“It was truly an incredible space that felt alive with light, love, deep prayer,
and a remembrance of what truly exists here on Earth.”

—Kirsty T.

Receive Marian Activations for Embodying
Your Divine Feminine Christ Leadership:

Spend an Evening with Kaia Ra:

  • Activate The Sophia Code divine genome within your DNA through an angelic transmission of your innate worthiness to lead as a wayshower in this pivotal lifetime

  • Receive a Keycode 4: Mother Mary heart chakra activation to bless your unique calling as a Divine Feminine Christ Leader

  • Liberate yourself from past life vows, oaths, and addictions to suffer for your divinity by receiving a diamond light Keycode 5: Mary Magdalene throat chakra activation

  • Discover the irresistible invitations of Divine Feminine Christ Leadership and why mentoring with Divine Feminine Ascended Masters is a game-changer for this particular lifetime

  • Learn why you are here to unconditionally love and accept the totality of your humanity as the perfect vehicle for your divinity’s light in this world

  • Experience the lightning wisdom Q&A session as Kaia Ra connects with Lightworkers just like you

  • Delight in the beautiful spirit of your Family of Light in Australia as we celebrate our rapidly growing international community

  • Reclaim your divine inheritance to command miracles through the power of our shared prayer to birth a new paradigm

Living Transmission and Ask the Author Q&A
2 Hour Ceremony
Recorded at The Grand Hall, Mosman Art Gallery, NSW

Cost: $33

“The Sydney Event hangs in my memory like a beautiful crystalline orb. I think my most favorite part was when we all stood together as such a powerful group and with Kaia Ra’s inspirational leadership we prayed together for rain to fall as a relief from the drought in Australia. After I drove home from the event and got out of my car, a soft and beautiful rain began to fall. I still hold that magic in my heart.”

—Liz Clarke