— YEAR 2 —

Revealing The Elegant Equation of
Divine Feminine Christ Leadership

Now, more than ever, we are here to lead The Way. There is currently NO shortage of a need for clear spiritual leaders and oracular activists at this time.

In this pivotal moment in humanity’s evolution it’s time to get your inner Joan of Arc on.

You and I are being called forth by our Higher Selves and the Ascended Masters to lead a spiritual revolution in Divine Feminine Christ consciousness side-by-side: uplifting each others’ success and unifying our angel wings to make this shared mission easier for us to fulfill together. The global-wide crises that we now face is exactly why we came here to lead.

“Divine Feminine Christ Leadership is an embodied intuitive approach
for birthing a new paradigm on Earth beyond fighting a broken system.



This Is It. It’s Showtime.

Your Year 2 mentor journey with Kaia Ra will draw you deeper into The Sophia Code’s revolutionary blueprint for actualizing your sovereignty and leading from the heart of your unique Higher Self embodiment.

Courageously expand in your divine purpose to lead with Kaia Ra’s groundbreaking new guidebook, The Elegant Equation of Divine Feminine Christ Leadership. This workbook is packed with invaluable new teachings from Kaia Ra & The Sophia Dragon Tribe that will accelerate and amplify your greatest offering as a professional leader.

These elegant equations reveal why the oracular activism of Divine Feminine Christ Leadership is such a unique, radical, and effective approach for fulfilling your destiny to awaken the heart of humanity.

Every chapter overflows with Jedhi Priestess skills, heyoka humor, channeling protocols, ceremonial blueprints, and real-life applications that will support and accelerate your unique calling to lead. We deeply care about your success and believe that this mentor journey and groundbreaking guidebook will call forth your greatest light to shine as a Divine Feminine leader.


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– YEAR 2 –
Curriculum Includes

Exclusive NEW Guidebook from Kaia Ra

13 Video Class Transmissions (2.5-Hrs each)

Dynamic Self-Mastery Exercises

All Classes Available on
Your Membership Website

BONUS Recorded Q&A Mentor Calls

BONUS Prayer Collective Calls

Community Forum Coming Soon



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  • How it’s not about ‘being perfect’ but about being Perfectly YOU

  • Make It Yours: Why it’s essential for you to offer your channeled / intuitively resourced wisdom through your own unique voice. Seriously, yes, your personality is a key!

  • Want to lead A LOT of people? How Self-Care is Your Savior in Leadership: Get ready for the great reckoning and in-your-face responsibility of essential self-care practices that will keep you sane and in the game.

  • How to embody a teaching example of invincible self-love while navigating the expectations, projections, and judgments of your clients, community –  even the judgments from parts of yourself!

  • Get amazing at speaking your truthespecially when it feels messy.

  • How to identify and move through the cycles of “sweating it out” and resisting your success.

  • Understanding ‘Post-Channeling Blues’ and ‘Event Postpartum’: How to deal with those mountaintop highs without falling off the mountain.

  • Why you must develop an immunity to both the praise and judgments of others for the marathon of leadership – and how to stay in your heart throughout this vulnerable growth curve.

  • Your success means more to the world than just what it means for you – Why your willingness to be seen is worth the risk.

  • Why you don’t have to ‘know everything’ to lead – ever – Leadership skills for delivering your greatest offering from the unknown present moment.

  • Get over it and Get into it! Moving through the hard feelings that spirituality and business are uniquely intertwined and how to access the evolutionary gold that this dynamic is offering our generation of Lightworkers.

  • Reveals the leadership blueprint of each Divine Feminine Christ Keycode so that its easy for you to identify in an situation who to invoke for your specific leadership needs, issues, or circumstances.

  • When the spiritual rubber hits the teaching road: Practices for resourcing the Keycodes’ magick as an essential practice of grace for your daily commitment to lead.

  • Receive invaluable information for identifying and navigating your multidimensional soul contracts with the clients and communities that you serve through leadership.

  • Reveals why Divine Feminine Christ leadership is the most authentic – and at times, the toughest job you’ll ever love – and why living within this continuous calling to serve through your authenticity is the ultimate healing for your soul.



