Get the Year of the Dragon Activations


journey to Unlock Your PERSONAL POWER with new revelations from
The Sophia Dragons

journey to Unlock Your PERSONAL POWER with new revelations from The Sophia Dragons

Channel your soul's creative power to transform the world.

Break free of matrix programming, access your creative genius, super charge your chakras, and have the courage to take action on your inner vision to magnetize greater abundance!

A LIVE mentorship journey channeled by Kaia Ra, Oracle and International Bestselling Author, Divine Feminine Speaker on Sovereignty, and Leader of The Sophia Code Movement.

Your 2024 Live Mentor Journey With Kaia Ra

8 galactic Keys

of Ascension with the sophia dragons

LIVE Channeled Classes with Kaia Ra & The Sophia Dragons

Exclusive Access to 8 Ascension Keys for Your Higher Self Embodiment

Unlock the Creative Divine Power of Your 8 Major Chakra System 

Are you a Lightworker struggling with worry or anxiety about humanity’s future? 

Take courage, Angel! The greatest initiation of your life is to fulfill your unique role in the divine plan to awaken humanity by expressing your intuitive gifts, claiming your talents, and owning your creative power. 

As the 8 Galactic Keys Unlock Your Creative Power:

You’ll witness radical shifts and daily miracles as you act upon the intuitive guidance of your Higher Self flowing through your body

You’ll make a major impact upon the spiritual awakening of humanity as you take ground and own your creative offerings in new ways

You’ll deepen your connection with The Sophia Dragons as your angelic guides for manifestation breakthroughs & spiritual protection

In your LIVE 2024 journey with Kaia Ra, you'll break free from matrix programming and learn how to thrive in your divine purpose as you unlock your major chakra system with all new Higher Self Activations and channeled teachings from The Sophia Dragons.

Your journey begins This March 2024!


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2024 is calling you to ascend beyond the matrix. The Sophia Dragons reveal how to fulfill your soul's mission with ease by embodying the creative power of your Higher Self within every major chakra of your body.

Are you feeling disoriented from the past few years of relentless matrix persecution?

There is no question that the last few years have left us with feelings of overwhelm, distrust, and being censored from our genuine human experience. The struggles that we’ve faced as individuals and as a collective have come at the spiritual cost of an eroded connection to our true sovereign power as Lightworkers. Our faith in ourselves is constantly targeted and attacked.

Are you afraid of being powerful?

Our collective trauma from the widespread misuse of power has caused many Lightworkers to associate power solely with causing others pain. Yet, power is neither good nor bad, it is simply the primordial essence of creation, and your soul is inherently powerful as a creator. 

Power is the ability to cause a great effect and you can help bring the planet back into balance when you use your personal power wisely, rather than running from it. 

Do you feel unworthy of nurturing your highest potential?

Many Lightworkers hide their highest potential in a secret place within their hearts, protecting that place with locks of unworthiness! This attachment to unworthiness is so insidious that Lightworkers will often turn their attention outward to help others while secretly feeling unworthy of nurturing their own success. Unworthiness creates patterns of self-sabotage that offer a false sense of safety and keep you from taking important steps to actualize your highest potential. 

Does success secretly scare you?

Many Lightworkers block their ability to succeed due to their unconsciously held fears about success. Success is a resonance that people fantasize about, yet often fear, because success comes with greater responsibilities, a wider impact of power, as well as the scrutiny and jealousy of others. Success is not a stagnant destination, it’s a state of living that needs to be nurtured and expanded upon. Success demands that you show up beyond your comfort zone, again and again, and it doesn’t care how you feel about that relentless call to action!

Although success can feel intimidating, it liberates you to live in your creative flow and enjoy your divine purpose as you make a big impact in the world.  

Do you ever ask yourself: What if I'm not enough for my divine purpose?

Do you have a strong message to share or cause that you are here to serve? Feelings of self-doubt, overwhelm, perfectionism, and intimidation can hold you hostage from your own power. The proverbial question of: “Am I good enough?” can cripple your daily inspiration to take action steps that make your dreams come true. Over time, this undercurrent of stagnation can significantly impact your self-esteem and dissolve faith in your ability to affect great change for yourself and your world.

Put your paw down on perfectionism with the sophia dragons!

The Sophia Dragons are here to help you stand up to overwhelm, self-doubt, and perfectionism and say: “Enough! I am perfectly designed as a sovereign creator to fulfill my divine purpose as my true self!” In our 2024 LIVE journey, you’ll experience the extraordinary multidimensional presence of The Sophia Dragons teaching you how to fly beyond previously contracted limitations. 

Learn how to take up more space and boldly level up with The Sophia Dragons as you unapologetically reach for your full creative potential with self-love, courage, and confidence! 

we can own our creative power together!

The Sophia Dragons are the most powerful spiritual guides that I have ever met! They show you how to boldly live from your creative power, how to channel the divine magick of your Higher Self, and how to soar in the daily journey of your sovereign success.

—Kaia Ra

Meet The Sophia Dragons

in The Sophia Code, The Sophia Dragons are Angelic Seraphim of Sovereignty

In ancient times the word “Seraphim” translated to “the fiery creatures of God” and were named as an angelic order that initiated mystics. 

In chapter 13 of The Sophia Code book, we intimately meet the highest members of this Seraphim angelic order, The Sophia Dragons, whose crystalline consciousness sets ablaze our spiritual awakening to sovereignty. 

