Embody Your Higher Self  |  Activate Your Divine Genome

Create Authentic Mentor Relationships with the Ascended Masters

—  YEAR 1  —

The Sophia Code is being internationally hailed as a ‘Divine Feminine bible for our times’. The Year 1 Curriculum is a guided multidimensional journey with Kaia Ra through every chapter of the codex to reveal the sacred heart of Divine Feminine Christ consciousness within you.

A true modern Mystery School curriculum, this coursework provides a high-frequency sanctuary for learning how to embody your highest potential, deepen in your intuitive gifts and psychic centers, and to fulfill your divine purpose with the loving mentorship of the Ascended Masters.

As a multidimensional, visionary container for activating quantum leaps of personal growth, the Year 1 Curriculum offers you radical support from your “friends in high places” for reconciling with the master who already lives within you.

With over 30 classes to initiate your Higher Self embodiment, the Year 1 Curriculum provides 12-months of recorded audio and video classes with Kaia Ra, including recorded Bonus Q&A mentor calls that address leading-edge questions for how to embody Divine Feminine Christ consciousness in your daily life.

Every class provides quantum healing empowerments and divine genome activations from The Sophia Dragon Tribe® for accelerating the harmonious integration of your Higher Self’s crystalline light within your human body. The Year 1 Curriculum also solidifies an inner foundation the Year 2 Curriculum dragon ride.


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  • Receive practical insight on how to live the Divine Feminine revelations from every chapter of The Sophia Code

  • Clear karmic fears from “being burnt at the stake” or “killed for being a mystic” by receiving quantum healing in every class that releases outdated oaths, vows of poverty, and patriarchal trauma from your multiple lifetimes of being a Lightworker

  • Reconcile with your intution by receiving divine genome activations that integrate your Higher Self’s light with your human awareness for clear decision-making

  • Create authentic mentor relationships with the Ascended Masters as your spiritual guides for embodying your Higher Self with maturity in all circumstances

  • Learn essential Keycode altar practices that keep you focused upon completing important goals for your success

  • Clear challenging blockages and / or painful resistances to your psychic development

  • End painful hypersensitivity by learning how to create healthy psychic boundaries with your own embodied light and the protection of your Keycode mentors

  • Get centered in your core and deeply grounded in your divine purpose

  • Receive your own divine guidance by deepening in your direct relationship with Sophia and your Higher Self

  • Get divine interventions that re-write internal belief systems causing you to needlessly suffer for your divinity

  • Face your unconscious fears of the genius creativity within you and allow the joyful innocence of your Higher Self to create through your humanity

  • Be initiated into The Beauty Way and the importance of embodying prosperity consciousness as a living master

  • Discover how safe it is to be your whole self here on Earth


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“The Reconciliation Opening Ceremony”

Chapter 1  ~  Audio Class 1 & 2
“Your Direct Relationship with Sophia”

Chapter 2  ~  Audio Class 3 & Video Class 4
“Understanding the Technology of Your Sovereign Divine Genome”

Chapter 3 ~ Audio Class 5 & Video Class 5
“Mentoring with The Sophia Dragon Tribe”

Bonus Q&A Mentor Class

Chapter 4 ~ Audio Class 5 & 6
“Mentoring with the Divine Feminine Christ Keycodes”

white-blockChapter 5  ~ Audio Class 7
“Divine Feminine Christ Leadership for the Golden Age of Miracles”



Chapter 6  ~  Audio Class 8 & Video Class 9
“Keycode 1  |   Mentoring with Isis”

Bonus Q&A Mentor Class ~ Audio Class

Chapter 7  ~  Audio Class 10 & Video Class 11
“Keycode 2  |   Mentoring with Hathor”

Chapter 8 ~ Audio Class 12 & 13
“Keycode 3  |   Mentoring with Green Tara”

Bonus Q&A Mentor Class ~ Audio Class

Chapter 9 ~ Audio Class 14 & Video Class 15
“Keycode 4  |   Mentoring with Mother Mary”

Bonus: Lion’s Gate Prosperity Activation

Chapter 10  ~ Audio Class 16 & Video Class 17
“Keycode 5  |   Mentoring with Mary Magdalene”

Chapter 11  ~ Audio Class 18 & Video Class 19
“Keycode 6  |   Mentoring with Quan Yin & Mahavatar Babaji”

Bonus Q&A Mentor Class ~ Audio Class

Chapter 12  ~ Audio Class 20 & Video Class 21
“Keycode 7  |   Mentoring with White Buffalo Woman”

Chapter 13  ~ Audio Class 20 & Video Class 21
“Keycode 777  |   Mentoring with The Sophia Dragons®”
Graduation Ceremony with the Ascended Masters

BONUS ~ Includes 12 Prayer Collective Replays


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“Taking the Year 1 Curriculum was the greatest gift to myself, bar none.  Kaia Ra is an amazing spiritual teacher who gets to the heart of the matter, articulates likes a Jedhi master, and has you walking into your own epic awakening! It is a journey unlike any that I have ever been on before — being ME in the company of Ascended Masters.”

“The best decision I have made in my life was joining the Year One Curriculum. I am not the same person I was before finding The Sophia Code and this program. I will be forever grateful for all that I have awoken to in my journey with The Sophia Dragon Tribe.”

