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The Sophia Code® cosmology presents a radical approach from the Ascended Masters for creating new pathways of spiritual thought about our shared and equal sovereign divinity. In this sacred text we are returning to original Source teachings from the Ascended Masters that birthed each lineage featured in the book.

Through the construct of language, The Sophia Code intentionally reveals the interconnected nature of these lineages as essential pathways of spiritual awakening that work together as one. The language includes traditional spiritual terms that are being defined and used in a new way to activate your sovereignty.

The Ascended Masters are using this unique approach to clear unconsciously held belief systems, religious doctrine, and past conditioning from other lifetimes that may no longer be serving you in this lifetime. It’s simultaneously activating your mind and heart in new and unexpected ways for claiming your personal empowerment.

May these key terms bless your journey through The Sophia Code!


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akashic records

A living library of experience and wisdom that exists within a soul, which is accumulated from all physical embodiments. (Pg. 24)
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ascended master

An exceptional soul that activated The Sophia Code within them to embody their Higher Self throughout countless physical lifetimes of devoted service to uplifting others, regardless of all outer circumstances. Graduating from the worlds of form, this soul goes through a calibration process that expands their ability to exponentially serve others from the highest realms of creation. (Pg. 23-24)
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A spiritual practice inspired by a heart-centered devotion to the Divine Mother characterized by a profound desire to embody unconditional love as your purpose. (Pg. 126)
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A highly awakened soul who commits to reincarnating repeatedly to transmute collective suffering for the evolution of a species, planet, or star system. Although a master, this soul delays graduating from the worlds of form out of compassion for the awakening of others. (Pg. 124)
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The descent of divinity into form; the perfect intelligence of divinity animating all form; the hologram of divinity that is the architecture of every soul; the active principle of Christ consciousness is often referred to as the “Holy Spirit”. (Pg. 130-1)
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Christ Light

The omniscient awareness of your Oversoul that shines as the brilliance of a sun from the heart center; can be increasingly embodied through successive downloads and integration of your Higher Self consciousness. (Pg. 19)
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Crystalline chromosomes

Light body technology carrying your soul’s sovereign potential for expressing and embodying your self-realized divinity within human form. (Pg. 16–17)
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Angelic Divine Feminine guides that serve Green Tara’s teaching transmission; they embody specific qualities and principles of enlightenment for awakening humanity to the truth of its sovereign divinity; their pure presence activates will power within you to overcome unconscious attachments to suffering and self-hatred; they help you surrender to your Higher Self’s divine will and unconditional love. (Pgs. 129, 130, 161)
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Dark Mother

The limitless, uncontainable primordial space of Sophia’s presence that is a universal womb for immaculately birthing all of creation from nothing at all; the original Source from which the light of creation continually arises without ceasing. (Pgs. 26, 228)
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 Monthly Broadcast Information, Links, and Phone Numbers are provided through email when you subscribe to The Heaven on Earth Prayer Collective list.

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