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The Sophia Dragons Serve Creation as the Divine Mother’s Holiest Seraphim

When we meet The Sophia Dragons in Chapter 13 of The Sophia Code, we discover that these magnificent celestial dragons are the highest lineage within an angelic order known as the Seraphim. The ancient Kabbalah meaning of the word “Seraphim” translates to “the fiery creatures of God.” The Sophia Code provides a fresh channeled context for meeting and even mentoring with these astoundingly beautiful dragon mothers, moving you beyond an arcane understanding of this angelic order and into the modern relevance of their divine presence guiding us from the higher realms into our sovereignty.

As an original creator species, dragons of all kinds are inherently primordial and elemental in nature. Yet celestial Sophia Dragons can be found serving at the most primordial point of the multiverse and their nature is far more encompassing than a single elemental principle such as fire or water. Chapter 13 of The Sophia Code reveals that these holiest of Seraphim are angels that breathe stardust, who are responsible for serving the Divine Mother at the exact transition space between the vast “no-thingness” and the first light of creation. This first light of creation is the foundation for all of life to exist and be animated by – a light that eternally arises from the heart womb of the Divine Mother as an immaculate conception of grace.

The Sophia Dragons’ devoted service to the Divine Mother’s continuous and immaculate birthing of the multiverse through the direction of this first light acts as an essential angelic support for birthing and nurturing new kinds of form into its sovereign potential. The Sophia Dragons act as celestial mothers for the Divine Mother’s consciousness, gestating and giving birth to new sovereign species, planets, and even new galaxies for our evolutionary classroom to exist. Imagine a dragon mother large enough to birth a galaxy from her own heart womb and you will begin to understand the vast, indescribable magnificence of these holy Seraphim serving the Divine Mother’s will.


The Sophia Dragons Created the Golden Dragon Light Body in the Age of Shamballah

As celestial dragon mothers The Sophia Dragons have created various gifts of divine attunement for species, planets, and star systems that they are connected to throughout golden ages of ascension. Humanity’s last direct interaction with The Sophia Dragons occurred in the ancient golden age of Shamballah and it was during this time that they first gave humanity the Golden Dragon Light Body, a spiritual light body technology that was first downloaded and integrated by exceptional spiritual masters on behalf of humanity’s evolution.


The Meta-Physical Interface of a Light Body with Your Human Body

There are many kinds of meta-physical light bodies that advanced spiritual masters can awaken and activate through the self-mastery achieved by living in a sustained and integrative state of expanded consciousness. A meta-physical light body carries within it particular rays of wisdom consciousness and meta-phsyical light structures that can interface with and significantly impact how your body, heart and mind can process divine streams of information.

This divine-streaming of information travels on wave lengths of high-frequency light which travels from the wisdom-intelligence of the light body technology into the physical areas of your body that are receptive to receiving, processing, and understanding that information. Your Higher Self consciousness acts as an intermediary between the light body technology and your human awareness, supporting you to receive these downloads of information as seamlessly as possible. It is not necessary to see or know how the light body is impacting your human body to receive the information, just as you do not need to be inside your computer’s motherboard to read the words of a blog on your computer screen.


Golden Dragon Light Body Spiritual Technology Empowers Your Divine Purpose

In Chapter 13 of The Sophia Code, we are given the Keycode 777 Initiation: “Anchoring the Golden Dragon Light Body at Your Sacred Heart.” This is the final Keycode Initiation, following the previous seven, for activating the divine genome within every cell of your body. When you read the Keycode 777 Initiation aloud you begin the process for downloading and integrating this spiritual light body technology into your human body. Your Higher Self consciousness directs the entire process and helps you to integrate this ascension light body with your 8-major chakra system.

This Golden Dragon Light Body acts as a golden armor of light within an extremely toxic world. In fact, in ancient times such as Atlantis, if a spiritual master focused enough on strengthening and expanding their Golden Dragon Light Body this metaphysical technology could be used for teleportation, bilocation, and psychically transmuting negative toxins in the air.

The Golden Dragon Light Body is often associated with archetypes of spiritual leadership, including: master teachers, healers, and advocates of great movements and golden ages that intuitively download this technology from their awareness of its use in other lifetimes of mastery. If you are seeking to remember the mastery of your parallel lifetimes, downloading the Golden Dragon Light Body in the Keycode: 777 Initiation can help you access those memories, training, and talents from your self-mastery practices in other incarnations.


Why Are We Given Access to this Spiritual Technology Now?

With The Sophia Dragons announcing their return to mentor humanity in this lifetime, through the living transmission of The Sophia Code, we are given extraordinary access to a spiritual light body technology that, in other lifetimes, would have required years of rigorous mystery school training to receive.

When The Sophia Dragons began sharing with me about this Golden Dragon Light Body technology, I asked them, “Are you sure humanity is ready to receive this download so easily? I know what individuals have gone through to activate this spiritual technology in other lifetimes. Is this okay that The Sophia Code will help people to access something that was so guarded in ancient times?”

