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Are you feeling called to explore The Sophia Code teachings with other Lightworkers, just like you? A Sophia Circle Journey® is a dynamic community learning container that walks you through every chapter of The Sophia Code in 13 gatherings, with each gathering dedicated to exploring a single chapter. Every Sophia Circle Journey includes a rich creative spectrum of prayer, intention setting, meditation with the Ascended Masters, chapter readings, Higher Self journaling prompts, and community discussion. 

With every gathering you’ll experience a growing momentum of personal transformation as you focus upon the truth of your sovereign divinity. You’ll also discover how accessible it is to directly mentor with Ascended Masters who are dedicated to revealing the master that already exists within you. In a Sophia Circle Journey you’ll feel the difference of growing alongside a community of Lightworkers through the life changing perspective of Sophia Christ consciousness.

Sophia Circle Journeys are equally powerful both in-person and online. In these pivotal times, you may feel called to participate in a virtual journey with a Sophia Circle Leader who’s located in a different state or country for you. Whether you choose to journey in-person or online with a facilitator, you’ll feel the living transmission of The Sophia Code opening your heart in miraculous ways. You’ll delight in the unique ‘The Beauty Way’ sacred space that’s designed to facilitate an emotionally safe space for your authentic transformation. I invite you to explore our directory of exceptionally gifted certified Sophia Circle Leaders who are highly committed to your sovereign spiritual empowerment. Take a moment, place your hands on your heart, and ask your Higher Self to guide you to a Sophia Circle Journey that’s right for you. These heart-centered leaders are ready to receive you! 

With Every Blessing,

Kaia Ra

start your journey with a sophia circle leader®

United States

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Oriana Paola Ramirez


Intuitive Astrologer, Akashic Records Reader, Pranic Healer, Spiritual therapist and a timeless student of the soul. Devoted to serve as a spiritual facilitator in this container and create this sacred space that your soul is ready to experience.
Virtual Journey Begins: 12/12/22 | 6:30 PM EST
Regularity: Circles 1-5 Weekly, Circles 6-13 Bi-weekly

Virtual Journey Begins: 2/8/22
Regularity: Circles 1-5 Weekly, Circles 6-13 Bi-weekly

Nicole Doherty Ananda


My mission is to lead Sophia Code Journeys to build communities of empowered individuals to raise the collective consciousness as leaders of light, love and joy. As we rise up in spiritual leadership we will awaken humanity and create global transformation.

Beth Barling


My passion for the Sophia Code™ is fostered in the effortless shift towards wholeness imbued in every moment of Kaia Ra's codex. Sophia Circle Leader™, Priestess, Advanced Spiral Practitioner, Angelic Channel, Reiki Master, RYT500 & Theology Grad Student.
Virtual Journey Begins: 1/9/23 | 6 PM EDT
Regularity: Bi-Weekly Circles 1-5, Every 3 Weeks Circles 6-13

Renee Marie Puma


Divine Feminine Christ Consciousness Leader, Medicine Woman, Gardener, Ordained Minister, Fairy, Starseed. It is my honor to join you in sacred space to mentor with the Ascended Masters, to dig down to the core of your being and to re-discover your sovereign divinity and reunite you with your higher self. Together through the Sophia Code Codex and the Ascended Masters we will "Walk the Way" together as the Way Showers we came here at this time to be. So it is!

Aaliyah Sophia


To rise as the One Body of Sophia. This is what I know is possible and what I am here to co-create in this lifetime. I am delighted to walk alongside you in your own journey of homecoming, empowerment, and unapologetically radiating your unique brilliance.

Linda Caravia


Licensed Massage Therapist, Yoga Teacher, Educator, Holy Fire Reiki Energy Worker and Intuitive. The call to a Sophia Circle Journey® is a firey invitation to one’s own empowerment, sovereignty, and self-love.

Purandev Kaur


Author, Art Therapist, Kundalini Yoga Teacher. My prayer for my Sophia Circle ministry is that it may ignite the spark of an on-going love story between you, the Ascended Master mentors, and Sophia herself so that you may remember how sovereign and divine you truly are. It is my deepest blessing to walk The Way with you as we co-create this next Golden Age of Miracles together!

Kali Shakti


Spiritual Life Coach, Healer, Teacher, Ceremonialist. It is my honor to serve your Heart through The Codex. Together we will mentor with the Ascended Masters to anchor and embody the infinite joy of our Sovereign Divinity through the Sophia Circle Journey!

