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The Sophia Code® cosmology presents a radical approach from the Ascended Masters for creating new pathways of spiritual thought about our shared and equal sovereign divinity. In this sacred text we are returning to original Source teachings from the Ascended Masters that birthed each lineage featured in the book.

Through the construct of language, The Sophia Code intentionally reveals the interconnected nature of these lineages as essential pathways of spiritual awakening that work together as one. The language includes traditional spiritual terms that are being defined and used in a new way to activate your sovereignty.

The Ascended Masters are using this unique approach to clear unconsciously held belief systems, religious doctrine, and past conditioning from other lifetimes that may no longer be serving you in this lifetime. It’s simultaneously activating your mind and heart in new and unexpected ways for claiming your personal empowerment.

May these key terms bless your journey through The Sophia Code!


Kaia Ra Gold Lotus

akashic records

A living library of experience and wisdom that exists within a soul, which is accumulated from all physical embodiments. (The High Council, The Sophia Code, Pg. 24)
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ascended master

An exceptional soul that activated The Sophia Code within them to embody their Higher Self throughout countless physical lifetimes of devoted service to uplifting others, regardless of all outer circumstances. Graduating from the worlds of form, this soul goes through a calibration process that expands their ability to exponentially serve others from the highest realms of creation. (The High Council, The Sophia CodePg. 23-24)
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A spiritual practice inspired by a heart-centered devotion to the Divine Mother characterized by a profound desire to embody unconditional love as your purpose. (Green Tara, The Sophia Code, Pg. 126)
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A highly awakened soul who commits to reincarnating repeatedly to transmute collective suffering for the evolution of a species, planet, or star system. Although a master, this soul delays graduating from the worlds of form out of compassion for the awakening of others. (Green Tara, The Sophia Code, Pg. 124)
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The descent of divinity into form; the perfect intelligence of divinity animating all form; the hologram of divinity that is the architecture of every soul; the active principle of Christ consciousness is often referred to as the “Holy Spirit”. (Green Tara, The Sophia Code, Pg. 130-1)
Kaia Ra Gold Lotus

Christ Light

The omniscient awareness of your Oversoul that shines as the brilliance of a sun from the heart center; can be increasingly embodied through successive downloads and integration of your Higher Self consciousness. (The High Council, The Sophia Code, Pg. 19)
Kaia Ra Gold Lotus

Crystalline chromosomes

Light body technology carrying your soul’s sovereign potential for expressing and embodying your self-realized divinity within human form. (The High Council, The Sophia Code,Pg. 16–17)
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Angelic Divine Feminine guides that serve Green Tara’s teaching transmission; they embody specific qualities and principles of enlightenment for awakening humanity to the truth of its sovereign divinity; their pure presence activates will power within you to overcome unconscious attachments to suffering and self-hatred; they help you surrender to your Higher Self’s divine will and unconditional love. (Green Tara, The Sophia Code, Pgs. 129, 130, 161)
Kaia Ra Gold Lotus

Dark Mother

The limitless, uncontainable primordial space of Sophia’s presence that is a universal womb for immaculately birthing all of creation from nothing at all; the original Source from which the light of creation continually arises without ceasing. (The High Council; Mary MagdaleneThe Sophia Code, Pgs. 26, 228)
Kaia Ra Gold Lotus

The Sophia Code

The Sophia Code is your soul's uniquely sequenced divine genome for expressing every immaculate quality of Sophia. No other soul has the same sequence of The Sophia Code as you do. It is the master blueprint of your divine nature, as well as your soul's unique fingerprint as a sovereign expression of Sophia. (The High Council, The Sophia Code,Pg. 14)
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We call the unique genetic sequence of your soul a Keycode of The Sophia Code. (The High Council, The Sophia Code, Pg. 16)
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Golden Age

A Golden Age is a cycle of time in which quantum evolutionary leaps become accessible to large populations of humanity seeking to embody Sophia Christ consciousness. (The High Council, The Sophia Code, Pg. 45)
Kaia Ra Gold Lotus