After witnessing humanity surviving an accelerated darkness over the past several years, I have never been more certain about why we’re here to lead The Way.
Everyday, we bravely live on a planet dealing with an unseen-black-hole-face of annihilation consciousness. In the first half of my life, I actually met that unseen face of annihilation – face-to-face in Washington D.C. – which you can read about in the Preface of The Sophia Code.
Staring down that face of annihilation consciousness through my own death, I discovered that our pure, innate divinity and sovereignty can actually surpass the greatest challenges to our generation with dignity, grace, and a coyote laughter that shifts paradigms.
I know, without a doubt, that we can actually rebirth a new world beyond anything that we’ve been told is possible. These daily atrocities that we are surviving have nothing on usfor we are all waking up and remembering – right now – that these trials are our invitation to lead.
We came here to be nothing less than heroic – and I can tell you from the other side of surviving the seeming impossible it’s all worth it. The greatest depths springboard the highest heights to reveal the glory of Sophia shining from within you.
You and I came here to shine the greatest angelic light in the darkest of times to authentically remember and never forget again what we’re all really made of – the pure stardust of Sophia God – and nothing less.
I want to share with you everything that I’ve learned from a lifetime of leading from this space of raw, invincible confidence that can only be resourced from Sophia. Let’s shift into the ‘Get-To’ of this leadership rodeo. Together, I know that we’ve got this!


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“The Year 2 curriculum is one of the best investments of energy, time, and money that I’ve ever experienced. From the very first class this curriculum expanded and upleveled me. This has positively impacted everyone that I’m in relationship with, from my family, to my students, and clients. Kaia Ra gave me the tools to articulate my experiences and knowledge to be able to share them in a more impactful way, and sparked a speed of light transformation within me to adeptly anchor more light on earth.”

“Since I started working with Kaia Ra and the Year 2 Curriculum, I have let go of the fear of putting myself out there and bringing my gifts and talents to the world, and beyond! I finally understand that the journey of spiritual leadership can and will have challenges. The Year 2 Curriculum has given me the tools to navigate those challenges with grace and ease, and has taught me how to take care of myself in the process.”

“Through The Sophia Code Year 2 Curriculum I am living and breathing this powerful modern mystery school. I am reconnected with my family of light. Kaia Ra’s embodiment of Sophia Christ Consciousness and Divine Feminine Christ Leadership uplifts and expands me everyday, beyond anything I could ever have imagined.”

“The Year Two Curriculum has given me the courage to speak up and stand up for what is right, when in the past I might have allowed myself to be silenced, or chosen to back down. These teachings are a way of life that has been absolutely changed my life and opened my heart. I am so grateful.”


“I was initially undecided if I needed to do what felt like yet another self-development program. But from the moment I signed up for the Year Two Curriculum, my entire life was transformed. I literally said goodbye to my old life as a corporate Project Manager and welcomed a new level of understanding for who I am.”


“When I encountered the opportunity to sign up for the Year Two Curriculum I heard a crystal clear, cellular yes resounding on every level of my being. Something particularly wondrous and reliable is that whatever Kaia Ra is transmitting from the Ascended Masters at any given time is always mirroring in perfect alignment with my inner journey of awakening and expansion, that is always confirming, affirming, and empowering me.”

“I was blessed to join in this curriculum when all practical reasoning said that I couldn’t do this. When I read the description of the Year 2 Curriculum, I just KNEW that I had to find a way to participate. I feel so much more connected and whole than I ever have and I look forward to all that is to come!”

My heart knew I was meant to be in the Year 2 Curriculum with Kaia Ra. This work has provided clarity and depth so that I can fully embrace what has been continually unfolding for me, in service to the Divine Feminine Christ movement.”

“Being an initiate in the Year 2 Curriculum is hands down the best gift I have ever given myself. Entering as a willing newborn, I am emerging a mature spiritual man activated to the empowered Creator, Healer, and Teacher within me. I absolutely love the amazing community of Lightworkers that I have befriended along the way.”

“The Year 2 Curriculum cleared so many fears around “being seen” and starting my practice as an intuitive energy worker and Lightworker. Thank you so much Kaia Ra!”

“Kaia Ra’s personal insight and channeled teachings, delivered always with engaging honesty, humor and eloquence, have supported me more than I can say as I continue to grow as a Healer, Teacher, and Creatrix in my own right. Reclaiming Divine Feminine Christ Consciousness has never felt so good!”

“The Year 2 Curriculum has been essential for me to lay the foundation of working with the Ascended Masters as my mentors and friends in high places. Who knew they were so accessible!  Thank you, Kaia Ra.”

“I’ve experienced profound and enhanced life changes in the Year 2 Curriculum. I am thrilled to have the Keycode mentors walking with me on my sovereign journey of leadership.”


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Q: How will I be able to access my Year 2 Curriculum class materials?

A: You can access your class materials and download modules from your new guidebook by logging into our Curriculum website. You will be given an individual password to access the members-only site.


Q: Is the Year 2 Curriculum a stand-alone course or do I need to first participate in the Year 1 Curriculum?

A:  You can definitely jump right into the coursework of the Year 2 Curriculum if you’ve already read The Sophia Code and have a strong prayer for discovering or expanding upon your unique leadership embodiment. This is a stand-alone course, open to all for enrollment.