Casey Plouffe


Miracle Light Worker. Co-creating safe space for the collective through the sacred offerings of Sophia Circle Journeys®. My prayer is to bring together fellow light workers who rise as One Body of Sophia Christ Consciousness for the highest good of all.

Lani Divine


Spiritual Counselor & Coach. I am a Reiki Master Teacher & have a Master's Degree in Social Work. I am honored to facilitate Sophia Circle Journeys® and witness others awakening to their sovereign divinity by embodying their true nature - their higher self.

Veronica Lopez


To create a safe and authentic container for my participants, so that they feel safe to explore those places within them that are ready to be explored and navigated with love and compassion in the presence of their own Higher Self.
Virtual Journey Begins: 11/6/22 | 10 AM Pacific
Regularity: Circles 1-5 Weekly, Circles 6-13 Bi-weekly

Chelsea Kyle


One Colony. This is my mission. Through the teachings of the honeybees, may we remember we are One Colony sharing this beautiful planet. This unification comes first from the unification with our own hearts, which is how the Sophia Code is a perfect Divine blueprint for navigating us back to our true Higher Selves, beyond the illusion of form. When we come back into contact with our true nature, there will not be any more separation from this planet.

Aspen Robinson


Intuitive Coach & Energy Healer. It is such a privilege to be able to hold this sacred space for you during the Sophia Circle Journeys. My intention is to give you a safe place to land as you explore your own Sovereign Nature & Journey.

Dechen A Farrow


Intuitive Healer, Clinical Nutritionist, Transformational Hypnotherapist and Coach, Passionate Advocate for Embodied Sovereignty and Divine Feminine Empowerment. I co-create safe spaces for your journey of embodied awakening awareness. Our collective power to influence heaven on Earth is unstoppable when we are united as one in Love!

Damiane McMillen


C-IAYT Yoga Therapist, Ayurvedic Practitioner, Sacred Living Coach, Divine Feminine Leader, and MAMA! Together we will journey through The Sophia Code awakening the JOY of SOVEREIGNTY!

Jessilynn Gilbank


Soul Embodiment & Empowerment Mentor. It is my greatest blessing and honor to facilitate Sophia Circle Journeys and share this sacred text with you. Let's journey into the heart of Divine Feminine Christ Consciousness and create Heaven on Earth together.

Jade Orth


Master Energy Worker, Ceremonialist, Channel and Creatrix. It is my honor and joy to journey with you through the Codex as you activate your Divine Genome , embody more of your true self and create sovereign relationships in all areas of your life!

Lisa Espinosa


Spiritual Career Coach, Modern-Day Priestess, and Author. It's my honor and joy to facilitate this sacred, healing space through the Sophia Circle Journeys. Together we will awaken to our sovereign divinity in deeper ways than we have before.
Virtual Journey Begins: 1/12/23 | 10 AM Central
Regularity: Thursdays, Twice a Month

Donna Wesley


Reiki Master, Certified Akashic Record Practitioner I, II, and fellow Light Worker. I am honored and blessed to witness your spiritual awakening with The Sophia Circle Journey teachings from my heart to yours. We will open our Angel Wings and create relationships with the Ascended Masters on our Sophia Circle Journey.

Deborah Wood


Healer and Spiritual Leader with a passion to serve humanity’s ascension. Join me in discovering your sovereign potential with the support of The Ascended Masters. I am blessed and honored to facilitate Sophia Circle Journeys that support you in the process of embodying your Higher Self as a wayshower for many.

Sarah Garcia Beretta


Ascension Guide, Energy Healer, School Psychologist, Ordained Minister & Starseed Lightworker. I would be honored to walk side by side and wing to wing with you while we explore the awakening of your sovereign divinity and your greatest empowerment through a Sophia Circle Journey.

Jenny Glick​


Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, Certified Sex Therapist and Relationship Mentor. It is my honor to invite you into this embodied experience to explore your sovereign divinity. During our 13 Sophia Circles, we will come together with a willingness to play, uncover and enfold into the Mystery that The Sophia Code unlocks in each of us.

