The Presence of Grace Within You

Higher Self Teachings from The Sophia Code Mystery School

How many times have you tried to force something to work out? Then it was actually in the letting go that whatever you were attempting to make happen came together in a much more joyous and aligned way? What about those moments when you experience something that causes you to suffer — and then there’s this defining breaking point moment that feels like a personal revelation?

It’s as though a light breaks through the dark storm and you realize, “Oh … I have to let go, and I have to let the power of God in to resolve what I cannot with my limited human understanding. That revelatory moment is caused by the presence of ‘Grace’, which is a divine virtue that already exists within you, that is finally allowed to divinely intervene within your awareness with relief and solutions from the Source.

“Grace is the sanctuary of space from which quantum solutions arise that end the need for all suffering. Grace allows for the seemingly impossible to miraculously appear, without effort, as a direct revelation of divine love.” —The Sophia Code, Pg. 49

Recognizing the Virtue of Grace Within You

It’s that defining moment when you’re finally ready to allow your Higher Self and God to co-create your life with you. When you discover you were not meant to figure it all out, because everything has already been sorted out by the divine. This divine virtue of Grace is your Higher Self consciousness that can always bring forth an unexpected momentum of divine love, healing, blessings, and prosperity that’s needed in any situation.

Grace can often feel like the white horse arriving at the darkest hour of your personal storm. Yet, the musculature, precision, and generosity of this divine presence can often intimidate those who feel unworthy of her angelic gifts and miracles. When you soften to let this much love in, the presence of grace is often responsible for the “a-ha” moments that will completely transform and upgrade your reality.

Humanity is so addicted to duality. It often takes a breaking down and dissolution of the ego structure before we can actually accept that Grace is our divine inheritance and our natural birthright to live by. We don’t need to suffer for our innate goodness or daily miracles. Grace teaches us that when we show up to our part of co-creating life, She will always meet us more than halfway and even carry us in our darkest hour to the shores of sovereignty. The presence of Grace is always available to access in any present moment, in all circumstances. I invite you to accept the blessed presence of grace blessing your relationship with life today.”

—Kaia Ra

Excerpt from the Stargate 1 Curriculum

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About the Stargate 1 Curriculum

The Stargate 1 Curriculum is a dynamic 30+ class series that walks you through every chapter of The Sophia Code with Kaia Ra as your guide. This phenomenal self-study course provides transmissions, activations, quantum healing energy, personal ceremonies, creative journaling, and foundational teachings for how to directly mentor with the Ascended Masters and learn how to embody your Higher Self. You can learn more about the Stargate 1 Curriculum journey HERE.


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