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10 Tips for Connecting with Your Higher Self in the Year of the Dragon

For many of us 2023 was quite a challenging year, for the Year of the Water Rabbit was a reductionary year – releasing us from relationship cycles that were ready or even overdue to complete. The water element of the rabbit traveled deep into our psyches, touching childhood wounds and revealing the unconscious places that may have felt hesitant or even resistant to letting go. Change can feel scary and the water rabbit kept hopping into every hole that was keeping us stuck and hiding out in our lives!

The water rabbit helped us get into the granular, unfinished details of our lives to help us embody a clear internal space for receiving the powerful Wood Dragon! A water rabbit is the epitome of Yin energy, which is a receptive and reflective primordial energy that teaches us how to surrender into the journey of personal and collective transformation.

We are experiencing a mighty shift with the 2024 arrival of the Wood Dragon! The dragon archetype expresses a Yang energy which is associated with an active journey of transformation that includes taking your next steps, personal self-mastery, cultivating creativity, and feeling spiritually protected.


10 Tips for Connecting with Your Higher Self in the Year of the Dragon


1. Lay down your defenses to self-love and let yourself go pro.

Wherever you are at in following your dreams, making an impact, and sharing your light with the world – your divine purpose matters! You have a unique heart-centered purpose for being here in this lifetime. Often that purpose involves allowing others to see you shine in your authentic personality, gifts, talents, and natural interests.

Self-love creates a safe inner space for you to go pro in your willingness to be seen sharing and expressing what is most important to you in the world. The wood dragon is inviting you to invest in yourself this year, to know in your heart that you are worthy of this personal and professional expansion! Self-love allows you to fully value yourself, which eventually blossoms in self-confidence that keeps inspiring you to go pro beyond old resistances of self-doubt!


2. Get your hard hat on!

Every elemental dragon possesses unique qualities that initiate you into your power and the Wood Dragon is associated with building and construction of all kinds. This dragon teaches you the importance of following through on your next steps, which can lead to you making a big impact in the world.

The wood dragon helps you harness the motivation, inspiration, creativity, and dedication for successfully building out the necessary components of your creations, one-step-at-a-time. This influence can feel quite literally in which you may find yourself physically building or remodeling a new home, office, or outdoor space in 2024. It can also point to building out essential backend systems, entity organization, or the technical needs of your business platform, a virtual community space, or a new offering that brings in greater prosperity.

However the Wood Dragon calls you to the construction site of your life, ask your Higher Self to help you enjoy the creative process step-by-step. When you co-create with dragons long enough, you discover the immense value of learning from the journey of what you are building is just as important as achieving your goals.


3. The Wood Dragon Year Highlights Your Health & Body

Dragons love, love, love their bodies! They move with great pride and joy inside their immortal musculature. A thrilling year ruled by the dragon’s dazzling beauty, multifaceted capacity, and its vast perspective can make day-to-day details, such as the daily care of your body, feel insignificant.

Every zodiac archetype comes with its growth edges that challenge us to stretch in new ways. The Wood Dragon asks for you to expand your capacity for dreaming big and taking action in multiple areas your life – while staying grounded in your daily health routines, initiating you into a deeper understanding that your health is wealth too. Everything that you want to experience or accomplish in this lifetime can only happen inside your body and the wood dragon wants you to acknowledge and nurture the powerful gift that your human body is providing for you.

In fact, you may find yourself finally confronting and taking action on a long-standing health issue in 2024. This may be a health issue that you’ve been low-key suffering from for years – or even decades! This wood dragon represents a transition year energy – not even lasting a full 12-months – that is opening the temple gates to a new 12-year cycle of life! The brevity of the dragon year points to how much you can resolve in such a short amount of time – including unexpected resolutions for outstanding health issues. As you invest in your body’s health you are building your foundation of success for the vibrancy of this new 12-year cycle.

Take time to schedule out your physical fitness goals, strategize your approach for healthy nutrition on the go, and commit to what you need to schedule for your emotional growth and mental health. If there is a long-standing health issue that’s been nagging for your attention, commit to researching the best options for you to take action on. Ask yourself, how can I commit to a dragony glow-up in 2024 that’s motivated by self-love. Key Mantra: Health Is Wealth Too!


4. Deepen your community connections by being seen for your unique contribution to the whole.

The Wood Dragon is a warm-hearted leadership archetype that loves to build out important structures for a community thrive! This energy can support your own personal and professional goals for making your contribution to the collective and being witnessed for shining in your leadership.

The Wood Dragon’s arrival is well timed with the planet Pluto moving into Aquarius for the next 20 years for it brings warmth and spiritual inspiration for how technology can serve our community connections and what we can build for our next-level soul healing, both virtually and in-person.


