May this month’s prayer call bless the depths of your heart and soothe the emotional vulnerability of your personal transformation called forth by your heroic journey of self-mastery with the Ascended Masters. 2017 has been quite the Call-to-Action from our Ascended Master mentors – a continual invitation for each of us to claim and embody our sovereign creative power!

During energetic portal gateways of a Solstice or an Equinox, the veils between the worlds are quite thin, and the quantum heat of that alchemical call can feel intensified! This week, please be gentle with yourself as you witness and integrate the challenges and victories of your personal growth during the first half of 2017.

As you reflect upon this year’s momentous journey of personal growth, have you noticed the many ways that you are now being called to authentically uplevel your relationship with life through unconditional self-love and self-care? The Ascended Masters are continually inviting you to embody the creative power of your sovereign divinity everyday, as a blessing for yourself first.


It is much easier to follow your heart’s intuitive Divine Feminine guidance
when you are loving your own heart first. 

And in this way, your Divine Feminine / Masculine Christ embodiment of self-love allows for you to shine as a Wayshower for how this same self-love can guide humanity through a collective awakening to the mercy and glory of its divine sovereignty. This is no small invitation! Radical, Unconditional Self-Love takes a lot of guts to apply to yourself everyday. Self-love is the medicine that can end humanity’s needless addiction to suffer in countless ways.

In our spiritual journey, self-love is not to be underestimated in any way.
Self-love is the key.

So may the unconditionally loving support of your “friends in high places” inspire your mind with the peace that you deserve to feel today and lift your heart’s wings into the clear vision of the profound love that you already are – for the liberation and happiness of all beings.

Bless Everything for You,
All Our Love,
Kaia Ra &
The Sophia Dragon Tribe Team



“We are here to save a planet; this is not some ordinary lifetime to play small. We came to embody our magnificence – this includes owning the heroic feats of what we are willing to heal and empower within ourselves, as an example to all of humanity of what is possible in this Divine Feminine Christ movement.”

– Kaia Ra, The Sophia Code: A Living Transmission from The Sophia Dragon Tribe



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