MODULE 7 | Self Mastery Activation Steps

The following 5 Self-Mastery Activation Steps involve in-depth instructions and creative processes to complete. Here’s what you do once you have completed all 5 activation steps:​

  1. PLEASE remember to thoroughly read and follow all the directions exactly as they are written for each homework assignment.
  2. After you complete all of your activation steps return to this submission form and enter in your responses for each data entry field all at once.
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  7. We have so many wonderful Initiates in our leadership program, thank you for helping us support your certification approval by following the directions below exactly as they are given for each assignment.


You Are the Answered Prophecy

Please read the following quote aloud 3x in front of your altar:

“Children from the stars will walk the Earth, carrying a living chanunpa within them. In those days, I will reveal the fullness of my light upon the Earth and these starseeded children will recognize my voice and embody my new prophecies. The Great Spirit that fills this pipe will flow over their tongues and they will speak a deluge of prayers and prophecies that will free this world from the dark reign of the previous ages.” — The Sophia Code, Pg. 278

Does answering the call to become a Sophia Circle Leader feel as though you are fulfilling a part of your destiny? How does it feel to know that the Sophia Circle ministry is creating a sacred space to support Lightworkers who have traveled far across the cosmos, just like you, to finally feel at home with themselves in the safety of The Sophia Code cosmology?

Imagine how excited you would feel for someone to create this space for you to come home to more of your true self and purpose for being here — does this inspire you even more? How does it feel to witness that by stepping into your destiny as a Sophia Circle facilitator that you are helping to free this world from a dark reign of previous ages, while simultaneously creating space for others to remember their own role to play in this great work? Can you honor how far you have traveled across the stars for such an important role as this?

Share the insight that brought you the greatest feelings of relief during this journaling experience. Post your insight on the Sophia Circle Leaders Official Forum with a picture that includes a symbol of a star or an actual star. Be sure to add the hashtag: #module7iamansweredprophecy so that we can easily find your homework.

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Activating Your Visionary Faith as a New Paradigm Leader

Read aloud paragraph 3 – 5 of The Sophia Code on page 287 at your altar.

White Buffalo Woman activates your crown chakra connection to understand that the omniscient intelligence of Sophia is an active prayer guiding your personal awakening as a new paradigm leader. Mentoring with White Buffalo Woman teaches you how to trust and remain fully present with this higher prayer that is praying you into your full potential — even with all of your personal feelings about stepping into your full potential.

As a Sophia Circle Leader, your offering extends far beyond the actual journeys that you will facilitate and is woven into this greater prayer for mending the sacred hoop of humanity’s consciousness. Every Sophia Circle journey that you facilitate will not only activate the divine genome of your clients, but will also contribute to a pre-paving process for the Higher Self activation of every person connected to your clients as well. It’s important to remember that these rippling circles of activation will be significantly anchoring an exponential amount of Sophia Christ consciousness on Earth.

Whether your clients can see this global vision or not — that’s what’s happening. Keeping you eyes fixed on this greater vision and omniscient divine plan, as well as resourcing heart-centered connections with your Sophia Circle leadership community, will help you stay in alignment with this global prayer when moments of frustration or confusion arise.

It’s actually natural to wonder why it’s worth it to lead others in a world that will often not understand you or even thank you for how you are making a difference in this world. In this we discover that we are not leading others to affirm for us the truth of this great prayer and vision — we discover that we are the answered prayer of that great vision in action — and this is why we lead and tend to the sacred hoop.

Write about a memory in your journey of leadership or an act of kindness that you offered in which you were not understood or even thanked for your service in the moment, yet you discovered so much more about yourself and your direct connection with Sophia / your Higher Self. Journal about the growth, empowerment, and maturity that this moment offered you, including the wisdom and willpower that was cultivated within you. How can these reflections support those unexpected moments that will arise in your Sophia Circle leadership, when you must trust the prayer that is praying you into a larger vision of what’s really unfolding for all of us as a collective?

