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Ancient spiritual cultures wove artistry, alchemical magick, and authentic spiritual meaning into everything they created. They knew the secrets of adornment: that jewelry can be both beautiful and meaningful — a sacred art that can express your inner world and bless your body’s creative spirit. KR Jewelry is channeled, designed, and handcrafted with an ancient future touch that supports your spiritual journey to blossom in profound and miraculous ways.

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“More beautiful and powerful than I could even imagine!!! So much energy flowing through me all day... the Jewels are more beautiful than words can describe!!”
“I am embodying this jewelry as I am embodying my Higher Self and Golden Dragon Light Body. Everyday I wear my pieces and words don't always express how powerful these pieces are. My jewelry pieces are helping to fine tune my sensitivity, my emotions, and above all my Spiritual awareness.”
“I won’t leave the house without my ascension technology on. I can literally feel the power that is encoded in this jewelry, which is why I always choose to wear a piece of the Embody Your Sovereignty collection over my heart. This jewelry keeps me committed to living at the edge of my faith every day. It helps me calibrate my spiritual growth with ease and I feel more empowered when I have a piece on. I love adorning myself with such high quality, next level, spiritual jewels!”
“I love all my Dragon Jewels so much, there aren’t enough words to express what they mean to me! I have almost every piece of the Embody Your Sovereignty Collection and I don’t go a day without wearing at least one piece. I often wear many of my dragon jewels at one time because they are beautiful and feel so good! When I was in a high stress situation, I found myself sleeping in my Sophia & Seraphim Stargates and Keycode Wristlettes as they provided that extra layer of peace and protection, almost like a suit of armor. I feel immense gratitude to each piece, and I especially love the Sophia Code Mantras on the inside that remind me of my soul mission, such as: “Divine Birther of a New World.” I never want to take them off!
Each time I put a piece on, I can feel the strength of the respective Keycode Mentor, and it immediately enhances and magnetizes my own energy field to match that frequency. For example, when I wear my Joan of Arc pendant, I feel so much courage to stand in my truth. Each Ascended Master Keycode has supported me in the most sacred ways to deepen my self love, trust, empowerment, creativity, and sovereignty. ”
“I wear my dragon jewels every day and can’t imagine going a day without putting them on. Between the wristlets and the pendants, I am constantly reminded of my sovereign divinity. I also can feel the presence of the Ascended Masters and I can say that wearing these pieces has helped my life in many ways, including helping my mentor relationships and my ability to continually fall more in love with myself and life.”
“I love all of the Embody Your Sovereignty collection! I've always understood that jewelry can be much more than adornment and when I saw that Kaia Ra had designed her own jewelry collection my heart leaped with joy. I've now purchased several of the pieces and it's my dream to purchase them all, step-by-step. These pieces truly feel like Divine vitamins that my mind, body and heart need. As a highly sensitive starseed I've often felt like the environment is too harsh for my sensitive system. Each of these jewels seem to be able to calibrate and attune me in a way that I really need, especially as I step into more of my Divine leadership. I also want to share that at first some part of me felt unworthy to have so many of these precious jewels. But as I dove more deeply into the Sophia Code I realized that I didn't need to earn these beautiful amulets. That I was already worthy andt that if my heart was guiding me to them my own Holy Spirit would provide the means.”