MODULE 8 | Self Mastery Activation Steps

The following 5 Self-Mastery Activation Steps involve in-depth instructions and creative processes to complete. Here’s what you do once you have completed all 5 activation steps:​

  1. PLEASE remember to thoroughly read and follow all the directions exactly as they are written for each homework assignment.
  2. After you complete all of your activation steps return to this submission form and enter in your responses for each data entry field all at once.
  3. Once your answers are typed in to each of the entry fields click the “Submit” button at the bottom of this section.
  4. You will receive an email with a copy of your responses, as well as be able to view your homework in your class portal.
  5. Remember that every Self-Mastery Activation Step in every Module needs to be completed as a part of your certification approval.
  6. Please remember to use the #hashtag directions when posting your homework assignments to the Sophia Circle Leaders Official Forum.
  7. We have so many wonderful Initiates in our leadership program, thank you for helping us support your certification approval by following the directions below exactly as they are given for each assignment.


Committing to Your Dragon Magick

Invoke your Higher Self and The Sophia Dragons to fill you and surround you in the Sophia Christ light of your own sovereign divinity. Call upon Mary Magdalene, Jesus, and White Buffalo Woman to make a trinity of empowerment around your body. Read Pages 309-313 of The Sophia Code out loud at your altar. Allow your voice to rest and the reading’s resonance to integrate throughout your body as you take 3 deep belly breaths.

You are now invited to envision the splendor of your Golden Dragon Light Body interfacing with your chakras, muscles, bones, and facial expressions. Notice how your skin feels stronger, your mind feels more fluid, and your heart feels more expansive as you tap into your Higher Self’s angelic technology. Imagine yourself facilitating your Sophia Circle journeys from within your Golden Dragon embodiment. Feel the rainbow light flashing off of your beautiful scales. Explore how safe it is to be an awakened multidimensional being having a human experience of leadership through the bejeweled eyes of Sophia Christ consciousness.

In the empowerment of this moment, ask to be shown which 3 mantra words given to us from The Sophia Dragons are most important for your first Sophia Circle journey:

Follow through

Draw a triangle in your journal and place your 3 chosen mantra words on the points of the triangle. In the center of the triangle write your name. Journal about how you are committing to these 3 divine qualities and why that is so important to you at this moment in your life.

Post a picture of your sketch with a pearl of insight from your journaling discoveries and post it on the Sophia Circle Leaders Official Forum with the hashtag: #module8goldendragon so that we can easily find your homework.

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You Are Worthy of Being Seen, Angel!

The subject of marketing can trigger unconscious or outstanding soul wounds around worthiness or entitlement that have nothing to do with what you’re offering as a gift to the world through this ministry. Leading and marketing a Sophia Circle is about creating the space for others to remember their own divinity through a powerful pathway of remembrance that’s already clearly laid out for everyone.

So when worthiness or entitlement issues arise as you step forward to market your Sophia Circle journeys, it’s the perfect opportunity to really face yourself in the mirror and get sober from the past. With each self-loving step that you take to share with the world how available you are to serve, you are peeling back another layer of old stories that have kept the world from seeing the truth of your divine light serving the whole.

You can think of marketing your Sophia Circles as simply letting the world know that you are now available to be seen for the loving, kind, ascended being of Sophia’s light that you are and always will be.

The journey of marketing your professional offering is a profound journey of self-love that unfolds with all of your feelings about it, in its own perfect timing, as we would allow for in any worthy romance. With every client that says ‘Yes’ to journeying with you, there is another mirror happening in your life that says: “I see you!” — and that is powerful! There is no turning back from that consciousness witnessing you as a facilitator — the only place to go from there is forward — into even more of you and your divine purpose.

Place a red object on your Sophia Circle altar that symbolizes the sacred fire of your life. Ask your Higher Self to soar as an eagle across your lifetime. From this eagle eye perspective, write a letter from your Higher Self / Future Self that shares why it is so important for you to be seen as a Sophia Circle facilitator during this chapter of your life. Be curious and allow your pen to move without censorship. Ask to be shown if there are avenues of marketing, community networking, or specific first steps that you chose to use during this chapter of your life that helped launch this professional offering for you. How did being seen as a facilitator change or shift your future reality?