Joan Advent​


Mystic, Spiritual Midwife, Embodied Ascension & Leadership Mentor supporting the next wave of emerging feminine leadership. It is my honor to join you in sacred space to discover the freedom, joy and power of our true sovereign, divine nature through The Sophia Circle Journey.​

Karuna Claudia Saucy​


Divine Feminine Christ Consciousness Leader, Educator for Positive Change, Yoga and Ayurveda Instructor with an international background. I am honored to share the wisdom and empowerment of The Sophia Circle Journey.​
Next Journey Begins: 1/7/23

Annette D. Greene​


Holistic Institute Founder, LMSW, Certified Yoga Therapist. I invite you to join me on a guided Sophia Circle Journey where it is safe to open your heart and discover the Divine Feminine Christ Consciousness within you.​

Chelsie Sullivan​


Interstellar Missionary, Starseed, Channel, Writer, Artist, Creatrix, Healer, Teacher, Ceremonialist. I am delighted to create the sacred space for magic to unfold as you discover your creative power through The Sophia Circle Journey.​
Virtual Journey Begins: 12/4/22 | Sundays at 3 PM EST
Regularity: Circles 1-5 Weekly, Circles 6-13 Bi-weekly

Barbara Joy​


Transformational Coach, Soul Records Reader, Fitness Enthusiast, Divine Channel and Healer. It is my honor and privilege to guide you in your soul expansion and the expression of your divine gifts through facilitating the sacred space for Sophia Circle Journey.​

Aeiya Joy​


Dancer, Musician, Ascension Midwife, DragonBodhi™ Creatrix. It my delight to create sacred space for your personal transformation! I am honored to serve your heart's expansion and sovereign embodiment through Sophia Circle Journeys.​

Karla Wilson​


Earth Healer, EFT Practitioner, Group Facilitator, Ceremonial Co-Creator, heart-centered leader and explorer. I am honored to guide you in receiving the blueprint for accepting your sovereign divinity, one loving step at a time through a Sophia Circle Journey.​

Marcy Shulman​


Divine Feminine Leader & Mentor, Certified Magdalene Rose Priestess, Reiki GrandMaster, Lightworker, and Distant Attunement Specialist. I am honored to create a supportive healing environment to facilitate your discovery of sovereignty in ceremonial sacred space. Shine your Inner Light, remember who Who You Really are in my Sophia Circle Journey®.
Virtual Journey Begins 11/28/22 | Mondays at 2 PM EST
Regularity: Circles 1-3 Weekly, Circles 4-13 2 per month

Paula Petri​


Reiki Master, Shamanic Practitioner, Spiritual Channel, Life Coach, Wisdom Keeper, Intuitive Energy Healer & Goddess Dance Ceremonialist. It is my joy to create the sacred space of Sophia Circle Journeys which will expand your direct connection to the Source.​



Seasoned Sophia Circle Leader, Channel, Spiritual Trauma Psychotherapist LMFT, Reiki Master, Breathwork Facilitator, Creatrix Leader, Visionary Fine Artist and Mother. It is my honor to facilitate the soul medicine of a Sophia Circle Journey for you

Compasha Mama​


Seasoned Sophia Circle Leader, Earth Angel of Radical Compassion. It is my soul mission to be a guiding light of Sophia's unconditional love for you. Together we'll mentor with the Ascended Masters within a supportive and sacred space of your Sophia Circle Journey.

Judy A Guadalupe​


Inspirer of the Soul, Spiritual Guide, Sound Healing, Universal Translator of Light Language, Sacred Parenting Facilitator, Author. It is my deepest honor to co-create sacred space for your full divine embodiment through this exquisite Living Transmission.

Shannon Sahaja​


Ceremonialist, Spiritual Counselor, Embodiment Alchemist, Yoga Therapist. It's my passion to facilitate a safe and loving container for you to heal from separation and return to your sovereign wholeness through the creative caldron of Sophia Circle Journeys.

Keli Meagher


Divine Feminine Mentor & Guide, Homeopath, Spiritual Counselor. My mission is to serve your heart as you awaken to the truth of your sovereignty. The Sophia Code is the blueprint to remembering that you are Loved.

Theresa Gooch​


Speaker, Author, Sound Healer, Quantum Energetics Practitioner, Wisdom Keeper, Transformational Leader. It is my great joy to lead Sophia Circle Journeys by shining the light on your unlimited sovereign potential and your ever-expanding divinity.