“The Year One curriculum is a powerful journey. I am grateful for the opportunity to deepen in my work with The Sophia Code. I have received so much loving support through the activations, channelings, guidance, journaling homework, and altar practices. Deepening in my mentor relationship with the first 8 Keycodes would not have been possible without the blessing of the Year One Curriculum.”

“The Sophia Code, along with the Year One Curriculum, has been life transforming for me. When I began the journey I knew that my lack of self worth was going to be put front and center, and it was. The Year 1 Curriculum truly helped me overcome this issue and has deepened my connection with Sophia Source.”

“I love this program. For me, it takes the potency of The Sophia Code into a whole new level. I am incredibly aware of who I am now as this work radiates into all that I do and all that I share in my daily life.”

“Kaia Ra is guiding me even deeper into The Sophia Code and my relationship with myself in the Year One Curriculum. This program is a true jewel! Every time I listen to a class, I am so touched by the richness that is being offered through Kaia Ra. I love it so much!”

“The Year 1 Curriculum is a must for anyone who is called into high communion with The Sophia Dragon tribe. This powerful journey forges an unbreakable bond with your own Higher Self’s divine purpose. It will also clean up anything that stands in your path. After just the first class, the entire Sophia Dragon Tribe was showing up to my aid!”

“For those who love The Sophia Code as much as I do, the Year 1 Curriculum was possibly the single most powerful, loving, activating experience of my life. In this program the gifts within the Sophia Code are richly understood with a profound depth.”

Knowing. Kaia Ra has awakened a knowing that has always been inside of me. Thanks to her I more easily trust my own inner knowing, my own direct connection with the mentors, and my own inner strength.”

Going through the Year 1 Curriculum provided much needed support for me to really step into my power and up level as a spiritual professional.”

“The Year One Curriculum helped me navigate through a very difficult time in both my personal and professional life. No matter what I was feeling, showing up for a call or listening to a recording always helped me clear my mind and heart, and start the next moment anew. I am very thankful to have found this curriculum.”

“The Year One Curriculum is a great way to go deep and integrate The Sophia Code in your daily life. Kaia Ra’s transmissions and classes opened the portal of each Keycode for me. The curriculum kept me in alignment with a consistent practice for working with The Sophia Code.”

“The codex is powerful for connecting with your divinity. I found the cohesive energy of working with the Ascended Masters to be helpful in every area of my life.”

“Kaia Ra, I cannot thank you enough for your undying commitment to leadership. Thank you for consistently modeling the brave truth. I am infinitely grateful for your presence, anchoring new light into this world.” –Jennifer

“I loved the introduction to the Ascended Masters!”

“I’m so grateful for this sacred text that deeply nourishes my soul and opens my heart wide. The Sophia Code serves as a beacon of truth guiding me deeper into who I truly am and am destined to become more of. I now enjoy a loving, intimate relationship with Ascended Masters supporting me  everyday because of this book and the Year 1 Curriculum.”

“This sacred text and Kaia Ra’s teachings from the Year 1 Curriculum have been pivotal in my journey of self-mastery. I have learned that by embracing the Divine Feminine that I can also embody my Divine Masculine in a way that I have never been able to before this curriculum brought me into a beautiful balance.”

“The Sophia Code Year 1 Curriculum has been life altering for me. I am astounded at how my life transforms as I move through the teachings of each Keycode. The Ascended Masters and Kaia Ra have handed me back my own sovereign power!”


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Q: How will I be able to access my Year 1 Curriculum class materials?

A: Your Year 1 curriculum class materials can be accessed by logging into our private membership site with your personalized login information. The program is laid out for you to easily access everything that you need.

Q: Do I need to read The Sophia Code before enrolling in Year 1 Curriculum?

A: The Year 1 curriculum was designed as a stand-alone course that walks you through reading every chapter and Keycode Initiation of The Sophia Code. You can enroll now, whether you are reading the book for the first time or have read it multiple times. There are no other pre-requirements for you to begin, today.

Q: Is The Sophia Code book included in the Year 1 program?

A: When purchasing Year 1 of The Sophia Code Curriculum, the book is not included. We currently use a print-on-demand publishing service that prevents us from combining book sales with our programs. However, you can easily order your copy of The Sophia Code HERE.

Q: Is there a social media community or online forum that is available for me to connect with other Initiates of The Sophia Code Curriculum?

A: We currently have an online Book Club for The Sophia Code Community on Facebook that you can join HERE. We are also building an online community membership site for you to engage with other Initiates outside of corporate social media platforms. Although currently under construction, we anticipate opening doors to this important and exciting resource in early 2019.

It is an honor for us to be on this heroic journey with you!
Thank you for choosing to embody your Higher Self.

Please Note Regarding Refunds: We ask that prior to making this purchase, that you follow your heart, take a breath, and ask if you are committed to opening yourself fully to this knowledge and the benefits available to you from the Year 1 Curriculum. We do not offer refunds. Store credit only, excluding jewelry.
If your answer is a clear yes to receive the transformation available to you through the Year 1 Curriculum journey, then through this monetary exchange you honor the value in these program offerings and the act of generosity to yourself. You begin the process of transformation by committing to your own intention and connection to your Higher Self.  You allow yourself to fully engage, trusting in the path that brought you here, and open yourself to divine love and exceptional teachings. Thank you for joining us in this movement.