Post a picture that includes a white feather along with one or more important insights from this journaling prompt on the Sophia Circle Leaders Official Forum with the hashtag: #module7visionkeeper so that we can easily find your homework.

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Setting Boundaries that Nurture a Global Awakening

I learned through many rigorous years of ceremonial training with my elders that it didn’t matter how many people were in a transformational container, that it could still be facilitated in a good way. The key to the ‘good way’ is clearly communicating what is a good way, including the boundaries of what doesn’t work for the highest good of the collective experience.

My elders would often refer to the opposite of a ‘good way’ as ‘the other thing’. I loved that we all knew what ‘the other thing’ was without having to say much about it. Intuitively, we can all feel in our body how ‘the other thing’ is going to feel as a choice versus what the ‘good way’ is going to offer us in real time. Further, when reality is spelled out this simply it’s easy to feel how that ‘good way’ is The Way we all really want it for ourselves and each other without much judgement or discussion about it.

As I watched my elders create a safe space, again and again, regardless of who or what issue was being transformed through that ceremony, I witnessed how necessary and helpful it was for everyone to receive clearly communicated boundaries for how to participate within a ceremonial setting in a ‘good way’. I learned that embodying those boundaries for myself and practicing how to do everything in a ‘good way’ for myself created a space all around me for others to decide if that was a helpful approach to life for themselves as well.

This training profoundly guided me in how I would eventually create teaching containers for Initiates to transform their lives through the medicine of Sophia Christ consciousness. Before my ceremonial training, I had been uncertain about my own ability to facilitate sustainable teaching containers of that size. Today I know that it was through White Buffalo Woman’s guidance that I received those trainings to ensure that I could eventually create a modern Mystery School of this size and magnitude.

White Buffalo Woman is an excellent mentor for how to become far more embodied, comfortable and confident in creating safe boundaries and clear guidelines for yourself and others, no matter how many people are involved in your Sophia Circle journeys. I speak the truth when I say that through Sophia Christ consciousness you can lead a group of 2 or 200 people with confidence when you have accepted and come to terms with your role as the facilitator — which includes clear declarations of what is a ‘good way’ for the space that you are creating for others.

  • Write out your greatest fears related to speaking your truth and embodying a ‘good way’ that sets a bar for your clients to rise up to.
  • Journal about what is a ‘good way’ for clients coming to your Sophia Circle sacred space. What are your expectations for how they would respect that space and treat it in a good way? It’s okay to add in details about people not wearing shoes in your house and why that may be important to you. Take some time to really reflect on what’s important for you to feel as though you and the space is being respected
  • Journal about how communicating the ‘good way’ that people can honor you, the space, and each other is actually educating your clients and community in how they can identify what a ‘good way’ is for them in their relationship with life.
  • How is this honoring of the sacred contributing to the liberation of humanity’s addiction to complacency and disrespect?

Post a picture of the White Buffalo that includes shares a summary from one of these journaling questions on the Sophia Circle Leaders Official Forum with the hashtag: #module7goodway so that we can easily find your homework.

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Sitting in the Chief Seat

In many North American tribes, the Chief was the most abundant person in the sacred hoop, yet he was also required to be the most generous member of the tribe. A Chief would often allocate much of his possessions to be used for tribal needs, but he was also receiving the most abundance to support his leadership. As a Sophia Circle Facilitator, your role provides you the opportunity to give and receive more than you may have ever experienced before, both personally and professionally.

To sustainably stand in your leadership requires a letting go of the “wounded healer” archetype that would sacrifice everything for the whole without receiving anything in return. The Sophia Circle journey blueprint is designed for your long-term success by teaching you how to remain in prosperity consciousness through right livelihood exchange, clear boundaries, and healthy financial commitments from your clients so that you may continue to serve the whole.