Annie Blu


Intuitive channeler, Reiki Master, SRC4U Biofeedback Facilitator. I am honored to facilitate your awareness to the most integrative and direct path for releasing illusionary beliefs in the compassionate space of The Sophia Circle Journey.

Andrea Spears


Spiritual Guide, Community Networker, Divine Feminine Advocate, Business Owner. The journey to embody your Sovereign Divinity is foundational for your success! It is my passion to serve your heart as we journey through The Sophia Code teachings together.

Ruesha Ann Hendricks


Bringing compassion and play to the Sophia Circle Journey® experience. Blessed to serve your human awareness in walking the way back to our own heart. Ascension Catalyst, RN, Self-Love Mentor, ThetaHealing® Practitioner, Facilitator of Sacred Retreats.

Dina Malay


Intuition Medicine® Therapist, Spiritual Mentor, Clinical Hypnotherapist, Reiki Master, Coach, Traditional Chinese Medicine. I am delighted to create a powerful, gentle and compassionate space for you to embody your divinity through the Sophia Circle Journey.

Mannah Key’blessing


Team Angel, Starseed Channel, Intuitive Healer, Reiki Master, Divine Feminine Leader. It is an honor for me to serve your heart through the Sophia Circle ministry. Together we will explore your radiant sovereign divinity supported by our loving Ascended Master mentors.

Mysti Green


Ordained Minister, Ceremonialist, Seasoned Sophia Circle Leader, Divine Feminine Priestess, Yoga Teacher, Sound Healer, Ayurverdic Specialist. Facilitating a creative safe space for your empowerment with The Sophia Code teachings is one of my greatest joys!
Virtual Journey Begins: 1/8/23 | 6 PM Pacific | Regularity: Weekly
Virtual Journey Begins: 2/20/23 (Leadership Circle) | 6 PM Pacific | Regularity: Weekly

Joanna Stevens


Seasoned Sophia Circle Leader, Intuitive Reader, Divine Feminine Coach, Personal Trainer, Spiritual Networker, Healer & Teacher with a national outreach. It's my passion to guide you in the remembrance of your sovereignty through Sophia Circle Journeys!


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Mari Angena


Spiritual Mentor, Drama & Dance, Magdalene Priestess. It's a privilege to activate souls into the Great Universal Drama, and help each play an important role in that magnificent story. I am honoured to ground more sovereignty & Christ Light on Earth with You.
Virtual Journey Begins: 3/6/23
Regularity: Monthly

Yeliz Ergün


My main mission here on Earth that I am honored to do is to help souls to connect with Sophia God through The Sophia Code® Movement. I am also a ThetaHealer®, Life Coach, Spiritual Guide, Divine Feminine Teacher, Magdalene Priestess and fashion enthusiast.
Virtual Journey Begins: 12/21/22
Regularity: Weekly

Anju Seube


I feel deeply moved by the teachings and activations of the Sophia Code. It's an honour and a profound joy to go with you during Journey through the Sophia Code. I'm a healer, a priestess and an oracle, I absolutely find it delightful to help humanity activate its sovereign divinity. Je suis profondément touchée par les enseignements et les activation du Code Sophia. C'est un honneur et une immense joie de vous accompagner dans votre Voyage à travers le Code Sophia. Je suis thérapeute-prêtresse et oracle, je trouve ça absolument délicieux d'aider l'humanité à activer sa souveraine divinité.

Agnes Schmitz


Craniosacral therapist, Bach Flower practitioner, Animal healing, and Spiritual coach. As a Sophia Circle facilitator it is my delight and honour to witness our powerful and life enhancing transformation as we walk in 13 gatherings through The Sophia Code. Journeying with the Ascended Masters, side by side, will offer us in a wonderfully compassionate way a perspective to align us, by taking one loving step at a time, with our Higher Selves and our Divine Nature. Through a strong basis of self-love, that the Masters are fostering in us, we are able to step up with our gifts for the world more bravely. I am English and German spoken.