These extraordinary Divine Feminine dragon mothers are angelic bridgekeepers between the primordial void and the Source light of creation. They reveal the pathways of original creativity that gives birth to a cosmos of form!

do you believe in dragons?

The sophia Dragons believe in you!

The Sophia Dragons are an angelic order committed to mentoring species, such as humanity, into their most sovereign expression of divine love, creative genius, and planetary harmony. They love working with Lightworkers that honor the sacred.

Although indescribably beautiful and pure, The Sophia Dragons offer themselves as accessible and inspiring spiritual guides that can initiate you into your highest potential. Their creative genius includes a great sense of humor and they are extremely playful! 

Meet Kaia Ra

That is to say YOU are surviving an undeclared war against your soul’s creative power to thrive in this lifetime. Your connection to likeminded community, your physical well-being, and your future reality are hanging in the balance of our collective decision to choose our sovereign power every day! Ultimately, this is a silent war to distract you from recognizing the creative power of your sovereign divinity to birth new paradigm solutions that we desperately need in this pivotal lifetime.
I want to help you access the keys to your highest creative potential so that the powerful light of your Higher Self can bless your life and transform this world.
Your divine purpose is needed more than ever and your soul’s unique creative genius is calling out to be seen. Journeying together as a community with The Sophia Dragons will be a revolutionary act that amplifies our collective success and walks us back home to the power of divine love together.”

About Kaia Ra:

Kaia Ra creates life changing curriculums, events, and channeled ceremonies for The Sophia Code Mystery School. She is a Divine Feminine leader who guides a worldwide movement to activate humanity’s sovereign divinity through the return of Divine Feminine Christ consciousness. She is dedicated to revealing the truth of our shared and equal divinity through a willing human life consecrated to faith, love, service, creativity, and advocacy.

The Sophia Code® Community Celebrates Your Empowerment!

Why Is It More Important Than Ever To Own Your Creative Power?

Your humanity is a sacred vessel for the creative genius and divine power of your Higher Self to positively impact this world. When many hearts journey together as a community, we invoke our collective power to rise up and effectively respond to the challenges of this time.

When you’re struggling mentally, you’ll find yourself anxiously overthinking instead of creating a clear space for downloading the solutions you can receive from your Higher Self…

When you’re struggling on an emotional level you’ll wrestle with distrusting your creative impulses, dampening the inspirational fire that's seeking to set you free ...


When you’re struggling in your body, your creative talents and inspiration can stall out in patterns of self-sabotage, which can lead to unhealthy stagnation and physical blockages ...


When you are struggling spiritually, you’ll experience feeling ungrounded and disconnected from your Higher Self, it’s challenging to connect with your inner guidance and to feel the unconditional love of your Source ...

By participating in this LIVE mentor journey you’ll be creating your 2024 reality at the leading edge of consciousness releasing struggles of the past to live in alignment with your greatest potential as you fly with Kaia Ra through the Year of the Dragon! As your confidence grows in how to access the creative genius pouring through you, you’ll also discover your alignment with The Sophia Dragon’s essential role in awakening humanity to the truth of its sovereign divine power and its cosmic role in the awakening of all beings.

How This Curriculum Works

Light Your Creative Fire with Community Connection

Connect with a global community of Lightworkers dedicated to celebrating your sovereignty & your creative empowerment

Receive a Wealth of Channeled Teachings & Chakra Activations

Live Classes with Kaia Ra as she channels the "8 Galactic Key" teachings and all new Higher Self Activations from The Sophia Dragons

Get Exceptional Class Support within a Dynamic Forum

Access all class replays & share your creative journaling prompts and personal rituals from The Sophia Dragons on The Sophia Code App

LIVE Curriculum Details

What You’ll Receive:

PLUS! You'll Receive:

Personal Integration Rituals:

Receive channeled personal practices, ceremonies and tools to anchor the Sophia Dragon’s transmission in your life to flush out negative belief patterns and programming. With the Sophia Dragons’ overlighting mentorship, you will discover the innate creative magick that you have access to at all times as you download the divine solutions to revolutionize your life and divine purpose.

Questions About Joining Us for Our 2024 Live Journey?

You can schedule a free 15-Minute Team Angel Consultation to get your questions answered about enrolling in our 2024 Live Journey with Kaia Ra & The Sophia Dragons.

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2024 Live Class Schedule with Kaia Ra

All classes are held at 2 PM PST via zoom

Opening Ceremony

March 20

Keys 1&2

April 13 & 14

Key 3

May 22

Key 4

June 19

Key 5

July 17

Keys 6&7

August 17 & 18

Key 8

September 18

Dragon Party with giveaways!

October 23

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Journey with our heart centered community in 2024!

Your 2024 Live Mentor Journey With Kaia Ra

8 galactic Keys

of Ascension with the sophia dragons

This exclusive 2024 mentor journey is the most focused container for The Sophia Dragon’s Keycode 777 transmission that’s ever been shared with humanity since The Sophia Code was first published as an international bestseller. 

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The Sophia Dragon lineage initiates you in how to safely embody unlimited creative power and steward abundant resources for serving the greatest good through the one law of divine love. We mentor your confidence for embodying your sovereignty.

—The Sophia Dragons, The Sophia Code, Pg. 309

"This is a revolution of your own divinity commanding miracles to dissolve all obstacles that are in your way. Resourcing your divinity to immaculately birth a new world paradigm is the most revolutionary act that you can commit."

—The Sophia Dragons, The Sophia Code, Pg. 308