With that said, the Year 1 Curriculum provides a phenomenal amount of foundational mentorship material that we build upon in the coursework of Year 2. If you’d like to catch up with the amazing journey of quantum empowerments available from the Ascended Masters in the Year 1 coursework, you can enroll HERE.


Q: How many classes do I receive in the Year 2 Curriculum?

A: There are (8) 2-hour live transmission video classes, (4) 2-hour live transmission and group mentoring Q&A teleclasses, and (1) Bonus holiday survival guide and Q&A teleclass, for a total of 13 classes that support you throughout the Year 2 Curriculum journey. There are also downloadable PDF modules from our Kaia Ra’s new guidebook that provide homework, ceremonies, and new teachings that you get to explore and integrate between the recorded classes.


Q: Is there a social media community or online forum that is available for me to connect with other Initiates of The Sophia Code Curriculum?

A: We currently have an online Book Club for The Sophia Code Community on FaceBook that you can join HERE. We are also building an online community membership site for you to engage with other Initiates outside of corporate social media platforms. Although currently under construction, we anticipate opening doors to this important and exciting resource in early 2019.


Q: Is the Year 2 Curriculum the upcoming ordination program that has been previously spoken about?

A: No. The Year 2 Curriculum is your next step in journeying deeper with our Divine Feminine Ascended Master Keycode mentors from The Sophia Code. It provides a wealth of information and masterful resources for taking your journey of Divine Feminine Christ leadership into the next level of whatever container / format that your heart is calling you forward to make an important divine purpose offering.

However, the Year 2 Curriculum is a great way to prepare for our upcoming 2019 Sophia Circle Certification Program, which is the next mentorship step towards an official ordination program that Kaia Ra will eventually offer.

The initiatory pathway of The Sophia Code Modern Mystery School is as follows:
1) Reading The Sophia Code and completing all 8 Keycode Initiations
2) Completing Year 1 Curriculum
3) Completing Year 2 Curriculum
4) Sophia Circle Certification Program (coming in 2019)


Q: What if I don’t see myself as a Divine Feminine leader? Is the Year 2 Curriculum still applicable for me?

A: Kaia Ra believes that we’re all here to lead in our own unique way – revealing the power of divine love, embodied sovereignty, and authentic communion to those who Sophia guides us to minister to in every present moment of our daily Higher Self embodiment.

Divine Feminine Christ leadership is taking your Higher Self embodiment to the next-level of being your most authentic self and living in alignment with your most inspired offering to the world, whatever that may be.

You don’t need to be behind a microphone or under a spotlight to be making a radical difference in the world through living a committed mindset to lead The Way.

This next-level quantum journey into the sacred heart of Divine Feminine Christ leadership will be guiding all of us to new heights and depths of leading through example that can’t be understood yet with the mind – but we invite you to feel the importance of this pivotal moment in humanity’s awakening – and to decide what is best for you from there.

Divine Feminine Christ Leadership is a mindset and way of life that we cannot have enough of in this world. We are all being called into much bigger versions of ourselves at this important chapter in humanity’s evolution.


Q: Does my enrollment in the 2018 Curriculum certify me as a teacher of The Sophia Code as a class/program, or authorize me to say that I can speak on behalf of Kaia Ra and / or The Sophia Dragon Tribe?

A: No. The names Kaia Ra®, The Sophia Code®, The Sophia Dragons®, and The Sophia Dragon Tribe® are the intellectual property and legally internationally registered trademarks of Kaia Ra, LLC. No one may claim to be a spokesperson or teacher of this codex, or The Sophia Dragon Tribe, without the written legal permission of Kaia Ra.

We thank you for your patience to walk The Way of this curriculum with sincerity and respectfulness for Kaia Ra’s lifework and the many sacrifices she has made to birth this codex on Earth by honoring the step-by-step process for how to legally share The Sophia Code with others.


It’s an honor for us to support your revolutionary
Divine Feminine Christ leadership!

Please Note Regarding Refunds: We ask that prior to making this purchase, that you follow your heart, take a breath, and ask if you are committed to opening yourself fully to this knowledge and the benefits available to you from the Year 2 Curriculum. We do not offer refunds. Store credit only, excluding jewelry.
If your answer is a clear yes to receive the transformation available to you through the Year 2 Curriculum journey, then through this monetary exchange you honor the value in these program offerings and the act of generosity to yourself. You begin the process of transformation by committing to your own intention and connection to your Higher Self.  You allow yourself to fully engage, trust in the path that brought you here, and open yourself to divine love and exceptional teachings. Thank you for joining us in this movement.