Merlin Pickston


As a spiritual life coach, awakening mentor, author, psychic medium and channeller, it is the desire of my heart to connect to other beautiful souls through Sophia Circle Journeys. As we grow and embody our sovereign divinity together, witness magick happening!
Virtual Journey Begins 2/13/23

Talitha Natascha


Spiritual Life Coach, Advanced Akashic Records Reader, Divine Feminine Teacher & Healer. It is my honor to create a safe, empowering and beautiful temple space for (y)our Higher Self connection by facilitating the magical and powerful Sophia Circle Journeys.
Virtual Journey Begins: 1/9/23

Nina Wedborn​


Teacher, Mystic, Creatrix, and Life Artist. As a frequency holder and keeper of sacred space, I facilitate ceremonial sacred space with Sophia Circle Journeys to bless your relationship with life and honor the wholeness of Divine Love within you.​

Sabine Kalt​


Chinese Medicine Practitioner, Spiritual Healer, Intuitive, Wisdom Keeper, Divine Feminine Leader. It is my great joy to facilitate sacred space for your Sophia Circle Journeys so you can blossom into the truth of your sovereign divinity and heal in all areas of your life. ​


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Julie Cardinal


Transformational coach, intuitive sound healer & heart medicine woman. It is an honour and a true joy to co-create a sacred space in which WE can embody our true Divine Feminine essence and TOGETHER create our Legacy of Love for humanity, one Sophia Circle at a time! C'est un honneur et une grande joie de co-créer un espace sacré dans lequel NOUS pouvons incarner notre essence Féminine Divine et ENSEMBLE créer notre legs d'amour à l'humanité, un cercle de Sophia à la fois!

Taseyah Davies


Creatrix, visionary and mother. The beautiful changes I’ve noticed in my life since reading The Sophia Code are almost unbelievable, and it is my honour to walk this journey with you, as you witness your daily life transforming into a modern mystery school.

Megan Hill


Megan is a Purification Guide, Ceremonial Arts Facilitator, Channel and Intuitive. I am honored to facilitate sacred space by offering a container for opening to deeper levels for your unique ascension embodiment. As my process has been honorable, messy and authentically human, I welcome all aspects of your vulnerable journey as we travel through the 13 weeks of our Sophia Circle in a safe container, virtually in community.
Virtual Journey Begins: 12/21/22 | 4 PM EST
Regularity: Circles 1-6 Weekly, Circles 7-13 Bi-weekly

Dana Singbeil


Intuitive/vibrational healer. Facilitator of sacred space. Yoga teacher. Divine feminine teacher. Reiki master. It is an honor to create and facilitate sacred space that allows individuals to come into alignment with their higher selves light and to remember that they are divinity in form.

Lorraine Côté​


Spiritual Seeker, it's my honor to walk us through the Temple Gates of Sophia, so we may embody Her Light and Grace as Sovereign Creators! Quel honneur de témoigner le déploiement de votre Divinité dans le Temple de Sophia! Cheminons ensemble!

Genevieve Sarah​


It is with great honour and my heart's deepest prayer to facilitate a Sophia Circle Journey for you. Together we will reclaim your authentic self and activate The Sophia Code within you. Welcoming of all religious beliefs as we co-create heaven on earth. ​

Australia & New Zealand

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Lorea T. Elia​


Master ThetaHealing Instructor, C.o.S and Intuitive Success Coach. Spiritual Healer. I am passionate about facilitating a safe space for you to open your heart and witness miracles unfold in your life through your Sophia Circle Journey. Circles offered in both English and French. ​

Michelle Murphy​


Seasoned Sophia Circle Leader, Akashic Record Intuitive Reader, Energy Healer & Hypnotherapist. I am honored to create a gentle and powerful space for your spiritual awakening. My prayer is for you to feel safe and celebrated as you embrace the beauty of your true self.​

Louise Charman-James​


Seasoned Sophia Circle Leader, Divine Feminine Mentor & Guide, Spiritual Healer, Sound & Light Channel. As we read aloud and reflect upon the sacred text together, you'll grow in self-love and mastery during our Sophia Circle Journey with the Ascended Masters.​

Kirsty Targrass​


Seasoned Sophia Circle Leader, Oracle of the Rose, Herbalist & Ceremonialist. It is my honour to share this sacred text with you so you can ignite your connection and remembrance into Self Love, Innocence, Faith, and Sophia Christ Consciousness.​

South Africa

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Taryn Van Der Merwe​


Akashic Record Reader, Integrative Transformational Healer, Divine Feminine Way-shower, Grandmother Wisdom Keeper. It is my deep honor to serve & heal the sacred hoop of humanity's heart, by anchoring Heaven on Earth, one Sophia Circle at a time.​

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