Visualize yourself leading your Sophia Circle journeys, including receiving more abundance for everything that you are giving, as well as navigating new responsibilities for your willingness to be seen as an available resource for this ascension work. Visualize how supported you are in your leadership with White Buffalo Woman and all of the Keycode mentors by your side. Light a candle at your altar and invoke White Buffalo Woman to help you embody your heart’s voice as you journal. Read the following statement aloud:

“Humans are far more afraid of becoming successful than they are of experiencing failure. Success brings: greater abundance, more opportunities to expand, more freedom, and greater visibility as a leader. Success also brings more to financially manage, more responsibilities to fulfill, more commitments to serve, and a greater vulnerability in being seen by many more people. Although I dream of success as a leader, it’s important to be authentic with my unconscious fears about that success. I ask my heart to share what intimidates me the most about being a successful Sophia Circle leader. I invite my heart to speak through my pen now.”

Have a ball point pen ready that is easy to move the ink across the page. Allow your pen to freely move wherever it needs to go in a stream of consciousness writing. Don’t censor or edit yourself, it’s important to witness what wants to pour through you. You may feel new dreams about success arriving simultaneously as your release your fears through this writing prompt. Whatever needs to land on the page is okay.

Create a 2-3 sentence leadership commitment mantra from this journaling exercise that states your commitment to being seen as a Facilitator who is worthy of this service and worthy of receiving for your professional offering. Include in your mantra how your personal commitment to sustainable leadership is a global healing for the sacred hoop of humanity’s heart.

Record a video of you speaking your leadership commitment mantra at your altar and post it on the Sophia Circle Leaders Official Forum with the hashtag: #module7chiefseat so that we can easily find your homework.

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Resourcing Support from Your Relationship with Mother Earth

“My channeling practice is supported by a profound heart-centered relationship with the Earth. Sophia Gaia continues to be one of my greatest allies for anchoring and broadcasting The Sophia Code as a living transmission. Although we are facing many global crises that are impacting the planet’s ecosystem, it’s important to remember that the soul of Sophia Gaia is an invincible Divine Feminine Christ embodiment. Resourcing her consciousness and your body’s direct connection with her body, is one of the most powerful daily rituals that you can give yourself as a professional leader. It was my daily ritual of medicine wheel prayers for connecting with Mother Earth that ensured I birthed The Sophia Code as a sacred text. Her presence will always be ready to support your Sophia Circle ministry, but it is important that you create your own daily rituals to be in direct communion with her support.” —KAIA RA

Create a medicine wheel in your favorite place to connect with Mother Earth in nature. This could be a temporary medicine wheel at a park or a beach or it could be a wheel that you continue to nurture where you live. The medicine wheel can be as simple as laying down 9 stones for the wheel’s center along with stones that mark the 8 directions or as creatively elaborate as your Inner Child guides you to go all out! Your medicine wheel should have 8 directions (spokes in the wheel) for the first (8) Keycode Mentors of The Sophia Code. Light a stick of incense at the center of your Medicine Wheel and thank this natural environment for the opportunity to make your prayers here.

When you have completed creating your medicine wheel, ask your Higher Self which direction is calling you to sit in meditation. Allow your body to be magnetically drawn to that direction and face the wheel’s center with your journal ready to write. Invoke the Keycode mentor of that direction and ask to be shown any obstructions to your direct relationship with Mother Earth that need to clear so that you can freely resource her support for your Sophia Circle leadership.

Be curious about any fears or anxieties for Mother Earth’s future that are arising within you and allow any emotion to release with the same compassion that you would give to a little child. Invite Sophia Gaia’s consciousness to comfort you and surround you in her Mother Bear embrace. Feel Sophia Gaia’s light anchoring your body to the ground and opening your heart to receive her mentorship for leading Sophia Circles. What happens when your heart connects with a planet this big and beautiful? How does this activate your Higher Self embodiment in new ways? How does Mother Earth’s confidence and joy in your direct connection with her elevate how you feel about yourself and our shared global ministry?

Create a 2 minute video that shares your favorite highlight from this personal ritual and post it on the Sophia Circle Leaders Official Forum with the hashtag: #module7sophiagaiarocks so that we can easily find your homework.

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