All 8 Keycode Initiations

The 8 Keycode Initiations from Section 2 of The Sophia Code® book are recorded in Kaia Ra’s voice as guided meditations that support your direct connection with the Ascended Masters. These recordings provide multidimensional teachings and a rich visual landscape for beginning your journey into The Sophia Code® cosmology.

Every Initiation will focus your awareness upon the light of your Higher Self. This sustained focus will help you integrate the divine qualities of your soul uplifting and expanding your daily human journey. You’ll also be guided in how to release unconscious belief systems with the sovereign resonance of empowering mantras and prayers that support your greatest success. This exceptional series also prepares your heart for stepping into leadership for the Divine Feminine movement sweeping the planet now. Downloadable MP3 Files | Please note: while this Keycode Initiation series is also recorded within the The Sophia Code® Audiobook, these MP3 recordings provide much easier access for playing this content on multiple media player platforms.
  • Includes (8) Keycode Initiations recorded from Section 2 of The Sophia Code® book
  • Inspires your direct connection with the Ascended Masters and angelic orders
  • Discover the beauty, light, and invincible power of your Higher Self
  • Activates your chakra system to align with your sovereign potential
  • Supports beginners to integrate the multidimensional teachings of The Sophia Code®

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