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A Prayer for Maui & Personal Statement from Kaia Ra

Over this past week I have received multiple questions and requests from our international community members to make a public statement on what happened in Maui. Thank you for your patience with my response, as I have been personally navigating my own shock, as well as the immense grief and anger that I feel over this devastating loss. 


Guidelines for How This Article Is Structured

This article includes both a channeled prayer and my personal statement as to what I believe caused the Maui fires. If you are solely here to feel the comforting presence and solidarity of our community grieving alongside our soul family in Hawaii through the channeled prayer that I have shared below, please only read the prayer portion of this article. 

If you are a Lightworker that has not researched an understanding of how these kind of devastating events occur, reading the rest of this article following the prayer potion may be triggering for you at this time of such a great loss. Please read this article with discernment for your capacity to take in hard truths.  

The following channeled prayer is an attempt to articulate what I know many Lightworkers across the world feel as we collectively pray for our soul family in Maui. I did my best to tune into our shared heart space and to speak the words that I know many wish to be said aloud. Please feel free to add your own prayers in the comments below or to offer your own additional prayers in your daily practice for the survivors of Maui and for those that are no longer with us.  

If you are also here to read my personal reflections on what I believe is the cause of the Maui fires, then I invite you to continue reading beyond this prayer with an open mind. We honor the tragedy of events like this by acknowledging its point of origin – not by running from the truth and calling it something else. I invite you to be brave and courageous in your grief. 


A Prayer for All Souls that Survived the Maui Fires:

Commanding Safe Passage for the Transitioned Souls 

We are praying with you. We offer up our most earnest prayers, as we send our deepest-felt compassion, and collectively embrace you as we join you in grieving your great loss. For every family member, for every partner, for every child, for every friend, for every relation, for every animal companion that was taken in these fires, we bow in honor of these many lives lost and missing. We pray for every soul journeying from this physical world into the higher realms now. We visualize every transitioned soul surrounded in divine light, healing love, and blessings. We command safe passage home for every soul taken in this event. We command a clear and safe path for every soul returning home now directly into the heart of God. We witness every child returning to the Divine Mother’s heart and the Divine Father’s loving embrace on the wings of angels. We command that divine love reign now. 

Honoring and Blessing the Survivors

We send our compassion and prayerful intentions to bless every relation grieving such a sudden and devastating loss of loved ones, community, and home. May you feel our love and the love of God in every present moment, comforting you and guiding your every step through this shocking transition. We join our hearts in prayer to uplift every soul surviving these devastating days of shock, grief, and loss and we prayer for reconciliation, miracles, and profound healing in the days, weeks, and years to come. We call upon thousands upon thousands of angels to minister to and comfort your hearts as you process the aftershock of this event and to uphold the sacred flame of faith that will carry you through this dark passage of grief.

Honoring and Blessing the First Responders

For every first responder that gave their life, we grieve with your family members and we honor your courageous, heroic sacrifice. We pray for your radiant souls to be surrounded by thousands of angels lifting you home to the heart of God. For every first responder who sacrificed the health of their bodies to save others, we grieve with you and we thank you for your noble service. We know that any expression of gratitude can never quantify the grief that comes from losing those that you’ve served with, nor ease the pain of losing those souls that you served. We see you. We grieve with you. May you be supported in all ways to recover from such a service as this. May angels light your path of healing. 

We Call Upon the Creator Source

May the Creator Source of All That Is, our Divine Mother and Divine Father God, surround every soul both living and transitioned with the heavenly resonance and sanctuaries of healing light, peace, and divine love that is needed now. We lift up every surviving heart that is now living through the devastating impact of this event and we witness the Source of All Life providing for every physical, emotional, and spiritual need as we ask that every tear be comforted by the Holy Spirit. We witness every soul impacted by these events held by the heart of God, surrounded by angelic orders of miraculous grace and healing. 

We Command Healing & Miracles

May every injury be healed, may all livelihoods be restored, may homes be found and created, and may the medical care be provided to everyone that is in need, with divine orchestrations of grace. We also pray for the nervous systems of everyone directly impacted by this devastation. We welcome the angelic orders assisting to regulate and rebalance the nervous systems of countless lives impacted by this traumatic shock and grief. We lift up in prayer the sacred lands of Maui to be filled with regenerative healing and rebirth. 

We Honor and Bless the A’ina

We recognize Lahaina, Hawaii as the ancient and sacred lands of Mu and we deeply grieve alongside you and the ancestors that what was considered most sacred was destroyed on August 8, 2023. As we bear witness to the fullness of this tragedy with conscious hearts and minds, we call forth a great awakening in the heart of humanity to respond to this event with the respect that it deserves to be recognized, grieved, and honored with. We stand in our prayers with every soul that holds the truth of this event’s origin in their hearts. We honor you as record keepers and sacred witnesses of what has been lost in Lahaina. 

We Choose to Have Faith in These Prayers Answered Now 

With these words of invocation, we command with faith in our hearts that our prayers are heard and answered according to a divine will that seeks to prosper, protect, and provide for us in all ways. We choose to trust in the power of God, both within us and as our original Source, to guide us in these monumental times of loss. In faith we close this prayer, knowing that everything in all of creation is praying this prayer alongside us for our greatest healing and empowerment. We take refuge in the heart of God and we pray for all hearts that are suffering to be comforted now by our prayers. Amen. 


Personal Statement on the Origins of the Maui Fire

Introduction on the Collective Awakening Happening Now

As I share in the preface of The Sophia Code, many of you know me as an outspoken survivor of deep state elite human trafficking. I consider myself a messenger that has survived a part of our matrix reality that many people will never live to tell what they have seen. Although I have been strategically attacked most of my life for daring to tell the truth, part of my advocacy in awakening the heart of humanity is to empower others in their capacity and ability to take in the full truth of our world. If I can survive and be brave enough to speak up, we can all be brave enough to open our eyes to what’s happening right in front of us. It’s time to fulfill our angelic mission together … 

To Our Beloved Sophia Code Community…

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Our global prayer circle is easily accessed through live web streaming and phone using the Zoom platform. Monthly Broadcast Information, Links, and Phone Numbers are provided through email when you subscribe to The Heaven on Earth Prayer Collective list.

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