Post a picture of a white dragon along with an insight from your Future Self’s letter on the Sophia Circle Leaders Official Forum with the hashtag: #module8marketingtobeseen so that we can easily find your homework.

MM slash DD slash YYYY


Aligning with Sophia’s Divine Plan for Your Clientele

We’re all here to fulfill certain soul agreements through our divine purpose that were agreed upon far beyond this lifetime. With that said, it is helpful to remember that you will be upleveling your reality with every Sophia Circle journey that you offer. The crystalline light that will be downloaded and anchored within you after facilitating only one full journey of thirteen Sophia Circles is destined to profoundly transform your life — including who you attract into your life.

The demographics that you initially gather as clients will shift and change — even clearing out former karmic soul agreements with unknown clients before they manifest! You may find yourself magnetically drawn to working with souls that you never expected to and discovering that there are unfamiliar demographics that Sophia is guiding you to support for your own health and happiness in this great work.

Grab your favorite pens / markers and some blank sheets of paper. Create two lists: “My Reality So Far” and “Sophia’s Divine Plan”.

The first list entitled: “My Reality So Far” is for qualities or types of people that you have attracted as clients or community members up until this point in your life. You can list those qualities and types both from the perspective of what you enjoy about them and what you desire to evolve beyond. For example, you may attract powerful women as clients, which is exciting and inspiring! Yet, there may also be an underlying quality of unconscious controlling coping strategies from this soul group of powerful female clients that is being mirrored to you to help you learn new boundaries or activate your throat chakra. Identifying patterns such as the example above, both through your celebration and honest self-inquiry, will help you identify where you have grown and stand now in your Higher Self embodiment.

For the second list entitled: “Sophia’s Divine Plan” allow your mind to soften into your heart. Ask your Higher Self to guide you through images, memories, dreams, hopes, and desires to reveal through your pen the ideal clients that are seeking you just as much as you want to serve them through Sophia Circle journeys. Their faces may look younger or older than you expected. You may feel hearts calling out to you from outside of your town, state, or country. You may be surprised by an eclectic mix of demographics that mirrors back to you the angel that you are in human form.

Most importantly, allow yourself to imagine how it would feel for your leadership to be mirrored by individuals who are appreciative and supportive of your offering from an unconditionally loving space. Visualize and breathe into working with clients who are grateful, respectful, generous, and kind.

Take pictures of these lists placed on your altar and post your favorite picture with a 1-sentence mantra that arises from this creative exploration on the Sophia Circle Leaders Official Forum with the hashtag: #module8sophiasdivineplan so that we can easily find your homework.

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Sophia’s Marketing Plan for You to Prosper

Select some deeply relaxing music (without lyrics) that helps you soften into a peaceful space within you. Set the volume at a ‘background’ level so that you can hear the music but also easily hear your own thoughts. Light a candle at your altar and ask The Sophia Dragons to blow their crystalline breath of life over your crown chakra. Invite all of the Keycode Mentors to create a circle of Divine Feminine Christ light around you and fill the center of that circle with your own Higher Self’s I Am Presence.

Scan your body to identify if you’re holding onto any tension in your neck or shoulders. Take another deep breath in and imagine The Sophia Dragons lifting that weight off of your shoulders or off of any other part of your body that may be storing fear or anxiety. Invite The Sophia Dragons to come forward and completely clear out old blueprints of struggling for your divine purpose or what you think you ‘should’ be doing for your service. This includes relieving yourself of any expectations or demands that you have placed upon yourself out of fear or anxiety about your Sophia Circle leadership. In this moment, allow your mind to become a blank canvas as you repeat the following Prayer of the Divine Feminine Christ 3x aloud:

Divine Mother of All Life
Take me to that place
Deep within your womb
Where I can know no-thing
And be reborn anew.

