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Creativity is one of my most meaningful offerings back to life. My background includes a fine art education in writing, illustration, painting, film, and digital design. Some of my happiest hours are when I’m covered in charcoal or watercolor.

It took me years to build the self-confidence that I needed to share my artistic visions with the world. There is an inner listening that is required when channeling a vision that is the same as listening for teachings from the Ascended Masters. I am always reborn by the courage it takes to create what I receive for us all.

Some of these altar cards are hand illustrated through fine art mediums such as: charcoal, pencil, ink, and watercolor. Other altar cards are created through traditional graphic design programs such as Photoshop and Illustrator. These mediums seem to blend the best of the old and modern world within me, as The Sophia Code® does for our Ascended Master guides.

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frequently asked questions

A helpful tool for your daily spiritual practice, an altar card supports you to remain focused and centered upon your goals and mentorship with the Ascended Masters. Visually activating you on multiple levels of your being, The Sophia Code altar cards are designed to deepen your personal faith and provide inspiration for your meditation practice. You can also use this altar card to energetically charge your sacred space, your crystals, and your jewelry with the resonance of sovereign divinity.

The Sophia Code Altar Cards are designed to focus you upon receiving direct guidance from your Higher Self connection and the Ascended Masters. As you visually meditate upon a prayer or mantra designed into an Altar Card you willl feel in your heart how many times speaking those words will be helpful for you. In our Mystery School Curriculums we practice speaking aloud 3x the Divine Mother Prayer found on page 3 of The Sophia Code. We also practice speaking aloud Green Tara's mantra 108x, the traditional sacred round, when meditating with a mala necklace. However, any time you pray, invoke, or practice a mantra there is goodness unfolding. It's important to trust your own heart's guidance when working with these tools.

Yes, there will be an Altar Card created for each of the Keycodes revealed in The Sophia Code cosmology. Be sure to subscribe to our mailing list to receive announcements about upcoming product releases.

Kaia Ra illustrates some of The Sophia Code Altar Cards with fine art mediums such as: charcoal, pencil, ink, and watercolor. Other altar cards are created through traditional graphic design programs such as Photoshop and Illustrator and will often include gold embossed details. Every altar card includes content from The Sophia Code book to help you visually integrate the teachings through focus and meditation.

Yes. Kaia Ra channels the Altar Card designs from the Ascended Masters, just as she channels all the jewelry designs to be encoded with the signature resonance and iconic details requests by each of the Keycode Ascended Masters. There is an enormous amount of meditation, prayer, and intention that goes into every design. Each Altar Card is encoded to elevate your consciousness and help you access more of your Higher Self's perspective and light within you.

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