The Golden Age of Miracles

Sophia has ordained this next cycle to be known as The Golden Age of Miracles. This title points to the unusually high amount of incarnated souls amassing to embody the full divine potential of their Higher Selves in a single lifetime. The Golden Age of Miracles is also a seeded name foretelling the countless miracles that will come to pass from this many master souls consciously converging and unifying as a global community for humanity's ascension. (The High Council, The Sophia Code, Pg. 46)
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Karuna Compassion

The Sanskrit root for compassion is karuna. My definition of karuna is to be so closely held by yourself that no separation can remain within you. (Quan Yin, The Sophia Code, Pg. 250)
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Prayer is a vehicle for the direct communion between your awareness and your Higher Self. It is also the direct communication between your awareness and Sophia, which my people call the Great Spirit. Prayer is a conversation that can happen in many spoken words or in the silence of feeling. Prayer is a visualization of something desired and the communication of that desire to be fulfilled by the Holy Spirit within you and All of Creation. (White Buffalo Woman, The Sophia Code, Pg. 284)
Kaia Ra Gold Lotus


Grace is the space where what is ready to return to a natural balance may spontaneously return to that balance without apology, explanation, or delay. (The High Council, The Sophia Code, Pg. 48 - 49)
Kaia Ra Gold Lotus


The Horus is an overlightning angelic presence for the tantric relationship, guiding you to walk through initiatory gates that lead to ever deepening chambers of vulnerability, intimacy, and unconditional love. (Isis, The Sophia Code, Pgs. 62 - 63)
Kaia Ra Gold Lotus

Phoenix Child

When your Inner Child is honored with karuna compassion, they will eventually reveal themselves as The Phoenix Child within you, which is Keycode 444 of The Sophia Code. The Phoenix Child is the invincible embodiment of your innocence that was never harmed in your suffering. Keycode 444 is your own angelic nature that arises again and again from the asher of the past with the power to unconditionally love yourself, and all others, with the wisdom of compassion that has survived with you. (Quan Yin, The Sophia Code, Pg. 251)
Kaia Ra Gold Lotus

Higher Self

Your Higher Self is the intermediary voice between all your embodiments and your Oversoul's omniscient intelligence, which guides you. Your Higher Self is also known as your own Holy Spirit: it is both the messenger and the fulfillment of your Oversoul's presence, which can be anchored within your heart and embodied as your Christed Self. (Mother Mary, The Sophia Code, Pg. 173)
Kaia Ra Gold Lotus


Long before you were born, your evolutionary intentions for this lifetime we carefully considered and mapped out by your Oversoul as a blueprint for the destiny you are living now. The whole of you exists as both your non-physical Oversoul and as your Higher Self descending into multiple physical realities and embodiments. Thus the term Oversoul indicates 'a choreographer of many incarnations' for it orchestrates and oversees your innumerable parallel lifetimes. (Mother Mary, The Sophia Code, Pg. 173)
Kaia Ra Gold Lotus


The only architect of your destiny is your own sovereign Oversoul. [...] Therefore, for every lifetime that you have chosen to live there is a destiny to fulfill that was designed-in-detail, authored, and agreed upon by you - for the Oversoul is you. (Mother Mary, The Sophia Code, Pg. 173)
Kaia Ra Gold Lotus

Modern Day Mystery School

Daily life is now your modern mystery school activating your highest potential in every present moment. [...] So, in this lifetime, class is in session - every day. [...] Cultivating your ability to receive our direct revelations occurs one self-loving step at a time, in the modern mystery school of your daily life choices. (The High Council, The Sophia Code, Pg. 47)
Kaia Ra Gold Lotus

The Way

Walking The Way of this creative tension is not a casual affair for the human ego, nor is it for the faint of heart. It's a spiritual path that requires a daily relinquishing of all attachments to suffering and a complete surrender to the voice of your Higher Self guiding you from your heart. [...] With that being said, The Way is the simplest road and most direct route for living a joyfully aligned life and fulfilling your destiny. (Mother Mary, The Sophia Code, Pg. 168)
Kaia Ra Gold Lotus

Zero-Point Calibration

During the final initiatory rites of physical ascension, they [Ascended Masters in training] unified the power of all their parallel lifetimes within a single zero-point of one human form. Completing this zero-point calibration was the first Master's Thesis requirement to fulfill in preparation for graduating from the Earth plane. (The High Council, The Sophia Code, Pg. 23)
Kaia Ra Gold Lotus

