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about kaia ra

bestselling author of

the sophia code

And Divine Feminine Speaker on Sovereignty

Kaia Ra is the international best selling author of The Sophia Code® and a prominent Divine Feminine leader dedicated to the Divine Feminine movement. She was directly initiated by the Ascended Masters and Archangels since childhood in preparation to become the Oracle for The Sophia Dragon Tribe®

Since The Sophia Code book release, Kaia Ra creates life changing curriculums and ceremonies for our online Mystery School, offers educational series on Youtube Live @kaiaofficial, and offers a free monthly online gathering called The Heaven on Earth Prayer Collective.

She birthed The Sophia Code Foundation in 2018 as a non-profit organization for spiritual education and healing, which includes the vision to create a Divine Femine temple site and Magdalene healing center for survivors of rape.

A leading-edge voice for our generation, Kaia Ra guides a worldwide movement to activate humanity’s sovereign divinity through the return of Divine Feminine Christ consciousness. She now co-creates this international ministry alongside Sophia Circle Leaders® who are officially certified to facilitate Sophia Circle Journeys® through every chapter of The Sophia Code book.

As shared in the preface of The Sophia Code, Kaia Ra’s early life was consumed by surviving child rape trafficking, ritual atrocities, near death experiences, and psychic exploitation. Through her direct relationship with the Ascended Masters, the angelic orders, and the Star Nations, Kaia Ra survived by repeatedly returning to her body with ascension blueprints from the highest realms of creation that would one day serve The Sophia Code movement as a worldwide ministry.

Today, her courageous recovery and spiritual leadership guides the healing and empowerment of countless survivors and professional Lightworkers around the world. Her heroic journey has become a teaching model for thousands to explore their own sovereign liberation. An exceptional artist and designer, Kaia Ra also channels ascension technology through fine art and jewelry, altar and sacred space design, and lifestyle products that activate and support your spiritual journey.

Her life is dedicated to revealing the truth of our shared and equal sovereign divinity through a willing human life consecrated to faith, love, service, creativity, and advocacy.

“My prayer is that in the embodiment of my courageous recovery and activating The Sophia Code within me, you will be inspired to take courage and do the same. We are here to save a planet; this is not some ordinary lifetime to play small. We came here to embody our magnificence — this includes owning the heroic feats of what we are willing to heal and empower within ourselves, as an example to all of humanity of what is possible in this Divine Feminine Christ movement.”

-Kaia Ra, The Sophia Code, Pg. xix

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connect with kaia ra every month

Gather with Kaia Ra and our international community on the third Sunday of every month for The Heaven on Earth Prayer Collective. In this free monthly offering you’ll receive quantum healing, teaching transmissions from The Sophia Code, and activations from The Sophia Dragon Tribe to uplift your spiritual journey.

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