5. Unconscious attachments to victimhood will be impossible to hide.

The resonance of 2024 is an invitation to own your sovereign empowerment! The Wood Dragon energy will reveal to you any unresolved patterns of victimhood or outdated belief systems that you may be unknowingly holding onto out of fear. The bold energy of the wood dragon archetype naturally reveals what no longer works in your relationships, career, and home life.

This dragon can help you access a deep willingness to let go of the past, to release regret and painful attachments, and to courageously embrace the present moment! The fresh new cycle energy of the dragon momentum is rebirthing you into your personal power for the next 12 year cycle. Consider investing in therapy, energy healing, past life healing, or any trauma healing modalities that can support you to fully embrace the power of the present moment, beyond old obstacles and self-doubt.

In addition, be sure to complete all 8 Keycode Initiations in The Sophia Code to fully activate the power of your Higher Self within your body, heart and mind. These initiations will keep you focused on the truth of your sovereignty and ability to create a new reality for yourself!


6. Expect endings as well as destined new beginnings.

In the Year of the Dragon, you may experience a “changing of the guard” with long-standing friendships, partnerships, and even casual relationships that are no longer a resonant match for you. Due to the wood element’s gentle nature, although these changes could be sudden, they are most likely going to feel harmonious and gradual.

Many of these shifts will fully complete by the end of 2024, including the arrival of a new or expanded soul group that will feel powerfully in alignment for you. You will intuitively know in your heart that your Higher Self has magnetized these new allies, friends, and partnerships to you by the ease of your heart connection. Further you will feel that these relationships were divinely destined to meet you here and now in the Year of the Dragon!


7.  Your inner child connection is the source of your creative mindset!

There is a new heart space opening up for you with the Wood Dragon’s arrival! This open heart space will be especially felt by people who have been doing any level of inner child healing work in the Year of the Rabbit. You will feel a deepened connection with your Inner Child’s essence, intuitive voice, and natural creativity that you have never felt before the Year of the Wood Dragon.

Feeling your inner child’s open-hearted love for Sophia God, their open-hearted innocence, and open-hearted desire to serve an important divine purpose — may feel vulnerable or tender to express in the world. The Wood Dragon is going to mentor you in how to be an extraordinary parent to the inner child within you, reintroducing you to the powerful gift that is your inner child’s feelings, free from the trauma of the past, so that you may see them clearly for how talented, intelligent, and creative they really are.

This dragon magick will provide a unique wind under your wings for how to parent and connect with your inner child in life changing ways. You will feel greater integration, wholeness, and a return to the manifestation magick of your innocence if you allow the Wood Dragon Year to help you stay focused on your own heart’s healing.


8. Plant Your Seeds of Prosperity!

The Wood Dragon is known as the wealth dragon! 2024 is all about planting your seeds for prosperity to grow over the next 12-year cycle. For those who have lined up resources, savings and investments over the last 12 year cycle, this will be a very abundant year for you!

For those that are entering this new cycle with the intention of creating stronger personal practices for growing your abundance, now is the perfect time to create the disciplined systems for your personal dreams to blossom. It’s important to take initiative on abundance practices, even if they seem small, for those actions will build with a big momentum this year. Prosperity rituals and healthy money practices will blossom your abundance consciousness in 2024.

Everything that you’re feeling intuitively guided to invest in, to grow, and to cultivate for your future – trust that your Higher Self is guiding you to align with the wood dragon’s amplified blessings – take action when those intuitive messages about money or investments repeatedly get your attention!

Here’s Some Helpful Seed Planting Examples:

Setting up a savings account may not sound so sexy to you. But in the Year of the Wood Dragon setting up a high-yield savings account is super sexy because no matter what you can save, it will blossom! For example, I automate a purchase of $100 in Bitcoin every week as my savings account. This automated withdrawal is a powerful action that I don’t have to think about, and yet over time my investment has started to multiple with the beginning of the 2024 bull run.

So even if you think that you only have $10, $20 or $50 to set aside each week … what’s the point? … The Wood Dragon is saying that it’s not just about the amount of money that you’re setting aside, it’s about the consistent action that teaches you discipline and that discipline is a part of success.

It’s a part of self-mastery, just like discernment. Perhaps you tend to get into a self-defeating patterns where you feel like “Oh, I don’t have much to save so I won’t save anything at all …” The Wood Dragon is here to help you overcome self-defeating patterns by setting up daily, weekly, monthly systems that deeply support you to fly into a brighter future.

Any classes that you take in personal development around prosperity, self-care, and professional development will have a greater impact because there is a greater willingness this year to learn and absorb a higher education.

Wood absorbs water. Wood can be changed by the water. Water is wealth. Invest in yourself, listen to your heart and where it wants you to invest, whether it’s bitcoin, real estate, or a high-yield savings account, or getting your portfolio opened, or paying off debt. Be the wood dragon!