Sophia Gaia

Sophia Gaia is an Oversoul completely dedicated to her divine service of creating space and form for initiates to experience and remember their sov-ereign Christ light. As a goddess of overflowing abundance and generosity, she creates unlimited space for billions of species to explore their free will and limitless divine nature by incarnating within her body. (Green Tara, The Sophia Code, Pg. 128)
Kaia Ra Gold Lotus

The 8 Great Fears and Virtues

Ignorance - Direct knowing, Attachment - Unconditional self-knowing, Hatred - Self-forgiveness, Arrogance - Self-knowing, Jealousy - Self-communion, Miserliness - Prosperity, Doubt - Faith, Projections - Omniscient awareness (Green Tara, The Sophia Code, Pgs. 136-137)
Kaia Ra Gold Lotus

The Sky Grandmothers

I represent an ancient and powerful Order from the sky worlds called The Sky Grandmothers who oversee the evolutionary growth of all species on Earth from beyond the space-time continuum. Together we continu-ously weave a rainbow bridge that coordinates innumerable timelines for countless souls and species to incarnate within Mother Earth’s body and become students of her abundant grace. (White Buffalo Woman, The Sophia Code, Pgs. 280-281)
Kaia Ra Gold Lotus

The Order of the Golden Dragon Teachers

The Order of The Golden Dragon Teachers is a mystery school lineage ordained by Sophia for souls who are preparing to become Ascended Masters in service to a species, planet, galaxy, or universe. It is also an ancient network of overlighting council members that support the accelerating magnetism of an established Ascended Master’s divine mission. (The Sophia Dragons, The Sophia Code, Pg. 310)
Kaia Ra Gold Lotus

The Golden Dragon Light Body

The Golden Dragon Light Body is a spiritual technology that we designed through which our children can live and create as we do: as angels of sovereignty within the realms of form. This light body can be thought of as a suit of golden dragon scales that easily slips over your human form and upgrades every system of your body, heart, and mind. (The Sophia Dragons, The Sophia Code, Pg. 311)
Kaia Ra Gold Lotus

The Sophia Dragon Tribe

We are The Sophia Dragon Tribe: an Ascended Master High Council whose living transmission reveals the sovereign Sophia Christ light within all beings. [...] In the Sophia Code cosmology, when our thousands of individual High Council members speak as one unified voice we are broadcasting our transmission as Keycode 333: “She of One Council.” Our collective voice is wholly committed to revealing the ineffable Multi-Ray Light Transmission of Sophia consciousness. (The High Council, The Sophia Code, Pgs. 22, 25)
Kaia Ra Gold Lotus

Hrit Chakra

We call the inner sanctuary of this Hrit Chakra The Temple of the Dragon Heart. Sophia placed the hidden superpowers of humanity within the Hrit Chakra of your heart center, as a Holy of Holies temple that can only be fully activated through the innocence of divine love. (The Sophia Dragons, The Sophia Code, Pg. 310)
Kaia Ra Gold Lotus


Yet, my [Green Tara] journey to you as an Ascended Master mentor began in a human form in the Sirius star system on a planet called Karnak. To my people Karnak means “Secret Chambers of the Heart.” For many lifetimes I walked on the planet Karnak, just as you now walk the Earth. I endured lifetimes of suffering to become an embodied vehicle of transcendent compassion. I share the story of my ascension in Sirius so that you may know that I understand the human experiences of your own journey through form. [...] (Green Tara, The Sophia Code, Pg. 123)
Kaia Ra Gold Lotus


Just as I had incarnated through eons of suffering, I then committed to incarnational cycles as an embodied master of Sophia consciousness for the benefit of my people, my planet, and all beings. In my final embodiment on Karnak, I lived as a celebrated Divine Feminine Christ teacher in a golden age cycle called Shambhallah. The Golden Age of Shambhallah on Karnak created such an extraordinary blueprint for embodying divine love, through a balanced feminine and masculine heart intelligence, that our planet ascended in its sovereignty beyond the gravitational limitations of orbiting the star, Sirius C. (Green Tara, The Sophia Code, Pgs. 124, 125)

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