The Sophia Dragons shared with me that this was such a pivotal lifetime for the future of humanity and that it was essential for us to breakthrough previously held restraints of initiations. They continued to reveal that most people who will activate this technology through The Sophia Code Keycode 777 Initiation, have already experienced embodying the Golden Dragon Light Body in at least one previous lifetime of Mystery School training, if not many. Further, The Sophia Dragons shared that we are living in such extraordinary times of oppression and toxic pollution that this ease of access was a gift from the higher realms to support our need for accelerated growth, heavenly protection, and to recognize the true resonance of sovereignty beyond slave-matrix programming.

The Sophia Dragons help us access and download this ancient spiritual technology in their Keycode 777 Initiation because we need as much support as we can get in our great mission to awaken the heart of humanity. Not only does this light body protect and transport us to higher consciousness, it also helps us tune out the lies of this world and tune into our creative genius to download solutions from the Higher Self for the extreme times that we are living in.


Pivotal Times of Oppression Call for Major Support for Our Shared Angelic Mission

As The Sophia Dragon Tribe shares in Chapter 5 of The Sophia Code book, now is the time for the modern Mystery School, where class is in-session every day as you live your daily life learning how to integrate the light of your Higher Self in your daily choices, beyond the cloistered walls of temples, beyond hiding away in monasteries.

The Sophia Dragons teach us that our modern life is where spiritual mastery is happening now. They share that our self-mastery is to be found in the daily decisions of conscious parenting, in running paradigm-shifting businesses, in how to intuitively care for one another’s hearts, and by learning how to unconditionally love yourself. Living your life through the eyes of your sovereign divine soul in this extremely busy, modern-day context is the Mystery School. As you remember to access the angelic mentorship of The Sophia Dragons, you discover the joyful truth of your ‘friends in high places’ guiding you from the higher realms as your Mystery School teachers from another age. The Golden Light Body is a vehicle for enhancing your communication with The Sophia Dragons guiding you to your embody your sovereignty in these pivotal times of change.

13 Responses

  1. Thank you Kaia for this beautiful explanation of the Golden Dragon Light Body and the Sophia Dragons. I will tell you that it was the Dragons that brought me to this codex. I am grateful I am guided beyond understanding. Even when, to the outside world I may appear to be in a “slump”, I am still led to that which is greater than this matrix of form. I am still learning to be conscious and active with my Golden Dragon Light Body, but indeed, each and every morning I activate this technology and call on the support and guidance of my friends in high places, The Sophia Dragon Tribe. Huge gratitude for your role in bringing this forth for all of us in these pivotal times. The Modern Day Mystery School is no joke. We are out here doing the work and walking The Way.

    1. Michelle, it is an honor to witness your devotion to Walking the Way in this world of form and your commitment to be resourcing your Golden Dragon Light Body and the guidance of the Ascended Masters and Sophia Dragons to support you on your path. Thank you for choosing to shine your light so brightly in the world at this time! It is beautiful to behold 🌟💖🐉

      Aaliyah Sophia, Team Angel

  2. One of the most divinely self-loving gifts we can give ourself is to activate our Golden dragon light-body!! I am so grateful for the Sophia Dragon Mothers for showing me the way to soar and roar with other golden dragons working it together Wing to Wing and Heart to Heart ❤
    “intuitively care for one another’s hearts” Dragons Gotta Dragon, sticking together as we remember and put in to practice our superpowers!!
    Thank you Kaia Ra 🐉💫⚡

    1. Beautifully said, Julianna! The choice to activate our Golden Dragon Light Body truly is an act of self-love.

      We are so looking forward to journeying through this Year of the Dragon alongside you, soaring and roaring! Much love, The Team Angels ✨🐲❤️

      1. Thank you so much Aaliyah and to The Team Angels and to Kaia Ra for this magickal opportunity, it was supposed to be so! Just a few more days!! My prayer is those that wish to come will find their way 🙏

  3. Thank you Kaia Ra . I can’t wait for our dragon class next week so continue the dragon ride !!

    1. We are so excited to take flight with you for the 2024 Live Mentor Journey with Kaia Ra and The Sophia Dragons! See you on Wednesday, Angel! ❤️🪽 The Team Angels

  4. Thank you Kaia Ra . I can’t wait for our dragon class starting in March 2024 to continue the dragon ride !!

  5. Thank you KaiaRa for this wonderful gift. I activated my golden dragon light body 7years ago when I bought the Sophia Code book. The Sophia Code has helped and protected me through all the chaos I-have had to navegate in my life . I am eternally grateful 🙏🏼⭐️😍💕

    1. Thank you so much for sharing your experience with The Sophia Code, Angel. We are celebrating your powerful choice to activate your divine genome and Golden Dragon Light Body in this lifetime! 🌟❤️🪽

      With Every Blessing,
      The Team Angels

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Our global prayer circle is easily accessed through live web streaming and phone using the Zoom platform. Monthly Broadcast Information, Links, and Phone Numbers are provided through email when you subscribe to The Heaven on Earth Prayer Collective list.

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