Breathe into the unconditionally loving presence of Sophia’s womb space, from which all true guidance arises. Welcome The Sophia Dragons to guide your consciousness into an even deeper theta state of receptivity and listening. Ask to be shown the elegant equation for sustainably scheduling your Sophia Circle ministry, including:

  • What is the best length of time for you to facilitate 13 Sophia Circles?
  • Is facilitating a Sophia Circle once a week or every 2 weeks the best fit for you?
  • Or do you see yourself offering a year-long journey with a Sophia Circle scheduled for once a month?
  • How many Sophia Circle journeys are you being guided to lead over the next 12 months?
  • Does it feel as though offering a Sophia Circle journey every season is appropriate for you?
  • Or are there specific seasons in the year that feel more empowered for you to make your offering, such as spring and autumn?

Write in your journal what you see, feel, and hear. You may be surprised that the guidance you are receiving in this moment is different from what you originally thought. Remember, your journey through this certification program is transforming and upleveling you in quantum leaps of personal growth. You may be seeing more, or even less, than you originally thought because you will be going so much deeper in your offering as a facilitator than you could have possibly imagined at the beginning of this training

Also, please keep in mind that this visualization is only for the first 12 months after you are certified. So what you are seeing now could significantly change after your first year of ministry. It’s important to pace your schedule as The Sophia Code will be profoundly activating you as you lead others through their own awakening from the codex. The first year of your Sophia Circle ministry will require a lot of personal integration. Whether you facilitate only one Sophia Circle journey or several over the next 12 months, once you turn the corner and head into year 2, you will feel much more embodied and confident to offer more Sophia Circles with greater frequency.

Journal your feelings about the information that you are receiving, including asking your Keycode Mentors for help with navigating any of those feelings or insights.

The final step of this exercise is to look at your calendar. Based on your intuitive estimate, visually throw a dart at the date that you believe you will have submitted all of your activation steps and certification materials. Then account for at least 3 weeks of processing time for our review of your submitted materials. From this date, practice scheduling out your first Sophia Circle journey. Pick the day of the week and time of day that feels like a powerful alignment for you to facilitate your Sophia Circles and practice mapping out your professional offering from the information that you received in this meditation. As you place these practice dates in your calendar, feel the momentum and continuum of how these Sophia Circle journeys are going to create a transformational rhythm in your life and the lives of others.

Placing dates in your schedule is very powerful, it means that your reality is grounding into a commitment to show up, no matter what. How did the reality of your Sophia Circle leadership just get more real for you? Create a 3-5 minute video that shares your deepening insights and new commitments that have arisen from this activation step on the Sophia Circle Leaders Official Forum with the hashtag: #module8letsgetreal#module8letsgetreal so that we can easily find your homework.

MM slash DD slash YYYY


Spreading the Good News with the Help of The Sophia Dragon Tribe

People are hungry for genuine community and authentic spiritual transformation. Both of those powerful human needs are met through the multidimensional power of Sophia Christ consciousness, which is the sacred heart of our Sophia Circle ministry. Jesus and Mary Magdalene taught that when ‘two or more’ are gathered in this consciousness, miracles abound – and people need to know where they can find those miracles at a time such as this.

Regardless of whatever shyness, perceived limitations, or worthiness stories you are unraveling through this training, it’s vital to remember that there are so many people who are looking for this offering just as much as you are looking forward to facilitating their Sophia Circle journey. You have bravely chosen to offer the blessing of a sacred space, the guiding light of a true codex, and an opportunity for people to be supported in how to embody their Higher Self and work with Ascended Masters — may we say, that’s a really big deal!

People can only know about what you are offering when you share with them what’s available for them to resource from you. When you share the good news of your Sophia Circle ministry, it’s a blessing for you and everyone who needs to know about what you are offering.

In this Activation Step, write out 8 intentions for what you hope your clients will receive from their Sophia Circle journey with you. Spend time with each intention, these are the hopeful desires that led you here to lead others! Compare your intentions to the hallmarks of your own transformational journey with The Sophia Code. Are they similar? From this clear space of your hopeful intentions for sharing The Sophia Code with others, write a 3-5 sentence response to the question:

“What will I receive on this Sophia Circle journey with you?”

Draw from your intentions and personal testimony to share with others what they will be receiving from your Sophia Circle journey. There are no right or wrong answers. This Activation Step is to help you become familiar with representing this body of work in your own professional offering.

Create a video recording of your 3-5 sentence response and share it on the Sophia Circle Leaders Official Forum with the hashtag: #module8marketingfromtheheart so that we can easily find your homework.

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