9. Creativity Is Key!

The Wood Dragon will be initiating you to embrace a flexible, creative mindset in the months ahead. You may even feel a deep calling to hone your natural creative gifts, share your creative approach to any subject matter in a new way, guide others to reclaim their creativity, or heal old wounds of shame around the topic of creativity.

The Sophia Code teaches us that creativity is the inherent intelligence of your soul. The Wood Dragon is an archetype that playfully challenges us to remember the power of our creative solution-oriented thinking. There is no personal or collective challenge that we cannot succeed in when we embrace our divine inheritance as sovereign creators. Take time to ask your heart: what areas of your life would benefit from a greater exploration of your creativity in 2024?

Our 2024 LIVE Mentor Journey with The Sophia Dragons is all about activating your creative power and you can learn more about this exceptional community journey HERE.


10. Stay Connected with the Power of Nature

There is an abundance of blessings that the Wood Dragon wants to bestow to you this year as you create time to be in nature. The Wood Dragon comes into 2024 with fresh forest vibes, inspiring you to embrace mountain air, sunshine, and the rich soil of the earth. You may feel magnetically called to schedule camping trips, day-long hikes, or a week by sea in 2024 to regenerate with Mother Earth. An unexpected desire to explore and connect with the five elements, even if you’re a city person, may emerge.

The Wood Dragon will bring greater awareness of your relationship with your electronic devices and encourage to schedule breaks away from them. Fresh air and walks in nature do not require technology and the time away from the EMFs allow for your body to integrate the day with your Higher Self and the earth’s regenerative life force.

Physically getting your hands in the dirt is really important this year, as well! The energy of gardening, taking care of houseplants, planting trees, or getting your hands on wood — whether it’s adding a new piece of wood furniture to your home or wood carving will go a long way!

Wishing you every success, blessing, and empowerment as you journey with the Wood Dragon this year, Angel! We would love to hear your reflections in the Community Forum of The Sophia Code App!

The wood element of 2024 brings some temperance to this extraordinary shift in the yearly energies with its innate expression of both Yin and Yang elements. Wood is associated with new beginnings and it expresses both receptive principles to the changing effects of water while also providing fuel for a fire to blaze. The wood element helps us take the powerful heavenly energies of the dragon archetype and show us how to put that much power to work by infusing us with a regenerative life force for building, organizing, and taking action on concrete plans.


We are now in a year of self-mastery where we’ll be powerfully supported to take every aspect of our life to the next level!

2024 is the year of the Wood Dragon! There is a sweetness with the Wood Dragon coming in this year which reveals how all of the letting go we did last year has prepared us to receive the abundant blessings and opportunities for growth and success that this year will bring! The Sophia Dragons and the spirit of the Wood Dragon are mentoring us in how to build bridges of light and success by channeling the power of our divinity into every physical manifestation of our heart’s mission.

I wish you every blessing of success in the Year of the Dragon!
With Love, Kaia Ra

6 Responses

  1. Thank you Kaia Ra. It all feels so timely and I am looking forward to our dragon activations this year! I’m so grateful to mentor with these angelic forces of nature!

    1. We are looking forward to journeying through this potent Year of the Dragon alongside you, heart to heart and wing to wing, Angel! ✨🐲❤️ The Team Angels

  2. Brilliant post thankyou Kaia Ra, these are excellent and transformative tips to help navigate and utilise the Year of the Wood Dragon 🙏❤️✨🐲

    1. We’re so happy to hear that you found these tips supportive, Amy! Wishing you a blessed journey through the Year of the Dragon! ❤️‍🔥🐲💫

      –Aaliyah Sophia, Team Angel

  3. These 10 Tips feel so in alignment and synchron to what currently happening in my life – like connecting with my inner child for creativity; investing/placing seeds now for my prosperity; focussing more than ever on my body and health, realising dead-end relationships while simultaneously new beautiful people enter my world; and connecting with Sophia Gaia more and more than ever.

    I am so greatful for these wonderful tips that already help to stay in alignment with the current energies!
    Thank you KAIA for sharing these valuable tips!


    1. Hi Johannes! Thank you so much for your beautiful reflections! I especially love, “connecting with my inner child for creativity; investing/placing seeds now for my prosperity”. That is true divinity in action! Blessings to you!
      – Evelyn Butler, Team Angel

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Our global prayer circle is easily accessed through live web streaming and phone using the Zoom platform. Monthly Broadcast Information, Links, and Phone Numbers are provided through email when you subscribe to The Heaven on Earth Prayer Collective list.

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 Monthly Broadcast Information, Links, and Phone Numbers are provided through email when you subscribe to The Heaven on Earth Prayer Collective list.