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Hi Angel!

Welcome to our modern Mystery School! Every curriculum was channeled directly from The Sophia Dragon Tribe®, just like The Sophia Code®. Therefore, this is a quantum body of work that can be returned to, again and again, for a lifetime of learning.

Although the curriculum series was created in a linear sequence, it was channeled in such a way that your Higher Self will guide you to your unique starting place with this material. We also have brilliant Team Angels that are Mystery School graduates who are happy to speak with you in a free consultation call about which curriculum is right for you, right now.

Thank you for taking the opportunity to go deeper in your mentorship with the Ascended Masters for embodying your Higher Self and fulfilling your divine purpose. I consider it an honor to welcome you at the temple gates of this dynamic learning environment that’s consecrated to empowering your sovereign divinity!

These visionary guided meditations will provide essential spiritual support for navigating such an important and pivotal lifetime. Every Higher Self Activation builds upon one another and although you can journey through any Activation as a single experience, it is best to listen to the entire playlist in order for the first time. After completing the Activations journey in order, you’ll deeply benefit from revisiting any ceremony as you are intuitively guided by your Higher Self.

Every time you listen to an Activation video, you’ll experience expansion and integration of the empowerments that you receive from such an abundance of channeled teachings. This exceptional series provides a wealth of information and spiritual healing that you can return to often as a resource for growing in your Higher Self embodiment. It is with all the love in my heart that I welcome you to these beautiful Activation ceremonies!

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experience the multidimensional curriculums

Walk through every chapter of The Sophia Code® with this essential training
Learn how to navigate accelerated personal growth through every chapter of The Sophia Code® book with Kaia Ra. This life changing mentor journey you’ll receive profound revelations for accepting your sovereign divinity.


Clarify your purpose, define your brand, improve your self-care practices
Discover the three Divine Feminine archetypes guiding your leadership from within: The Creatrix, The Healer, and The Teacher and learn how to take your professional offering to the next level.


The Psychic Development Training curriculum with Kaia Ra provides easily accessible psychic development techniques that help you access intuitive guidance from your eight major chakras.


This program offers an intuitive, holistic approach for healing from the wounds of your past. You’ll discover the radiant soul power within you for accessing your highest potential thr


Next level teachings on sovereignty for a global awakening​
Explore controversial topics that demand our attention in these pivotal times of oppression and expansion in sovereignty including next-level teachings on sovereignty and psychic attunement


Learn how to differentiate between the voices of your spiritual guides
This powerful community immersive teaches how your grief is “not a problem” as KR reveals a healing pathway of peaceful, intuitive empowerment for connecting with your transitioned loved ones on the other side.


Connect with the Magdalene Lineage
Empower your spiritual leadership and divine purpose with channeled teaching transmissions from Jesus, Joan of Arc, Mother Mary, and Mary Magdalene.


Face past fears about being seen in your leadership
This riveting 3-day immersive filmed live in Austin, TX provides life changing Fire Dragon teachings and “Step Up to the Mic” coaching sessions on how to own your power and professional offering as a Lightworker.


“Seek not the ancient mystery schools of another age. Daily life is now your modern mystery school activating your highest potential in every present moment. So in this lifetime, class is in session – every day. In order to live in alignment with the reality of miracles, you are now being guided to access your soul initiations and personal training for embodying your Higher Self from masters abiding in the highest Light Realms of creation.”

—The Sophia Code, Pg. 47

frequently asked questions

Are you new to The Sophia Code® and want to deepen your spiritual practice with the Ascended Masters? Your journey begins with the life changing material in the Stargate 1 Curriculum.


Need to activate or uplevel your intuitive abilities and channeling skills? We suggest the exceptional Psychic Development Training.


Ready to fulfill your divine purpose or take your professional leadership to the next level? The Stargate 2 Curriculum will rock your world.


Are you ready to release the past and step into your empowerment? The Soul Power Journey is an extraordinary opportunity to reclaim your relationship with life.


Do you believe your spiritual leadership includes sharing The Sophia Code with others? Apply for our next live training program to become a certified Sophia Circle® Leader HERE.

Our Team Angels are available by email and phone for technical support and curriculum questions as they arise. We monitor the private class forums daily to ensure a safe and professional learning environment. New focus group discussion posts are made several times per week. It is our joy to support your spiritual growth in our Mystery School!

Yes! There are standard payment plans for most curriculums and customized payment plans for the Sophia Circle Certification Leadership Program and VIP Mentor Immersives. To learn more schedule a free Team Angel Strategy Session HERE.

Your enrollment in any curriculum includes private membership access to our dynamic Mystery School online learning environment. All course materials for every program are located within this portal.

Not necessarily. The original order of how these curriculums were channeled is as follows: Stargate 1 Curriculum, Stargate 2 Curriculum, Sophia Circle® Certification Leadership Program, Psychic Development Training, and Soul Power Journey.


As a multidimensional body of work, you can approach any of these Mystery School curriculums as individual programs that seamlessly integrate with one another.


If you are applying for enrollment to our upcoming Sophia Circle Leadership training, please know that the Stargate 1 Curriculum is included in the purchase of that program.

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“The Sophia Code, along with the Stargate 1 Curriculum, has been life transforming for me. As I began working with this material I knew that my issue of low self-worth was going to be put front and center – and it was. This curriculum journey through The Sophia Code has helped me heal this issue through self-love and deepened my connection with Sophia Source.”
“The gifts and support that I received from the Stargate 2 Curriculum continue to bless me beyond the words that I can write here. The love I’ve found for myself continues to grow. I will be forever grateful for the lessons that I have learned.”
"The Sophia Circle Leadership Certification Program is extremely thorough and encompasses all the pieces that need to be brought together in the tapestry of spiritual leadership. Deep gratitude to Kaia Ra for the brilliance of this program! "
"Kaia Ra’s teachings continue to have profound life changing effects upon my life. The Soul Power Journey helped me transmute and heal some deeply rooted trauma that I didn’t even realize I was still holding onto. This course provides an essential spiritual toolbox that has helped me heal patterns of self-sabotage into healthy powerful practices for life. I have noticed obvious results in every area of my life."
I am a professional channel and healer. My psychic centers have been beyond activated, opened, and upleveled since participating in this Psychic Development Training. Kaia Ra has such beautiful teachings and channeling techniques. The information is relatable and gentle, yet fierce and life changing all at the same time.
“I felt so deeply seen by Kaia Ra and every person at the VIP Mentor Immersive. I had no choice but to come out of the box that I was hiding in. My leadership embodiment expanded to fill the room while standing at the microphone. Every moment since has been an incredible dragon ride of stepping up in bigger and bigger ways.”

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 Monthly Broadcast Information, Links, and Phone Numbers are provided through email when you subscribe to The Heaven on Earth Prayer Collective list.

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