients? When we clarify agreements, there is a greater enthusiasm and momentum that arises from the understanding of those agreements.

Create a fourth client screening question that is important to you, such as: how you would like clients to enter your space, requests for arriving on time, guidelines for financial agreements, or anything else that may be arising in your heart for your embodied peace as a facilitator — and also important for your clients to know what they are participating in. Journal about how it feels to get this clear and empowered about who gets to journey with you.


Opening the Stargate to Mary Magdalene’s Mentorship

It was with Mary Magdalene’s overlighting support that our team committed to birthing the Sophia Circle Certification Program. With that in mind, it’s important to know that the Keycode 5 transmission is deeply encoded within the Sophia Circle ministry to reach and activate as many Earth Angels as possible at this pivotal moment in human history.

We deeply believe that this ministry is furthering the blessed movement that she and Jesus seeded over two thousand year ago. Remember to call on Mary Magdalene often as she will be a constant support and professional ally for you as you begin offering your Sophia Circle journeys.

Mary Magdalene deeply believes in the power of community to shape the future (just as hers did) in addition to the power of ever-expanding circles for creating important ripples of immediate change in our present reality. Her entire public ministry was offered in co-creation with other facilitators from her Essene community.

Create a Mary Magdalene altar for deepening in your mentor relationship with her as a Sophia Circle leader. If you already have a Mary Magdalene altar, consider updating or rebuilding it to reflect this new chapter of leadership in your life. (You can also revisit Stargate 1, Class 9 for additional altar building inspiration.)

Place four objects on your altar that represent the following:

  • Something that represents the Beauty Way prayer of dressing professionally for each Sophia Circle
  • Something that represents confidence in your voice as a leader
  • Something that represents the meaning and importance of community to you
  • Something that represents prosperity/wealth consciousness that’s regenerative and circular in nature

Take pictures of your altar and submit your images on the Sophia Circle Leaders Official Forum with thoughtful insights about why you chose these sacred representations. You are also welcome to share any personal breakthroughs that you had with Mary Magdalene as your overlighting mentor during this altar building process. Add the hashtag #module5magdalenealtar to your post so that we can quickly find your homework.

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Loving Yourself as a Living Angel on Earth

“As an overlighting mentor for your ascension journey, I guide your human awareness in how to accept and love yourself as an angel on Earth.” —Mary Magdalene, The Sophia Code, Pg. 203

Waiting Wings OPTION 1 | For those Initiates who have not yet received the Higher Self Wings Up! Activations from the Earth Angel Global Summit, (now called “Activate Your Angel Wings” on our online store), please purchase and watch those ceremonial activations HERE. (If interested, there are also follow-up activations that you can watch on Gaia TV with Kaia Ra’s recorded presentation from the Conscious Life Expo 2019.)

After integrating the Angel Wing activations for a few days, make a post on the Official Initiate Forum that includes a picture with angel wings. Write about how it felt for you to feel your Higher Self’s angel wings unfurling from the back of your heart. Create a commitment statement for keeping your wings out and up! Remember to use the hashtag: #wingsupforever so that we can easily find your homework.

Post your commitment statement and the date that you uploaded your post to the forum in the field below.

Open Wings OPTION 2 | For Initiates who have already received the Wings Up! Activations, please revisit the video replay to deepen and receive further upgrades from these activations. As you are watching the replay, recall where you were at in your life when this ceremony announced open enrollment for the Sophia Circle Certification Program.

Make a post on the Sophia Circle Leaders Official Forum that includes a picture with angel wings. Write about how embodying the spiritual technology of your angel wings has prepared you for leading Sophia Circles. Create a commitment statement for deepening in self-respect and self-love for yourself as a living angel on Earth who is willing to lead The Way by being seen for who you really are. Remember to use the hashtag: #wingsupforever so that we can easily find your homework.

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Dance Your Liberation with Mary Magdalene and Kali MA

“My body begins to be filled with an incredible strength and I feel my Higher Self moving within my awareness in new and unfamiliar ways. It welcomes me to dance as Mary Magdalene is dancing above me.” —The Sophia Code, Pg. 228

Personal Ritual | Choose a place either in nature or indoors in which you can play your favorite music at full volume and easily dance/make movements without navigating obstructions or uneven ground. You want to select a place that is remote enough to be alone in nature or private enough that you will be undisturbed indoors. Light candles, clear yourself with sage, anoint yourself with your favorite essential oils, and burn some incense as an offering to the power of this present moment.

Be sure to have your copy of The Sophia Code present as the operating system for this personal empowerment ritual. At any point during your liberation dance you may be guided to open the book and read aloud a passage that speaks to your consciousness about what’s unfolding throughout specific moments of this ritual.

Create a soundtrack that you can really let go with so that you don’t have to think about the quality of music that’s playing as you go into a ceremonial space. Make the following invocation: “The creative genius of this ritual is now unfolding according to the perfection of Seventh Plane Sophia Christ consciousness, as directed by my Higher Self”. Invoke Mary Magdalene and invite her to guide you to those places within your heart and body that need to release fears or anxieties about leading others through Sophia Circle journeys. (She may appear with Kali Ma or channeling Kali MA.)

Invite your body to express what those fears feel like for you. You may find yourself making movements or contouring into positions that are quite telling of what’s been holding you back from being seen in the past. Remember, this is not a dance to impress anyone, this is a movement journey to liberate your body. It’s more than okay if your body needs to get into some strange positions to express the story of what’s been going on for you — that’s what privacy is for. You may find yourself stomping around and even shouting at the sky! You may find yourself spinning in circles as tears release down your face. This dance of liberation is between you and Sophia God. Be brave enough to go there and you will be set free from the chains of the past

At some point in this ritual, you will feel the cleared space within you that desires to be danced by your own divinity. Your body longs to be filled with the power, joy, and confidence of your Higher Self’s divinity and the certainty of a divine plan for you to facilitate the Sophia Circle journey experience. Allow your body the same freedom to express movements of relief, insight, integration and regeneration in preparation for this new chapter of leadership. Give yourself permission to dance for as long as you need to express the freedom and success that you are calling into your life now.

Your body has a profound language that can only be accessed by actively listening to it and by being willing enough to express it without censorship. This ritual will reveal what a master your body is for communicating to your awareness what’s unfolding in real-time within every present moment of your Sophia Circle leadership. Your body is an ally of the highest order – it cannot lie to you and only ever seeks your liberation.

Share your experience on the Sophia Circle Leaders Official Forum with a picture of the location that you performed your ritual.

Remember to add the hashtag: #magdalenekaliritual so that we can easily find your homework.

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