MODULE 6 | Self Mastery Activation Steps

The following 5 Self-Mastery Activation Steps involve in-depth instructions and creative processes to complete. Here’s what you do once you have completed all 5 activation steps:​

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Softening to the Karuna Compassion of Your Inner Child

Create a ceremonial space and listen to the Quan Yin Keycode Initiation or read it aloud from the book at your altar. Be sure to create a comforting and nurturing experience in which you can visualize and feel yourself embracing your beautiful Inner Child spirit within you. You may feel her / him clamoring to be in your arms or simply enjoying your loving attention as you revisit this important Initiation.

After you complete the Initiation, journal from the perspective of your Inner Child. She / He may shapeshift between a wounded spirit and the Phoenix Child master to communicate different facets of your consciousness that are simultaneously releasing, healing, and being empowered all at once. Ask your Inner Child to share with you what supportive role she / he will be playing in your journey as a Sophia Circle facilitator.

Inner Child contributions may include:

  • Bringing lightness, playfulness, laughter, and unexpected miracles to the Sophia Circle journey
  • Helping you to be honest with what’s working or not working in your sacred space
  • Identifying when / where boundaries are being crossed
  • Intuiting helpful information about which people are the best clients for your journeys
  • Manifesting new business opportunities
  • Creative contributions to altar building, marketing ideas, and wardrobe selection
  • Being honest and decisive for following through on important self-care practices that regenerate your joy to lea

Journal about your visions, feelings, sensations, or breakthroughs that you experience as you open your heart to her / his creative genius tips, playful wisdom, and honest reflections. The more you listen to your Inner Child, the more humbled you will become to the startling realization that the Phoenix Child truly does hold the keys to the kingdom within you.

From your journaling experience, write a mantra of commitment for including your Inner Child as an important Wayshower of Sophia Christ consciousness. Share your mantra on the Sophia Circle Leaders Official Forum along with your favorite childhood photo of yourself or a photo of a child that represents the power of your Inner Child relationship. Be sure to include the hashtag: #myinnerchildrocks so that we can easily find your homework.

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Activating the Jewel of the Lotus

Chant OM MANE PADME HUM for one sacred round (a total of 108 times on the traditional mala) every day at your altar for 7 days on a mala necklace. For the most effective shifts from this practice, chant Quan Yin’s mantra at the same time every day.

Each day when you finish chanting, journal about how you are opening your heart to compassionately forgive yourself for any past moments of turning away from the messages of your Inner Child.

Write one statement from that journaling experience that’s a personal commitment for how you will be honoring your Inner Child moving forward from this day onward. At the end of the week there will be seven statements of empowerment that you can string together as mala beads.

Share this complete statement of empowerment in a post with your favorite image of Quan Yin on the Sophia Circle Leaders Official Forum with the hashtag: #module6commitment.

MM slash DD slash YYYY


Surrendering to the Water Path

“When you invoke me as a spiritual guide, I overlight your human journey with several rays of Sophia’s light that mentor your awareness to give and receive self-love and self-compassion. The first is the Rose Quartz Ray of Divine Mother’s Love, the second ray is the Gentle White Light that Pierces All Darkness, and the third is the Aquamarine Ray of Rebirth, Courage, and Divine Service. I broadcast the quantum energy of these rays through the light within water, which carries the ferocity of my compassion as a gentle mist that soothes your body, heart, and mind.” —Quan Yin, Pg. 233-234

In The Sophia Code, Quan Yin is the “gentle light that pierces all darkness” within you. Her overlighting mentorship is far more fierce than most people understand and can be compared to the same primordial power of the Dakinis. It requires an all-consuming passion, presence, and tenacity to shine a relentless light upon that which we unknowingly want to cling to that’s clearly harming us. Quan Yin is that pure light that won’t give up on you.

For within the presence of her pure light, any and all darkness must be revealed — including the unconsciously held suffering of our deepest wounds that are hiding so far within us that it can feel frightening or embarrassing when this pure light plainly reveals what is next to be humbly loved within us. The shocking truth of how much there is to be reconciled within us is constantly triggering our own ego structure so that we want to run away rather than heal the Inner Child — and all of our lifetimes — within us.

Quan Yin teaches us that the spirit and element of water can be blessed to reach even the most remote hideouts within our consciousness with the healing balm of karuna compassion. For 3 days make a conscious effort to bless every glass of water that you drink with Quan Yin’s ‘Rose Quartz Ray of Divine Mother’s Love, the White Ray of Purity, and the Aquamarine Ray of Courage, Rebirth and Service’.

Visualize these rays of the Keycode 6 transmission imprinting compassion within every atom of your water and every cell of your body. Journal about your conscious experience with water and how praying over your water may be creating changes in how you relate with water. Notice any visions, feelings, sensations, or breakthroughs that you experience as you journal.

Write a relationship statement that professes your love for water as a master teacher and healing conduit of karuna compassion. Post a picture from this daily water practice and your water relationship statement on the Sophia Circle Leaders Official Forum with the hashtag: #waterpathawakening so that we can easily find your homework.

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Reclaiming the Path of Invincible Innocence

Create another play date solely for your Inner Child in which everything that you do is exactly what she / he needs, wants, and desires to do with you. Think of yourself as the world’s best parent, deeply listening for what your Inner Child most needs from you in this experience. Do not make adult suggestions as to what to do. Be sure to really listen and follow through on how your Inner Child would like to play or be nurtured.

Set a date on your calendar and no matter what arises leading up to that time, make a commitment to show up to that play date — no matter what! Your Inner Child is watching to see if she / he can trust your word, just as any child would when you promise to play with them. Be sure to bring a journal with you to record any thoughts or messages that they may have for you as you share this special time together.

When you complete your experience, assure your Inner Child that there will be more play dates that they can look forward to — and then be sure to keep your word on this! She / He may not want to stop playing with you because it has been so long since you gave her / him this much attention. Witness an emotionally safe transfer of your attention back to adult life by seeing your Inner Child well-cared for as you move forward with the rest of your day. You can visualize your Inner Child in the arms of your Higher Self or Quan Yin, or playing with her / his favorite faerie guides.

Share your favorite pearl from this play date on the Sophia Circle Leaders Official Forum with a picture from your adventure that your Inner Child wanted to share with everyone in our community. Be sure to add the hashtag: #ileadbylovingme so that we can easily find your homework.

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Liberating Yourself From the Fear of Your Fears

In Module 6, Video 1, Kaia Ra shares that “we can be liberated from the fear of our fears…”

Write a 3 sentence commitment statement for creating a compassionate, healthy relationship and a clear inner dialogue with the full spectrum of your emotional landscape. Include how your commitment will liberate you to be more authentic and present in your Sophia Circle leadership.

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