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I am Kaia Ra. In December 2009, while living on the holy Mount Shasta in northern California, I was called back into the all-consuming light of Sophia to receive a prophetic commission from the One Divine Mother Creatrix of All Life.

Within Sophia’s radiant light, I was asked to be the ordained Oracle for an Ascended Master High Council called
The Sophia Dragon Tribe™, and to birth a Divine Feminine Christ codex for humanity.

Today I offer an embodied, living transmission from The Sophia Dragon Tribe, broadcasting their divine love and exceptional teachings on sovereignty, for your heroic human journey.

There is a divine genome within you: We call it The Sophia Code.

The Ascended Masters of The Sophia Dragon Tribe can mentor you in self-activating this crystalline genome within you, so that you may fully embody your Higher Self in your daily human life. You are divine, holy, and pure: made in the image and likeness of the One Sophia Source. This website is a stargate of resources for embodying your sovereign divinity.

The introductory volume of The Sophia Code™ book series is now available on and in hardcover, paperback, kindle, and iBook.

Thank you for visiting! May your journey be blessed in all ways.

From My Heart to Yours,

“Kaia Ra lives right there at the edge of her faith and practice. If you have the opportunity to pray with her and to receive the medicine that she is in this world, please honor yourself by participating in her ceremonies.”

— George Bertelstein, Spiritual Elder, Medicine Path NAC, Berkeley, CA